Radha Mohan update Friday 19 January 2024

Radha Mohan 19 January 2024: Radha says to Mohan , whether it is Hanuman or Bakebihari God is only one. Mohan laughs and says to Radha just like you and the witch and Mohan lies down on the bed. Radha thinks, Mohan I’m troubling you alot but, you got scared because of that atleast I found my friend Mohan for few seconds.

Mohan says to the idol of God which was placed on the bed, hey god please protect me from Shalu (witch) and her friends if she wants to take anyone tell her to take Radha. Mohan continues, oh but I forgot Radha is in your team, let’s make a deal, if Shalu (witch) comes tell her not to take Me or Radha. Radha turns off the light, Mohan gets scared and tells Radha no don’t trun off the light and then Mohan goes to sleep. Radha goes to Mohan and touches his feet. Radha thinks, I didn’t think that walking on the path of truth would be so difficult, how should I tell you that my only reward Is you(Mohan) and Gungun not house keys .

Radha starts walking someone was peeking on her from the window, Radha thought someone is outside but ignored it.

Kaveri and Damini standing at the window of the room where house keys were they open the window to steal the keys. Damini says to Kaveri, see mother house keys. Kaveri asks Damini , are you sure about this because you’re going to put your hand in the lioness’s mouth , If she ( Kadambari ) find out about this she (Kadambari) will kick both of us out. Damini says to Kaveri, if Radha got this keys I’m sure she will find out about the truth and If she find out about the truth we will directly go into the jail and the secret which is hidden for years must remain hidden.

Damini says to Kaveri, we can’t find better opportunity than this your Kaddo ( Kadambari) is in the bathroom and his husband is drunk. Kaveri says to Damini, have you gone mad, her ( Kadamabari) husband is not even that drunk that we can steal the keys you can’t just walk in the room and steal them. Damini says to Kaveri, who said I’m going inside the room. keys will come to us, Kaveri asks Damini, but how? Damini shows magnet to Kaveri. Kaveri says to Damini, well done, now do it quickly.

Damini throws the magnet towards the keys but keys falls on the floor. Damini tries again. A man wearing Balck cloth all the way head to toe appeared behind Damini and Kaveri and says to himself I knew that you will try to steal the keys .

Radha was on her way to check who she saw outside at her window, she saw that man standing, Radha asks him, who are you? The man, why she had to come here right now and disappeared. Kaveri and Damini run away and hide after hearing Radha.

Damini tries to pull the keys in the room where she was hiding but the man cuts the rope. Damini says to Kaveri, someone else is also outside with Radha who cut this rope. The man dropped the keys. Radha comes in the hall and asks who is it?

Ajeet comes in and asks Radha what happened Radha? Radha tells Ajeet, I thought I saw someone, that’s why I come here to check .
Ajeet says to Radha, you shouldn’t come outside alone If you thought someone is here you can just tell me because it could be dangerous, or maybe you’ve seen Ketki she has gone towards the kitchen. Ketki come in and says to Ajeet, you stay away from her ( Radha)
Ketki says to Radha, and you, I will never forget that you used my friendship, stay away from me and Ajeet.

Kadambari also come in the hall, and asks what is going on here? Kaveri and Damini was listening everything from the room, and Kaveri says to Damini, Kadambari was the only one who was left now she’s also here. Ketki says to Kadambari, I was just showing someone their place nothing else, Kadambari tells Ketki, it’s late now, good night.

Radha says to Kadambari, Ketki used to be my best friend but now she’s also don’t likes me , Kadamabari says to Radha, as you saw, so shall you reap, It’s late now and tomorrow is your chuda poojan so you should go and sleep. Kadambari sees the keys on the floor and says to herself I think my decesion was right it’s time to give responsibility of this house to the daughter-in-law.

Kaveri and Damini comes out from the room. Damini says to Kaveri I don’t care she got the keys again tomorrow I will not let her give this keys to Radha.

The man in the black clothes appeared outside of the home and says Now it’s time too expose Trivedi family.

