Divya Drishti update Friday 19 January 2024

Divya Drishti 19 January 2024: Rakshit comes to underground. He says I might find a proof here. He looks for it. Pisachini is coming there. He leaves.

Lava says chachi this tika doesn’t go with my dress. Romi is trying to sneak it. Lava sees a lizard. She screams. she says chachi I am so scared. Chachi says I am scared too. They both scream. It falls on chachi. Lava does spray on her. Chachi faints but lizard doesn’t die. Lava is scared.

Drishti Divya and Simran are going for shopping. Dristhi asks where are we going? Simran says shopping. Drishti says that bridge. Simran starts singing. Drishti says where is that bridge that sparrow is on. Simran starts screaming. She says that bells ringing. It’s the same. I heard it. simran screams.

Mahima says to Rakshit I know how you feel.

I always tried to keep you happy. You are my everything. Rakshit says I know mom. He hugs her and says I will bring papa back to you. Divya asks Simran do you remember which temple was close to the bridge. Divya says I will go to one and you go to other.
The wedding starts. Rakshit says I am here only to stop that Pisachini. Pisachini comes there on balcony. She says Lava will do it for me now.

Simran says near this bridge was the temple. She screams. They stop on the bridge. Simran screams. She says the bridge was broken. Drishti says everything is fine. Please on’t cry. They both dance with her to ask where is the tree. She points at it. Drishti says we found it. Divya says we have to do it in subligh.
Divya and Drishti go down the cliff and come near the tree. A coconut falls.

Pandit ji says bring the bride. Mahima says Divya.. Rashi says Drishti isn’t home. Ojaswani says Simran isn’t home either. Shekhar says Divya took Simran out because Simran wasn’t feeling well. Rashi brings Lava. Ojaswani says I am going to see Simran. Mahima says I am coming too.
Shekhr pretends as he has called them. He says okay come home. He says Simran was suffocated with the wedding environment. You know right that’s why Divya took her out. Mahima says they will be fine.

Simran screams and says spider. Drishit controls her. She takes her to side. Drishti says let’s play hide and seek. You hide in the car. Don’t come out or I will see you. They lock her in the car. Drishti and Divya look for ashes.
Divya says it’s sunset. Divya says the light has gone. Forget it. Dristhi sees full moon. SHe says ma told me about last light. Maybe iit was moonlight. The light falls on ground.

Lava comes downstairs. Mahima says you look very pretty. Divya tries to find the ashes. She says I am very tired. They find a door. Divya says I am really scared. Drishti says calm down. Drishti says we have to do it. Divya and Drishti come down in the underground place. Drishti says its so dark. Divya says I am really scared. There is a mimshal. Divya says there is another door. They come in a big hall and see box. They open it. Black smoke comes out. Dristi says these are the ashes. They pour ganga jal on it. Pisachini comes out of it. She laughs. she says you thought you would come here and I wont know? you wanted to kill me? You two will die now.

Mahima asks Lava to do ghunghat. Rakshit asked pandit ji to read wrong mantra so the wedding isn’t done right.
Pisacini laughs. She says you thought you would find my ashes. That Simran helped you right? Drishti says we won’t be scared today. Pisachini says your sister is shivering. She makes a circle of fire around them. Divya takes out the start. She says nonthing would work today. Pisachini throws Divya out of it. She hits her. Drishti says please stop it. Pisachini says give me kaal vijay.

Rakshit wonders why didn’t Pisachini do anything till now? Piaschini says your sister is dying. Give me the powers. Or I will kill her. Divya gets up and hits Pisachini with her powers. Pisachini says don’t mess with me. Pisachini screams. Drishti touches the fire. drishti says these is fake fire, I will burn you now. Pisachini stabs Divya. She throttles dristhi.

Rakshit and Lava take the rounds. Lava is becoming a witch inside the ghunghat. Drishti says I wont let anything happen to you Divi.

Divya and Drishti run out of there. drishi says I won’t let anything happen to you. Pisachini says you can’t run from me. Divya falls down. Pisachini throws dristhi away. Pisachini says to Divya your sister is gone. You will die and your sister ran. She left you here.

Drishti comes to the car and sees Simran. She says simran you are here. Simran says where is Divya? Drishti says there were sparrows. she was stuck on the tree. She asks her for the phone. She says go home on this map okay. We will come. I will bring her. Go straight home.

Pandit ji asks Rakshit to fill Lava’s hairline. She takes off her ghughat. Her lizard skins goes away. Rakhit makes her wear mangalsutra. Lava says we did what we had to. We are one one. Pandit ji says fill the hairline. Rakhit fills the hairine. Pandit says the wedding is done.

