Faltu Starlife update Thursday 7 December 2023

Faltu 7 December 2023: The Episode starts with Faltu saying he isn’t Vishal, Kanika came to meet someone else, I wasted time. She leaves. Amar says sorry, Rocky isn’t in the room. Janardhan asks them to check if anything precious is stolen. Amar says his bags are there, maybe he went to market, I will get him to you. Janardhan says check his Id card, we will meet in the party in the evening. Tanisha asks them not to get late. Ayaan calls someone and asks about Vishal. The man says we are trying our best. Ayaan says just do it asap, I will find a proof for Faltu’s innocence and then meet her. Kanika says I had seen that auto following us, I couldn’t see who was inside. Driver says auto didn’t come here. She recalls spotting the auto.

She calls her staff man and asks him to meet her at the café. She says who can know that I came to meet Vishal, is it Ayaan. Faltu comes home dancing. Janardhan stops her and asks who are you. Dadi says he is Rocky, where did you go Rocky. Faltu says I went to buy some personal stuff. Govind asks her to show ID card to Janardhan.

Faltu asks why, are you firing me, what will I do now. Savita says he wants to check it for formality, show your ID card. Janardhan asks don’t you have ID card, fine, give your family’s number, we will talk to them. Ayaan asks what happened Rocky, give the number. Faltu starts crying. Dadi says don’t worry, we don’t want the ID. Faltu tells a sad story and says my dad will take me to village if he knows this, I will lose my freedom. Janardhan says you should know how the world treats the person who goes against the family. Ayaan says you would have some ID card. Faltu says no, I have nothing, my parents asked me to not use their name and make my own name, then I left empty-handed.

Janardhan says it means we can’t talk to your family and you have no Id, we can’t work here, we don’t know your real name. Kumkum asks what will we do now, what about the party. Dadi says he just came home. Janardhan says I want to know his real identity. Rocky says I have a card which can help. She gives the fitness club ID card. Govind, Janardhan and Ayaan check it.

Rocky asks are you all okay now, you were doubting me. She makes stories. She recalls the chawl guys showing the card they found. They say we will put your pic in this, if anyone asks your ID proof, what will you do. Janardhan says you get a ID card if you want to stay here. Faltu says you just prepare for the party, I will make the food arrangements. Everyone goes. Faltu dances. Ayaan looks on. He holds her hand and stops her. He says your hands are too delicate like girls. Faltu lies.

Ayaan says sorry for whatever my dad said, I don’t think this can happen with anyone, you have courage to see dreams, fulfil your dreams, I know a girl, she had tolerated a lot to fulfil her dreams, don’t know where is she lost. She cries and thinks I m in front of you. She says I have much work. She goes.

Tanisha gives the dishes list. She says no dish should get missed. Faltu worries. Kumkum says we should start now. Faltu says go out of kitchen, I will make the food alone. Kumkum says you don’t know anything about our kitchen, we will help you, its your first day. Faltu says no, I will do it, go out. Tanisha says let him go if he is confident, come, we will order food online if anything is needed. They go. She says how will I make these dishes. She watches recipes on youtube and starts cooking. She signs everyone to go.

Its night, Janardhan says our bahu Tanu did the best arrangements for the party. Kanika says you are saying like she isn’t my daughter. Dadi says she will be your daughter always. Ayaan and Tanisha come. Suhana compliments her. Kanika asks did Ayaan go out anywhere. Tanisha says no, he is with me. Faltu thinks to keep an eye on everyone in the party, maybe I find a way to reach Vishal. Kanika says someone was following me when I went to meet Vishal. Kanika asks who will follow you from here. Kinshuk asks Tanu to come, they will click party pics. Kanika says I have to be careful, I can’t take any risk. Faltu hears this and says so she doubted that someone is following her, so she did this, I have to keep an eye on her.

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