Next morning, Radha’s chudda poojan rasam starts. Kadamabari sits next to Radha and tells her, Chuda (Bangle) made of diamond or gold doesn’t matter but nothing is more important than lakh ka chuda( Bangle) for a married women. Kadamabari continues, as a daughter-in-law of this house I’m giving you this lakh ka chuda(Bangle) you have to wear this for half a year, this is a tradition of this house in which you will also have the responsibility of this house.

Kadamabari giving Radha keys. Damini says to Mohan ask your mother not to give keys to Radha. Mohan tells Kadambari, you can do whatever rituals you want to do with Radha, but she will never be my wife.

Mohan says to Kadambari you said Radha is daughter in law of this house and you want to complete a ritual, you can do whatever you want but Radha cannot be my wife that’s why I’m taking mine keys. Kadambari says did you forget what I said yesterday. Mohan remember Kadambari telling not to say anything during ritual. Tulsi says to Radha don’t be sad soon Mohan will fall in love with you.

Kadambari says to Mohan don’t come in between and it’s my decision whom to give these keys. Kadambari says to Radha Mohan’s Dadi gave these keys to his mother and after her death Mohan’s grandmother handed over these keys to me afterwards I gave these keys to Tulsi but unfortunately she left us during that time Dadi was in Haridwar she came back just to give back these keys.

The way you got married with Mohan didn’t give us chance to invite her but I’m she would have chosen you the righteous owner of keys. Damini would have been the owner but since you got married to Mohan so being daughter in law of Trivedi family you have to right over these keys, Kadambari about to hand over keys to Radha. Damini rush and take keys from her hand. Kadambari scolds Damini and says what nonsense is this. Damini says I’m right owner of these keys because Mohan consider me ask his wife. Kadambari says to Damini these keys are for daughter in law not for Mohan’s wife, she got married with Mohan so right owner is Radha now return the keys.

Damini says to Kadambari not this one by one Radha took everything from me and if things continue she will become permanent here, I’ll keep these keys with me, Damini start walking but Radha hold her hand. Damini gets angry and push her hand. Radha says I don’t know who is the right owner but I’m sure you are not and I won’t tolerate if you will disrespect my mother in law. Ketki thinks just take keys any how or everything will ruin.

Tulsi says why Damini want keys, she must be hiding something. Radha snatches keys from Damini’s hand. Damini says to Mohan prove me that you consider me as your wife and let me have keys. Mohan says it’s mother’s decision. Ketki says to Damini I’ll tell you how to take keys, she rush toward Radha to snatch keys but she stops her and says I’ll give these keys to right owner. Radha walk towards Mohan’s room.
Everyone in Mohan’s room. Radha hang keys below Mohan and Tulsi’s photo and says to everyone Tulsi is the right owner of these keys.

Tulsi says to Radha I handover all the responsibilities to you, you are the right owner. Kadambari smile and says you would have told us straight forward that you cannot handle responsibilities you were here just to be Mohan’s wife. Radha says that’s not true. Mohan says to Kadambari forget it she can’t handle. Damini says you can give keys to me I can handle and she start walking towards them. Radha stop her and says you cannot handle this responsibility she turn around take keys hand pray to god for blessing. Radha keep key’s with her. Damini says dto Radha there’s no need to boast, you are here as like tenant and after six months these keys will be mine. Radha says atleast I’m wife for six months but what are you, she mocks her and ask Kadambari when are Damini and Ketki going back to there home. Kadambari gets angry and ask what are you saying Radha? Radha says being daughter in law of this house it’s my duty to know when are they going back so I can take proper care of them.

Damini says don’t come in between. Radha says I will I’m daughter in law and it’s my responsibility to take care of this house, she mocks her and walk away. Tulsi praises Radha. Damini says to Mohan you didn’t even react on her comments, she is planning to throw me out of this house, now she will tell us what to do, tell me one thing is there any value of your and Kadambari’s commitment. Mohan walks out of room.

Radha in corridor walks Dulari and says let’s make arrengements for lunch. Mohan walks to Radha scolds her and says stop your drama. Radha ask what happen. Mohan says how dare you talk to Damini in such manner, she was here before you, you are the guest.

Mohan says I’ll tell you who Damini is, she is my wife and I have given her this right, it’s you who should leave actually it’s my fault I asked mom to let you live here. Radha says to Mohan enough.

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