This is fate update Wednesday 20 December 2023

This is fate 20 December 2023: Preeta asks what is she saying, Rakhi explains Preeta considers her like her own mother so should believe her this time because she is telling the truth, everyone is shocked when Rakhi asks if she remembers when the pandit jee came to their house and saw the Mala on the photo of Karan, he demanded they should remove it since he is alive, Preeta recalls when the Pandit jee mentioned that this Mala is only placed on those who have died and assured Karan is still alive, Rakhi asks if she remembers that he said Karan is still alive, she questions why do they not believe her. Mahesh asks what she is talking about but Rakhi replies she is telling the truth,

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Mahesh mentions he can understand she has seen the album so is emotional, he tries to send everyone so they can rest. Rakhi questions how he can say it when she is not finished, Mahesh angrily exclaims that Karan is dead so she should accept it, Rakhi refuses to accept that Karan has died informing he is alive, she explains Arjun is Karan. She informs she felt it when he touched her, and she hugged him is when she felt that he is Karan, but she made a mistake by not recognizing him, she pleads them to believe her, once again mentioning Arjun is actually Karan.

Rakhi asks Bani Dadi if she did not even for a moment felt that Arjun is Karan, she really loved him so was she not able to recognize, Dadi accepts that Arjun protected her from the media, but this doesn’t mean he is Karan since their son died, Rakhi hugs her as she starts crying, the entire Luthra family is also tensed.Rakhi once again asks Bani Dadi, that there were a lot of people there but just one person came to help her, because he really loves her asking if she remembers how her bonding was with Karan so he came to save his Dadi.

Rkahi then rushes to Kritika asking if she remembers the day she was being teased by the goons and a person came to help her, he was Arjun so she used to say how she felt her brother returned, did she not feel for a moment that Arjun was her brother. Kritika starts thinking when Arjun explained to her that some relations are made by the rituals or by their previous lives, Karina mentions Rakhi that Arjun is nice person but not Karan. Rakhi explains that Arjun in the airplane protected their entire family, so did Karina not feel for even a moment that he is Karan. Karina replies she never felt it because he is not their Karan rather just a nice person who is always ready to help them.

Rakhi gets disheartened then goes to Sameer asking I he did not feel that Arjun is his brother, Sameer does not reply, he thinks how Arjun hugged him in the Luthra Mansion, Sameer agrees with Rakhi that Arjun is Karan bhai, the entire family is shocked. Rakhi is glad hearing Sameer also feels the same.Arjun enters the Luthra Mansion, he hesitantly takes off his seatbelt while getting out of the car, Arjun is emotional, thinking why is he feeling this house is calling him back the love of his family is waiting,

he is feeling as if he would once again get whatever he lost and stay in this same house, Arjun slowly walks with the suitcase of Rakhi.Sameer agrees mentioning Arjun is also Karan, Mahesh questions if he has lost his mind. Rakhi asks Mahesh what is wrong with him because he is trying to suppress Sameer when he is talking from his heart, she is sure they are not ready to accept it. Mahesh tries to reason with Rakhi explaining she is feeling that Arjun is Karan so they all should accept it, but he is not sure. Rakhi angrily demands a reason;

Mahesh replies that if he was Karan then should have come to him or even tried to call her as mom. Rakhi replies that he indeed referred to her as mom in the hospital. Rakhi sits down questioning why they are not able to accept it, Dadi sits mentioning she can accept her feelings but Mahesh requests his mom to not agree with Rakhi as she is just getting emotional and might fall ill.Rakhi replies that she is mentally stable and would say it once again that Arjun is indeed Karan, Karina mentions that she can understand Rakhi Bhabhi is emotional but if Arjun is indeed Karan then why did he try to harm Rishab and planned an accident.

Dadi agrees with Karina explaining it was proven in the party, Rakhi questions if she does not remember what Arjun said in that party.Rakhi walks to Preeta, asking if she remembers that when she reached to the hospital the doctors said he was brought at the right moment otherwise anything could have happened, she asks who took Rishab to the hospital. Kritika mentions kavya got in danger because of Arjun but Rakhi replies it was not the case, she questions why did Arjun go to the school during the terrorist attack, he just loves Kavya a lot.

Rakhi explains even in the airplane, Arjun protected them from the terrorists and snakes. Rakhi questions what more could she tell them to make them believe that Arjun is a part of their family, she asks if they all forgot that when Kavya was locked in the safe, no one knew the password and Arjun put it at the last moment, she mentions he knew it because he is indeed Karan, Kritika explains Arjun himself mentioned Prithvi informed him about it.Arjun while walking drops his phone, he kneels to pick it up.

Rakhi refuses to accept that Prithvi told the password, she mentions he even got scared in the hospital when they were about to give him an injection, Karina explains there are a lot of people who are scared of needles, Rakhi questions Preeta along with Karina and Kritika what do they say when they are scared of needles, Mahesh asks what does she mean by these questions, Rakhi replies that Arjun threatened they would be send to jail if his arteries burst, Dadi and Karina mention Karan used to say it but Rakhi replies today Arjun said it, Dadi mentions it can be a coincidence. Rakhi says she must show them one thing, Rakhi brings the album revealing it contains the photos from Karan’ childhood,

she explains she saw the same birthmark on the hand of Arjun, so how is it possible. Mahesh takes the photo. Karina once again explains a lot of people would have the same birth mark, she is sure Rakhi is mistaken but Rakhi ask if she is mad but Karina requests Mahesh to take her to the room. Mahesh requests her to calm down otherwise everything would be ruined Rakhi is adamant she is telling the truth but they all refuse to believe her, Preeta is worried.

