Divya Drishti update Wednesday 17 January 2024

Divya Drishti 17 January 2024: He says I came to save Pisachini not you. Pisachini says you are such idiots. He was there for me. He says I am the conspiracy. I am with Pisachini. I knew you would stab Divya. Now you two would die. Adn kal vijay would come out. He gives Kal vijay to Pisachini. Drishti says no.

Pisachini says look at last time. Your mom and dad died for it. You two had to die for it to come to me. It is only mine now. Get ready to die now. Masked man says you have to go to an open place and mix the ratans. And kill them once you get the powers.

Pisachini comes to jungle. She says I came back to my body. I feel so good. She says you came on right time. He says I came for you only. Pisachini says I lost one eye for this ratan. I love it. She puts in the ratan but nothing happens. Masked man says eclipse is over. I will mett ou here tomorrow. Pisachini says I waited 20 years. Wont wait for another 24 hours.

Drishti tries to pick Divya. She says we have to get out of here. Divya says this door is sealed. drishit says it’s all my mistake. Divya says no didi.. Divya says it is all my mistake. Drishit says she controlled you. Divya says how will we get out? She took all my powers too.
Bichu has roped Shekhar and Romi. He says you two wont get out of here. Pisachini comes there. He says you came back. She says I need a virgin girl to sacrifice. Bichu becomes Shekhar. Simran is leaving. Bichu says I am her brother I will take her.

Shekhar says to Simran go the temple. she says what temple is that? He says this is the best temple. Go there so you get the best sacrifice. simran goes out. Pisachini says you became the right bichu. Pisachini walks after Simran. Pisachin comes in front of her. She says Preto mami what is this? This storm.. Shekhar.. Pisachini shows her real face. simran screams. She says let me go. Pisachini says I need blood of a virgin to make my stones powerful. Simran runs. Pisachini says how far can you go?

Drishti and Divya are trying to get out. Drishti sees something in temple. She says that means you powers must be working too.
Simran runs. She sobs. Pisachini says you can’t run away from me. Simran falls down.
Bichu’s poison fades away. Shekhar and Romi get up. Simran says please let me go. Pisachini says you have to die. Rakshit comes there and sees the car. He says Simran.. Piscahini makes simran hang from the bridge. SHe screams. Simran says please let me go. Pisachin puts foot on her hand. sImran screams. Pisachini takes her blood. Pisachini says shut up or I will kill you. She says why are you my stones not working. Is your blood water. Her stone falls down. Divya’s powers start working. Pisachini says this isn’t real kaal vijay ratan. This is fake. Where is she.

Divya screams. They see kal vijay ratan. Drishit says that’s ours. That is why our powers are working. Drishit says this means.. our last battle is left. We wont leave her. Divya says we will destroy her. Drishti says our powers are together now.
Simran screams and says please somenoe save me. Rakshit is looking for her. He hears her voice. Pisachini says no one can save you now.. Simran says I will give you money. Pisachini says I only want my ratans. Rakshit sees Simran.

Drishti says the moment I touched it my bruise healed. She touches it to Dviya’s stab. It heals. Divya says this is magic. We can heal anyone with it. Drisit sees Simran in trouble. She says we have to save her. She sees a stone and picks it. She says this means.. He.. is he on our side? We are still unknown to many truths.

Pisachini says Anjaan you gave me fake ratan. ARe you fooling me? I haven’t seen your face so far. come in front of me.
Divya and Drishti run out. Pisachini comes home and says they both ran? This isn’t possible. Divya Drishti see Shekhar and Romi. She says are you two okay? Shekhar says Simran’s life is in danger. Please save her. I sent Rakshit to save her.

Ojaswani says the guy and his family left. Simran isn’t back. I hope she is fine. I am really worried. Rakshit comes in with Simran. She is fainted. Ojaswani says what happened. Everyone panics. Ojaswani says someone please call the doctor. Drishti touches her and sees what happened. Shekhar asks Divya what did Drishti see? She says I dont’ trust you.

Pisachini says he fooled me? I wont leave him. She comes to jungle and says Anjan. Anhan says why are you shouting? She says you fooled me. You gave me fake Ratan. He tears the land. She says why are you tearing it? he says so you don’t tear you throat. I am not your servant. We work together we are equal. You can’t order me. She says you gave me wrong ratan. He says no I gave you right ratna but you couldn’t wait for right time and you broke it. Pisachini says how did it break? He says those girls must have stealed the real one from you.

Drishti says where is Divya? Divya comes in. Drishit says where were you? Don’t doubt shekhar. He is with us. Divya shows her the star. Drishti says wow you found it. It will show us what can we do with the ratan. They touch it and see guru ji’s message in it. He says when Kal vijay ratan comes in front of you only bholay nath can protect it. Pray for him and wait. Your powers are safe with it. Once pisachini has it, your powers will be lost. Drishti says let’s take it to right place.

Pisachini says I will take the ratan from them. Anjan says they must have taken it away from your accessibility. Do something that they bring it to you themselves. Pisachini says can you help me in it? He says you can’t do it anyway. The way what you did with Simran without thinking.
Divya Drishti come to a temple. Divya says do you think this place is right? Drishti says yess this is an old and very powerful temple. They place the ratan in the temple.

Divya and Drishti place the ratna in the temple. Drishti says Bholay nath if Pisachini has it she will destroy the world you made. Please protect it because only you can. They hold hand and vow that they wont let this Ratan go in wrong hand and fight for it till last breath. The ratna lights. The light goes in their hands. Drishti says bholay nath accepted our vow. Drishti’s forehead and Divya’s hands light. Drishti says charan jeet said if we protect this ratan our powers will remain with us.

