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Radha Mohan 13 July 2023: Mohan’s heartbeat rises once again when Radha calls the doctor who after seeing it explains they had heard of the moments when the prayers of their family bring back someone but today he has also seen it, Gungun informs that she really loves him after which the doctor says they all must go out of the room.

Radha Mohan 12 July 2023

Radha is crying when Kadambari praises her mentioning because of her intelligence she got back her son while Gungun her father, she once again saved her. Kadambari explains Gungun today after calling him as papa, given him a new life for which she is grateful, Kadambari hugs both Radha and Gungun, the doctor coming out informs Mohan is fine now so they can go to meet him however must be cautious as he is really weak. Kadambari rushes to Mohan asking if he is fine, she asks how she would have lived without him as today she got the return of her good deed, Mohan asks for Gungun, Kadambari along with the family step aside,

he smiles seeing Gungun and even calls her to him, Gungun is also crying when she hugs Mohan who also embraces her with utmost love, he kisses her. Mohan asks her to say what she said once again, she finally calls him papa.Mohan demands her to say it once again, she repeats it. He mentions he would be unconscious for his entire life if she will say this, Gungun questions why he thought of leaving him as everyone got really tensed for him,

Mohan says if she once again calls him as Mohan then he would get mad, he asks her to only refer him as papa exclaiming, he loves her.Mohan asks where Ketki is and if both Rahul and Ketki are fine. Mohan finally asks about Radha, she is crying standing in the back, Radha rushes to hug Mohan and cries a lot, Damini, and Kaveri both are furious. Mohan also embraces her asking how she is, Radha says he blames she always gets in accident but himself got in one, Mohan replies he is just Mohan, but the truth is that Radha is Maa as she saved his life. Damini is not able to bear that they both are holding hands, Radha asks how she could have not saved his life because a Bhagt could never see her Bhagwan in pain and if anything had happened to him today, she would have stopped believing in Bihari jee so if he is fine this is what she desires.

Damini pushes Radha away, exclaiming she is glad he is safe and is feeling better.Mohan seeing her dress asks if she came here for a function, Damini hesitantly explains there is function of their wedding, Mohan is shocked. He stares at everyone asking what she meant about their wedding, Damini explains Pandit jee said there is something wrong in his Kundali so they have to get married if those evils are to end, Damini explains half of the rituals have ended so they should complete it, Mohan exclaims if half of them have ended they can complete the wedding,

he questions what is going on as he doesnot want to get married, Kaveri exclaims they can complete it as they have already spent a lot of money.Kadambari explains Mohan needs to rest as she thought of getting them married to end the problems but now it has ended, Kadambari assures they would get married but at the time which she chose as now Mohan needs to rest. Damini leaves in anger, Kaveri exclaims he should have done it but Kadambari signals her to stop talking.Damini is walking in the hall when Kadambari comes questioning what has happened to her, Damini asks Maa what she said that the wedding cannot happen today, she accepts the problem ended today but what about the future,

as even Radha is still here. Kadambari stops her warning she will not say anything about Radha because if she is with their family then nothing wrong can happen to them, because it is due to her intelligence that Mohan is alive, and proved she is not an evil but a blessing. Kadambari explains Damini should thank Radha as she saved everyone, Kadambari leaves in anger.Damini turns to walk away but Radha pulls her back explaining Bihari jee knows she has never wronged this family but after thinking about what happened today, she has realized Damini is behind all the problems that came on this family,

Damini threatens her but Radha replies she would not fight her until she has the proof, Damini exclaims she would be married to Mohan in two days, Radha exclaims it is still about to happen but if her suspicion is true and Damini is behind everything then she would not let the wedding happen.Ketki is in the house when she gets a call from Ajeet who is crying a lot, Ketki is worried if anything has happened to Mohan bhai but Ajeet explains they are tears of joy and he is glad, Ketki is also relieved.

Mohan keeps asking Gungun to call him papa, she explains it is enough as she has said it one hundred times since yesterday, Mohan mentions he said if they move ahead then must not look back, Gungun pushes Radha who falls on Mohan, he holds her hand but they both ask what is she doing, Gungun replies she is making a film in which they both are the hero and heroine, Gungun mentions she is the director so starts turning them both, Mohan explains he really liked it and knows she is also beautiful and clever but a little stupid as she takes care of everyone but not herself, if she laughs then everyone laughs while he also feels sad when she is crying, Gungun questions Radha how did she like her hero,

Radha explains he is just like her Bihari jee, as he is a little short tempered but always stands beside the truth and will fight with everyone for it, Mohan questions how did she like the director, Radha replies she liked her.Kaveri while standing with Damini in the window explains Radha is going to take her position in Mohan’s family, Damini is furious asking if Kaveri is on her side or not, Kaveri assures she is with her but Mohan is now on the side of Radha as she has gained more importance in front of the family, she is worried if her wedding would just be left in their words but Damini assures this time the wedding would happen at the set time.