Rakhi tells Mahesh that she will fight him today if he says anything against her son, what has not happened in the past thirty years would happen today, Preeta requests Rakhi to not say whatever she is saying, Rkahi then goes to Preeta asks how was her relationship with Karan during the initial days, she explains they did not like each other and would always argue but after that they both fell in love and she got married with him. Preeta starts remembering her time as Karan, she then questions how Preeta’s relation with Arjun is these days, she explains they both tend to argue and fight over such small things, she asks how these things can be the same when both are different people, Rakhi questions if Preeta never felt that Arjun is Karan.

Preeta remembers when Arjun mentioned he is Karan, after saving her. She thinks arjun also threw her on the floor just like Karan. Rakhi questions why she is quiet and must say something.Rakhi feels his presence so exclaims her son has arrived, the entire family is shocked but Rakhi smiling mentions Karan has returned, Dadi recalls when she would ask Karan if he told Rakhi about his arrival, but Rakhi would say her heart told her that he is coming.Arjun knocks on the door holding the bag, the entire family is shocked to see him standing there. Rakhi also turns with tears in her eyes, Arjun is smiling while they all are really tensed, and just stare at him. Arjun slowly enters the Luthra Mansion standing in front of them all, he is not able to understand what is going on.

Arjun reveals Rakhi’s bag was in his house, he feels it would have gotten exchanged at the airport while his bag will be here, he is noticing them asks if everything is alright. Arjun then questions about Kavya when Sameer mentions she is asleep, Mahesh asks what the name of his parents is. Arjun mentions their names are Ajay and Anjana Soorvyanshi, the entire Luthra family is stunned hearing him reveal the name. Arjun notices that Rakhi is shocked, she walks in front of him, and touching his hand mentions he called her mom. Mahesh asks Sameer to take the bag, so he walks to stand beside Rakhi,

Mahesh thanks Arjun for bringing the bag but apologies as he would not be able to ask him to stay since it was a very long day and everyone is tired, Mahesh explains now Arjun can leave, he turns to walk away when Rakhi stops him, she immediately hugs Arjun, Rakhi starts weeping. Mahesh however pulls her wishing Arjun good night, but he asks if Rakhi is fine and why are they all behaving so strange, he requests them to reveal if there is any problem as he would surely try to solve it, but Mahesh requests him to leave.Arjun slowly starts walking towards the door, Rakhi once again calls his name and he turns back, Rakhi requests Mahesh for a moment, she once again walks over to him, she taking his hand kisses it,

Arjun is also really emotional when Rakhi prays that Mata Rani grant him a very big life and he should never stay away from his family, Rakhi advises him to always stand beside his mother. Mahesh once again tries to take Rakhi away, he closes the door as Arjun is standing there, he cannot comprehend they have closed the door on his face. Rakhi immediately starts crying, Arjun angrily walks away.Mahesh requests Rakhi to clam down, she explains she is once again saying to them all that he is their son, but Mahesh inquires why is she not understanding what he said that Ajay and Anjana are their parents, Rakhi angrily explains that he is their son because she gave birth to him so can identify him,

Mahesh replies he is not their son otherwise would have accepted them both are their parents, Rakhi mentions they are not believing her but she knows the truth, Rakhi angrily walks past the entire Luthra family. Mahesh come to Preeta who is also emotional, they all turn back to go back to their rooms while Preeta is eft standing there all alone.

Preeta notices that Arjun returned the bag of Rakhi maa but no one gave him his bag, she runs out with his bag as Arjun is about to drive away, he stops immediately asking her to not run otherwise she will fall, Preeta is left confused hearing it, she starts staring at him when he feels uncomfortable, Preeta mentions she brought his bag and thought he might leave without it, Arjun thanks her before taking the bag from her, Arjun touches her hands, she feels a little uncomfortable by it so is just standing there confused, Arjun then removes the hair from her face,

Preeta remembers that Karan would do the same to her, she starts remembering her life with Karan, so thinks when Rakhi asked if she never felt that Arjun is Karan.Arjun replies he knows that something has happened, Preeta tries to refuse it, mentioning nothing has happened to her heart but Arjun replies something has happened in the house. Preeta turns back refusing it, Arjun calls her however her dupatta tears after getting stuck under his shoe.

Rakhi is angrily sitting in the room, Mahesh calls her requesting that she should at least listen to him, Rkahi asks what is there to talk about because she thought he would stand by her side, she was giving them evidence to prove her point but they refused to believe her, only Sameer accepted that he felt Arjun is actually Karan. Rakhi reveals that her trust broke which she had in him and now she knows he is her husband but would never stand by her side.

Preeta angrily picks up the dupatta, she notices Arjun standing in front of her and remembers that she had the same moments with Karan. Arjun apologizes explaining it happened by mistake, Preeta turns away after getting emotional as she remembers Karan, she runs inside the house crying while Arjun is just standing there. He sits in the car and leaves, Preeta once again comes out, she goes inside the house however is not able to forget how she felt the same feeling with Arjun.


Arjun in the car recalls when Preeta explained he came into her life as only after his arrival she started smiling. Preeta looking at the dupatta wonders what is happening to her, Arjun thinks Preeta should know he is the Karan which is why she gets emotional whenever he is around her, he exclaims he wishes he could tell her the truth that he is actually Karan and she would call him by his own name.


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