Pisachini says I couldn’t do it how will you? What are you planning. He says I am not doing anything. If I have to do everything why are you pisachhini then? I can be Pisachin. Pisachini throttles him. she says show me your face. He says I wont show you my face we never had

such deals. First be worthy enough and make your powers show.
Drishti is trying to sleep. She sees an accident. Drishti says who is there.. It’s Rakshit. He says sorry to disturb. I was looking for meds for Simran. Drishti says I have meds. Drshti says where did you find her?? He says hung on a bridge. Thank God I found her otherwise she would have fallen.

Ojaswami is crying. Mahima says eat something please. Look at how my daughter is. My heart is crying when I see simi. She isn’t talking to me. Shekhar says she will be fine. On table, Drishti pulls the chair. Lava sits on it next to Rakshit. Lava says look at her face she doesn’t care. Rakshit says let me go give meds to Simran. Drishit says I will. She goes upstairs. Divya goes after her.

Drishti comes to Simran. Simran scream.. Se says save me. Please don’t kill me. Drishit says it’s us. I am Drishti. Please tell me what happened. Divya says do you remember seeing that face of the person who attacked you? Divya says did she have a burned eye? Sirman screams. She throttles them. Divya says what are you doing.. Simran leave Drishti. Simran throttles them and says I will kill you both. Divya shoves her. simran sits on her bed and cries.

She sees Pisachini. Divya says simran no one is there. Pisachin says I am here. You thought you can kill Pisachini? See I am back. drishti says and see my Divya is back too. Divya says what did you do to Simran. Pisachini says tell me where my kaal ratan is., or I will kill you both. Simran screams. Pisachini leaves. Everyone comes up. Ojaswani says what happened to her. See her condition. They call ambulance. Pisachini says this what I wanted. Drishti says lets go in the car. Rakshit says there are facilities in the ambulance. Mahima says you wont go anywhere. Stay here. rakshit says to Drishit mom said you aren’t going.

Rakshit sits in ambulance. Divya and Shekhar follow them in the car. Dristhi says I how do I go. I have to be there. Pisachini says all your family will die in that ambulance. My magic is going with them. Drishti is worried. She looks for a way to go out. Drishti calls Divya and says make sure ambulance doesn’t go up the speed of 60.
Everyone is with Simran. Ojaswani says please drive fast. Pisachini says to Drishti give me kaal vijay or your whole family will die.

Divya says shekhar call Rakshit and ask him to slow down the speed of the ambulance. Rakshit picks the call. He says everyone’s life is in danger please slow down the car. Rakshit says we have to reach the hospital. Shekhar says I will explain later. Please slower down the ambulance.

Drishti sees Rakshit coming in. He says everyone died. I lost everyone because of you. I hate you. Drishti says I won’t go. It’s Pisachini. Drishti says your plan failed. Your plan was weak. I knew it wasn’t Rakshit. Pisachini says this was the last time you saw him. He will die today. Your entire in laws will die today. Drisht says shut up.

Everyone starts coughing in the ambulance. There is poisonous gas in it. Divya says they are going so fast. Shekhar says they are going towards the cliff.
Pisachini says how will you stop all this? Drishti says I will stop all this. Drishti runs. Pisachin says how did she run so fast? Kal vijay made her so powerful?

Everyone is coughing the ambulance. The speed goes out of control. Rakshit says control the car. Divya says I have to stop them. Shekhar says no.. The ambulance comes towards them. They save their car. Ambulance goes towards cliff. Divya and Shekhar come out of the car. Shekhar says please do soemthing. Divya pulls the ambulance. She says why isn’t it pulling. Divya says why aren’t they coming out? Shekhar sees in. He says everyone has fainted inside. Divya says I can’t do this. It isn’t moving. Anjan comes there. Divya says what are you doing here you cheater. She says di don’t let him come near the ambulance. Anjan saves the ambulance. Drishti picks the chain.

Divya says di please give it to Shekhar not this masked man. He is with Pisachini. He will kill everyone. Shekhar says whose side are you on. Divya says no.. Anjan pulls the ambulance. He falls. drishti falls on him. Shekhar says who are you. He says let me go. divya says you have to show us your face. Drishti says stop. Shekhar says tell us who are you with. Dristhi says he saved our family.. Shekhar says everyone is still fainted. Drishti says please wake them all up then we will let you go. He wakes up. Divya says why did you come in between di. We could see his face. Shekhar takes everyone out.

Scene 2
Pisachini says they are saved they had to die. whose side are you on? Anjan says I am on my side only. Their powers have multiplied. Pisachini says not more than me. I will make a plan that will break them. Anjan leaves. Piscahini says where did he go.

Ojaswani cries. She says we were going to hospital in that ambulance. then what happened? Mahima says I don’t understand anything either. Simran’s in laws call. Mahima picks. She says pandit ji gave date of engagement after a week. We will come today for bangles. Simran will choose from them. Mahima says we are going to temple. She says we can come there too. Mahima says then come home.

Drishti dresses Divya’s wound. She screams. Drishti says stop acting like a child. Divya says who is he? Why he saved us all. Drishti says Anjan. Divya says do you know him? Drishti says it doesn’t matter. It only matters that everyone is safe. Divya says why are you melting for him. You have a husband. Drishti says shut up. Divya hugs her and says I told you we will be together. Divya says I feel so strong since we place the ratan in temple.
Anjan enters the temple. He does tandav. He takes off his mask. It’s Rakshit.

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