Pisachini says Rakshit is married now. Your sister is a widow even when her husband is alive. She has to give me kaal vijay. she ran. No one will come to save you now.

Pisachini says no one will come to save you now. Drishti comes there in a rickshaw. She hits Pisachini. Divya has fainted. Dristhi picks her. Pisachini gets up. Drishti uses Divya’s powers from her hands and shoves Pisachini. She takes her to the rickshaw and leaves. Drishti says I won’t let anything happen to you. Piaschini says they thought they can run from me. Dristhi says I won’t let anything happen to you.

Raksht is upset. he says where are you Dristhi. Simran comes. He says where were you? Divya was with you? She says I will tell you a poem. She says one sparrow two sparrows. Mahima asks her to rest. Mahima says to Rakshit Lava is waiting for you. Drishti sees water on the road. She tries to wake Divya up.
Ojaswani asks where is divya? Shekhar

says she had to go for some work. Mahima says there is a pooja tomorrow. Pandit ji gave a stone to place in your room. Rakshit says to shekhar go and see where they are. Please go and check. Rakshit asks Romi to go as well.

Divya and Drishti fall from the bridge. They are both hanging. Pisachini comes. She says you can’t kill me. Tell me where is Kaal vijay. Drishti says I won’t. Pisachini says see the wedding of your Rakshit. She shows them their wedding. Pisachini says second news, that two sisters died when the bridge broke. But only after you give me kaal vijay. Drishti says Divya please get up. Divya says where are we.. She looks around. Divya screams. Drishti says calm down.

Rakshit comes to his room. Lava says I was waiting for you. Welcome baby. Rakshit recalls what Simran said. Lava says come cross this bridge and we would be one. Rakshit leaves. Lava says not again. Rakshit goes to the restroom. He recalls what Simran was trying to say. Shekhar comes there. Romi and shekhar come to Rakshit. Rakshti says Drishti and divya are in trouble. You wear the sehra and pretend to be me. I have to save them.
Rakshit says Lava I want this wedding to be with rituals. I am planning a surprise. Shekhar wears the sehra.

Divya says wont anjan come to save us. rakshit is looking for them. Drishti says Rakshit is getting married. Divya says we are dying here. Drishti says Rakshit is Anjan. divya says what.. The rope is breaking.
Lava says Rakshit please come out I am waiting. She says where are you come out. Pisachini comes to Lava and says I made you lizard finally. You know what to do right? bite rakshit. Lava says yes I know. Pisachini leaves. Shekhar comes out in sehra. Lava says this was your surprise. I will take off your sehra. He says no.

Anjaan comes there. He says divya hold the rope. Divya says I will fall. Romi says no do what Anjan is asking. She holds the rope. Raksit pulls her up. Romi holds her. Rakshit says to Drishti give me your hand and come up. He pulls her. dristhi faints. Rakshit picks her and says let’s go.
Shekhar starts dancing. Lava says what are you doing. Lava dances with him. He leaves the room.

Drishti opens eyes. Rakshit takes her to room. Drishti holds his hand and says thanks for saving my life. Rakshit and Lava are married. Anjan says he is doing for a reason. She says he could tell me the reason. Rakshit says to trust her. Drishti caresses his face and says how? Why doesn’t he tell me?

Shekhar brings Divya to room. Dviya says where is rakshit? Drishti says where she should be. Rakshit calls Shekhar and says coem here. he goes to the room. He takes the sherwani from Shekhar.

Rakshit comes to room. Lava says finally you came and that ghunghat I mean sehra isn’t there either.
Drishti says he saved me as anjan and went to that Lava to spend his wedding night? Everything is over. Divya gives her wine and says drink it. It’s medicine. Drishti says why is it so better. Divya says it will work.

Lava hugs Rakshit. He says I am not feeling well. She says let me give you water. Rakshit wonders why did Pisacini get him married to Lava. Lava pours her poison in the water. She says water. Rakshit says what is in it? Lava says what?

Dristhi says nothing is working. Divya gives her more drink. Divya says go to their room. Lava drinks the water. She says you are suspecting. Rakshit shoves the glass. He says sorry it broke. Lava brings him close. Drishti is drunk. She says Rakshit is my husband. Divya says go there and show there he is your husband. Divya says you know how to seduce.

Lava comes on bed and brings Rakshit. Drishti says I am coming Rakshit. Pisachini ays where is this Anjan.. Drishti comes to Rakshit’s room. lava says what are you doing here. Drishti says what are you doing here. Lava says he is my husband. This is our wedding night. Rakshti says Drishti what are you saying. Drishti says I am his wife. Lava says are you crazy. rakshit says are ou drunk? Drishti hugs him. Lava says I will kick you out. They both fight. Drishti puts hand on her and sees a lizard.

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