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Radha Mohan 14 July 2023: Radha standing on the stairs mentions Ketki is right and they should not arrange the marriage of Mohan and Damini, she comes asking if the age of getting married ever ends, Kaveri warns her to not speak in all their family matters, Kadambari replies that this house belongs to Radha and once Mohan gets fine then they would arrange the wedding with utmost celebration. Mohan comes from the back explaining the wedding would happen on the day it was decided on, Kaveri thinks now her daughter has arrived with her plan.

Radha Mohan 13 July 2023

Kadambari asks Mohan what is he saying, Damini explains that if they don’t get married then would lose Gungun forever, Kadambari doesnot understand when Mohan reveals the mother of Tulsi has preponed the custody case after hearing about the incident on the bus. Kadambari picks the papers in shock, Mohan reveals she has proved in the court that they cannot take care of her so they must take her as soon as possible, Tulsi wonders what has gotten into maa as who else would Gungun stay happily with,

Gungun from behind exclaims she doesnot want to go anywhere else, she rushes to hug Kadambari who assures that no one would take her away, Tulsi explains that Damini is surely behind everything, Radha rushes to Mohan questioning how would he be able to perform the rituals of the court when he is not healthy, Mohan explains Gungun is the most important in his life, he says Radha is innocent so doesnot know that people tend to put all of their self-respect at risk to win the case, he leaves exclaiming they should hurry up and end the situation.

Damini with a smile stare at Radha thinking that now she has played her mark so now would see how she stops the wedding, Radha replies that she is also the girl of Barsana and would surely find a way to stop this wedding.Radha opens the door but is shocked to see the lady standing in front of her, Radha replies she doesnot know her when Dua replies they have not met in person, but she came here after stitching the wedding dress, Radha mentions she is the lady for whom it is said that the dress which she makes blesses the couple.

Radha invites her inside the house when she shows the dress, Dua asks if she has spelled the name correctly Mohan, Radha tries to explain she is not the wife but Dua is just praising them, Mohan also comes calling Radha when Dua praises them both saying they look really good as a couple, Mohan tries to reveal the truth however Gungun says they are bad manners, Dua immediately takes the picture of Radha and Mohan together for her catalogue, she explains today is the third wedding anniversary of her marriage so her father has arranged for a party,

Mohan and Radha wish her but she replies she also has come to the party. Dua leaves wishing them both.Damini is walking when she gets a call so walks to the corner, Radha is listening to her when Damini warns the doctor to not call her ever again when their work has ended, Parthap turns the phone explaining that she left him in the hospital while he is injured and he doesnot know the injection which the doctor gave him, he mentions it is the fault of Damini because he warned her about the injection.

Parthap mentions even then she is giving the money and would double it, Damini warns him to not act over smart but Parthap explains she should come and meet him or else, Damini doesnot believe but he says he would reveal the entire truth about Damini when the police come to interrogate him, Radha wonders why is Damini so tensed and who is she talking to.Radha answers the call when the inspector asks why is Mohan jee not answering his call, Radha asks him to tell her as she will convey the message,

inspector explains Parthap has regained consciousness so they can start the investigation about the incident and he feels someone had hired him to plant the bomb, Radha leaves exclaiming she will tell Mohan jee about the information.Parthap sitting in the bed thinks he has fooled a lot of people but Damini made a fool of him, the lights of the hospital go out which scares him and someone comes to the door, she is talking as Damini questioning why did he call her, Parthap explains he has done a lot of work for her,

he first kidnapped Radha from the forest and even planted the bomb but she instead left him to die, Parthap exclaims she must give him the money after which he leave but she doesnot reply when he exclaims she is going to out smart him and so then he would ask someone else for the money, Mohan who will demand the name.Radha reveals she had disguised herself as Damini, Parthap is stunned asking what is she doing here, Radha reveals he left no stone unturned to kill her but even then she is standing in front of him as she is protected by Mohan jee and Bihari jee,

Radha reveals now he along with his Damini mam would rot in jail. Radha calls the inspector advising how he must pay the price for his crimes, but she requests him to first take Parthap to the Trivedi Mansion where he will reveal the entire truth, the inspector agrees explaining it will all end in the Trivedi mansion because Radha and Mohan both have done a lot for them.Damini is trying to leave, Ketki questions where is she going when Ketki recalls how Radha was suspicious that Damini is behind everything so Ketki must not let her leave the house, Damini replies she is going to the office but Ketki explains that she has selected some lehnga for the wedding, Damini turns to leave however is shocked when Radha explains her important work has come straight to her, Damini is stunned seeing Parthap along with the police.

Radha entering the house calls everyone to come out, Mohan is shocked seeing Parthap standing in handcuffs, Mohan is furious questioning what is he doing here, when he tried to kill Gungun, the police is forced to separate them both, Radha explains she has called him here to find the answers for all the questions. Radha explains all the incidents which happened in the past few days cannot be a coincidence and it was a planning, Mohan is shocked when Radha reveals it is the enemy of the house, Parthap will now reveal who is the actual enemy of the house.

Mohan asks how she knows Parthap would tell her about the enemy when Radha replies because he himself told her, Damini questions what is she saying because why does she always think someone from the family would be the enemy, because she always desire to cause a fire in the house, Mohan says it is enough as Radha never would blame without a proof, Kadambari also explains that Radha never lies so asks her if she knows who is the enemy of this house.