Radha is sitting with Mohan who explains had someone told him saying his relation and belief in Bhagwan would strengthen or Gungun would ever call him papa, he will have not believed them but ever since she came into his life, she has done everything so easily. Radha thinks if this is the right time to tell Mohan jee about the truth of Damini, Mohan replies he knows she has really wronged Radha but he knows Damini is his friend since childhood, they both went to even the same collage but she during the process started loving him, he married Tulsi to start a new life after which she was waiting for him and even when Tulsi died, Damini always took care of his family and business so he knows she will never do anything wrong, Radha thinks she can not break his trust just like this and needs to find some proof.

Mohan reaches back the house with Radha and Gungun, Damini stops him and comes with the Thali, she exclaims he has saved the life of so many children’s and even the entire city is talking about him so he might fall prey to the evil eye, she is about to do his Arti but he stops her explaining someone else has saved the life of the children’s and she is the one worthy of this, Damini asks who is it. Mohan mentions the one who saved his life, she cries to see anyone else in pain and never stops helping others, with whose presence they are sure nothing wrong would happen, she protects others without caring for herself and she has always stood in front of their problems with utmost strength. Mohan turns back taking the hand of Radha, he brings her in front of Damini, explaining the Arti of Radha should happen. Ajeet also agrees with Mohan explaining the Arti should only be of Radha.

Damini replies he can back from the dead and not Radha, Mohan replies however he was able to win because of Radha and she has always worked for the betterment of this house, she protected them as Durga maa and even brought happiness and peace as Lakshmi maa however she is just a little weak when it relates to Saraswathi maa as she always runs away from her studies, Radha asks why is he making fun of her in front of everyone when Mohan replies they usually joke in front of everyone but there is still one other thing left, Mohan stands beside Damini taking the thali from her and he starts the Arti, Radha stops him explaining he is her Bhagwan,

Mohan replies but she is doing all the things of the Bhagwan so must let him do this, the entire family is smiling. Mohan is performing the Arti so Radha get emotional.Mohan smiles mentioning he forgot that she will cry while standing here, Tulsi wishes Radha explaining even she is going to be the wife of Mohan in the future, everyone is smiling but Damini takes her to the corner explaining she would be glad to get all of the praise but no matter what she does, she will not be able to become the daughter in law of this house, Radha replies Damini must not forget she no longer believes in her lies, she has realized everything started after Kaveri acted like the old women and if she tells Mohan jee the truth then he would not even marry her in two centuries, Damini asks why does she think he would believe her, Radha questions why would he not believe her.

Damini threatens Radha that after she gets married to Mohan, he questions what she was saying to Radha, she tries to think of an excuse but he replies she will have to prepare a lot of excuses. He leaves instructing her to meet him in his room after ten minutes. Radha replies she would not only have to explain herself but also answer his questions, Kaveri assures everything would be fine but Damini explains Radha does everything even when she is scared and if she doesnot get married to Mohan this time then it will never happen, Kaveri assures she would do anything to get her married to Mohan, she advises Damini to focus on her wedding while she would work on the family, Radha thinks that Kaveri can try whatever she feels like, she vows to not let Damini get married without revealing her truth.

Mohan in the room turns the portrait asking if she is happy, Tulsi comes in front of him recalling how he explained he even feels pain seeing her face, Mohan replies she would be thinking why did he turn her portrait, as people say that they tend to see their entire life when they are about to die but she refused to let him come near her, he asks if she took the name of Radha. Mohan says it was just her thought as he wondered the person who left her how could she stand beside him when he is about to die, but she came and asked him to go back to Radha and Gungun, Mohan thanks her for everything, explaining if he went away from Radha and Gungun then would have never forgiven himself, just like he would never forgive her. Tulsi says this is what pains her, she doesnot know why Bhagwan puts them in such situation as she would always pray to not go away from him but now prays,

he never comes to her as Radha and Gungun need him, and as long for leaving her she feels he would forgive her very soon since he will find the truth after getting married to Radha. Tulsi wonders what Damini is doing here and she asks him to go and teach her a lesson.Damini enters bringing his medicine explaining she will take his full responsibility, Mohan questions when she would learn manners, Damini doesnot understand so Mohan replies she wronged Radha at the hospital and he listened what she said today in the house, Damini apologizes for what happened explaining she got scared after what the Pandit je said but Mohan asks if she would learn only after she falls, he exclaims if she makes any mistake then he would not even give her a chance to apologize.

Damini asks what about their marriage, he replies she herself said that he must get healthy so he says they would talk about it tomorrow, Damini calls her men instructing they must fulfill their plan.Ketki questions Kaveri why is she in such a hurry to get them both married because Mohan bhai is not even healthy enough to perform the rituals in the mandap, Ketki assures they would do it once he is healthy or is she worried that instead Mohan weds Damini becomes Mohan weds Radha, Rahul thinks the war between India and Pakistan but not the wedding of Mohan, referring to it as nonsense.Kaveri exclaims it is enough because how long would they wait for her daughter to get married, and she feels Damini might lose the age to get married. Radha walking down the stairs exclaims Ketki is right since they cannot arrange the wedding of Mohan jee and Damini right now, everyone is shocked.

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