Radha slowly walks over to Damini, everyone is looking at her when Radha walks past her which relieves Damini, she stands in front of Parthap explaining she knows and is the reason she called Parthap here so he can himself tell the name and the person has no room to make an excuse. The entire Trivedi family is shocked, Damini is worried if he takes her name as then everything would be ruined.The inspector questions him to speak the truth, Parthap replies he just did it for fun, Mohan says it was not just a theft, but he had planted a bomb so must reveal the truth, he explains to the inspector that such people would never speak but with his way, after which he would start speaking. Mohan in anger once again starts beating Parthap, Kadambari is forced to pull him away which scares Damini.

Mohan threatens Parthap that he would serve a very strict sentence but if he tells the name of the person then he will himself protect Parthap and will even hire a good lawyer so Parthap should decide if he wants to stay free or in jail for a lifetime. Mohan once again demands what does he desire by hitting him which scares Damini, Inspector also questions why he is acting like a deaf, Mohan instructs the inspector to take him away warning he would have him jailed for fifty years, Parthap agrees to tell the truth. Parthap is about to reveal saying he did it all on the orders of her,

he points to Damini because of which everyone is shocked and Parthap once again says he ordered him to do it all, Ketki takes the name of Damini. Radha is relieved.Parthap points towards Damini, she is shocked and then Radha smiles thinking the truth has finally been revealed, Parthap assures she is the one who ordered him to do everything, Damini tries to assures to Mohan and Kadambari that she is innocent when Radha questions then why is he raising his finger on her, they all demand an answer and even Ketki explain she was suspicious on her right from the start. Kaveri starts acting questioning why did she not lose her eyes before witnessing this when Damini has served this family but they are still suspecting her,

Kaveri explains her daughter is pure like Ganga and she cannot do anything wrong like this, Kadambari exclaims the truth cannot be changed and remains the same, Kaveri questions what is she saying as does she always find her daughter to be wrong, or she would have believed him if he had taken the name of either Ketki or Rahul, even Radha but she knows that Kadambari never loved her daughter. Mohan exclaims it is enough because the truth would not be hidden. Parthap exclaims it is not Damini but she gave him the money pointing towards Kaveri, she is left shocked at what is he saying when Parthap explains he meant Kadambari as she gave him the money to do it all,

Kaveri starts smiling while the inspector also questions why is he lying but when Mohan threatens to beat him, he then blames it all on Mr Trivedi explaining he called him to the chowk and even fed him the snack. Parthap starts acting as if he not stable when Damini recalls she instructed him to make everyone believe he is not mentally stable if he wants her help, Kaveri asks Kadambari why she trusted him.The doctor comes to check Parthap questioning on whose instructions did they bring him here and if they have the discharge papers, he asks the inspector if it is his job to break the rules and he can have the inspector suspended for this act when the inspector replies that he desired the statement of the mastermind, the doctor explains this person is not mentally stable and his statement cannot be accepted in the court.

Damini thinks the doctor informed her that Radha came to the hospital and left with his men but she instructed him to follow her advice so he will remain safe. The doctor explains that he can reveal this news to the media after which the Mohan would lose the custody of his daughter, Mohan explains he is not a lawyer when the doctor replies that this news has been circulating in the entire city, and Mohan knows that criminal cannot be granted custody of the children. Radha questions how he is joining these two incidents when Mohan agrees with the doctor explaining that these incidents are delicate.

Mohan requests the doctor to make sure this news is not revealed to the media. Radha requests Mohan to not let him leave when he replies she doesnot know how delicate these matters are and they must be solved with utmost care. Mohan leaves to bring Gungun back from school.Kadambari informs Radha that her effort was pure and righteous but even a little mistake can make them lost the custody case of Gungun, she must not lose sight of what is the truth because it can ruin everything. Ketki coming to Radha explains she must not lose hope because they would find the true enemy soon, and she is always going to stand beside her. Kadambari exclaims they all must go the Mandir and she even asks Rahul who refuses explaining he must go with his friends.

Damini turns back but Radha stops her, Damini exclaims she did not understand it till now because she will never be able to stop her or the marriage with Mohan. Damini explains she tried but feel before her intelligence when Damini says Radha managed to bring the person here but forgot about the doctor as he was also her men, Radha replies they must not forget about it because she herself accepted that she even hired the doctor and so now the police would have two suspects. Damini gets a call which she answers and ends it after thanking the person. Radha gets a call from the inspector who informs Parthap ran away after murdering the doctor, Damini explains the police said that Parthap ran away and now even the doctor is dead, so she lost the one and only way to prove Damini is at fault.

Damini exclaims Radha lost before her love so is welcome to their wedding, Radha asks if this is her love as she even tried to take the life of Mohan jee when she would be ready to give her own life for him. Damini accepts this is her love since she would make Radha suffer the same pain as she does whenever Mohan holds her hand and even protects her, she exclaims what about Gungun as he might once again fell in the bore well or even get electrocuted or jump in the fire. Radha not being able to control herself slaps Damini, she is not able to believe Radha slapped her. Radha warns her to remain quiet, threatening if she ever said anything against Gungun then she would cut off her tongue.

Radha explains she was never concerned when it related to her love for Mohan but today she threatened to kill Gungun in front of her mother, if Damini tried to ever think of harming Gungun even then she would not let her get married to Mohan.Damini tries to slap Radha, but she is stopped and even the wind starts to blow with increased speeds which scares her, Tulsi assures she is going to stand with Radha, she holds the hand of Radha which scares her as she is not able to believe it. Radha is stunned and even Damini notices it. Radha exclaims she felt as if someone held her hand, Tulsi mentions it is her when Radha says it felt difficult as she felt love and concern. Damini gets worried thinking Tulsi is trying to reveal herself which she cannot allow. Radha is scared.

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