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If you were not there 13 July 2023: Niyati request ram to perform her Gouna sending her to her new house, Ram leaves in anger when Lata aunti calls her from behind, Niyati exclaims she has even lost the right to apologize when lata exclaims that there is no need to apologize for good things, it doesnot matter if she was not able to get married to her son, she should always remain happy and all the problems which she would face in her new life, she should over come without any problem, lata apologizes to all the guests who have come mentioning that they should now go back, she asks Aanad to come with her, he finally takes off the turban leaving with lata.

Niyati going to Sulochana asks her to talk with papa, she wipes off the tears then walks upstairs, Ram asks if she saw what Niyati did, the daughter whom he taught to walk has made fun of him Infront of everyone, she has gotten mad because of that Abhimanyu.Manaroma also questions Niyati what she has done because it is all a mistake, Kichu comes questioning what is she saying because Niyati is their daughter in law, Manaroma mentions that she is just like her own daughter so how can she allow her to ruin her own life when she cares for her a lot, Niyati explains that Manaroma jee should not be worried, she corrects herself calling her as Maa.

Ram is really angry in the room, he thinks she has stopped thinking, he doesnot know the world she is living in, what does she think that she will leave with Abhimanyu and he will get healthy soon, she is mad in love but he would not allow her to ruin her life as he is her father, Sulochana exclaims they are the ones who made her do it, how did he think she would not take care of Abhimanyu, they have seen her as she would always bring any animal to take care of it until it got fine, she requests him to think about it with a calm mind when Ram says that he would not allow her to ruin her life when he is adamant to not perform her Gouna as she will only marry Aanad.

Manaroma jee mentions that she should marry Aanad and not ruin her life, she doesnot even want to listen to Kichu, saying she is a mother so can live happily with her son but Niyati has her whole life ahead of her, Niyati is once again trying to join the relationship which was done a long time ago, she might fell burdened because of it, she insists that Niyati should marry Aanad.Sulochana asks how would they get married since the barrat of Aanad has left, she confirms Lata didi left, this is what she feared which is why she desired to reveal the truth but Ram did not agree, what was to be in their family was revealed Infront of everyone which made them get ridicules, Sulochana exclaims that Niyati accepted the wedding since Abhimanyu did a lot for Niyati, he took the shocks and even left after knowing the truth for their honour, so now they must let Niyati leave after performing her Gouna, Ram questions if they should have it done with that Mad person, he is adamant to not go there, saying he will not have them perform the Gouna.

Kichu requests Manaroma jee to stop this but Manaroma insists saying it is not a matter for a few days but a matter relating to the entire life, she in reality is worried more about her son because if Niyati is not able to fulfil the relation and leaves him then he would once again start experiencing this mental condition.Sulochana questions why is he worried because he knows that their daughter would take any challenge and surely win it, so it is their duty to stand with their daughter, he doesnot agree when Sulochana exclaims she will stand with her and her Gouna would happen with Abhimanyu, Ram asks if she would go against his orders, she says she is going to stand with her daughter since whatever is happening is because of their mistake so they should also bear some pain, she requests him to come as they need to give her their blessings, he refuses to go with her when she says she did not questions his decisions as she knew he was taking them in her favour but now today she being her mother is asking him to come as this is for the betterment of their daughter, Ram says it is enough as now he would never stand by this decision of Niyati.

Kinkar questions what she is saying as they all are with Niyati and will surely make it possible that Abhimanyu gets healthy, Niyati asks Manaroma Maa to turn her worries into hope since she will surely become successful, Manaroma once again tries to say something, but Mr Panday asks her to not say anything as they are going to take their daughter in law with them. Sulochana calls Niyati from behind, she immediately looks for her father when Sulochana asks her to not look as he is not going to come.

Mr Panday asks the Pandit jee to make the preparations for the Gouna, the pandit jee exclaims both he parents have to perform the Gouna when Sulochana exclaims she is going to fulfil the responsibilities for both the parents, Sulochana starts performing the rituals of the Gouna when the Pandit jee asks Sulochana to place the Sindoor in the hands of Niyati mentioning that this Sindoor is the blessings of her parents and there is nothing else like it in the entire world, Ram sitting in the room is thinking about the injuries that Niyati faced because of Abhimanyu.

The pandit jee mentions these are the blessings for her from her parents, Sulochana exclaims she needs all the blessings today, Pandit jee asks for the groom then they start performing the ritual, Niyati takes the hand of Abhimanyu when it is about to fall, they both eat the sweets when Pandit jee asks them to place the Akshard in the hands of the male, Sulochana presents the gifts which are for Abhimanyu. Niyati is looking at Abhimanyu when Pandit jee asks them to make Niyati wear the Mangal Sutur from the hands of the male, after this is the ritual of filling the lap of the daughter with all the blessings which she does with the things so that the daughter always makes the family of her husband feel like a happy family. The last ritual includes giving the hand of Niyati to Abhimanyu, then he exclaims the ritual of Gouna has ended as they can take the bride after seeking the blessings from the elders, Kichu gives her the blessings, Sulochana requests Mr Panday to take care of their daughter since she is their loved one, Kichu assures that she is their daughter first and the wife of Abhimanyu after that, she must rest assured, Niyati looks at the door when Sulochana requests her to not be angry with her father since he was not able to see her, Kichu asks Kinkar to go back home and make preparations for the arrival of their daughter in law, he must also inform the relatives in Lucknow that they are coming so all the preparations should be made, Kinkar leaves.

Manaroma is about to take the wheelchair when Niyati requests her to let her do it since Abhimanyu is now her responsibility while Manaroma should just stand beside her. She agrees but when Niyati is about to turn, Ram calls her from behind, they all get shocked to see him so angry.Niyati says that from today Abhimanyu is her responsibility and she just needs the support of Manaroma so they would surely make him healthy once again, Niyati takes the handle of the wheelchair when Ram calls Niyati from behind, she starts crying seeing her father and comes to take his blessing but he says it is enough mentioning he has not come to give her his blessing, she is shocked to hear it, he says he has come to tell her the future and that the decision she has taken because of the emotion, she will get frustrated over it, the person because of whom she has broken each and every relation and is leaving would one day make her realize that she has made a mistake, she will eventually come back to her own house, Niyati replies it would not be like that since she has always been taught to win each and every fight which she faces, she would surely win it, she has even accepted his anger as the blessing but now has accepted this in front of everyone that she will surely come back to him but that day she will be accompanied by her husband who would be perfectly healthy, she once again kneels to take his blessing however he doesnot even lift his hand, she stands up, looking at Sulochana she turns back with a smile, going to the wheelchair, Niyati starts moving ahead accompanied by her new family while Sulochana is weeping.

Ram doesnot even move while his daughter is leaving, Sulochana tunrs thinking he might stop her but this doesnot happen so she is forced to remain seeing her daughter leave.In the city of Lucknow, Niyati is in the car with Abhimanyu who is still unconscious, she seeing that is not able to sit properly, supports him, holding his hand tightly she thinks of their first meeting when he dropped her back to her house, how he even took care of her as a friend, taking care of ll the preparations of her wedding, she starts weeping wondering how she was not able to understand his love.

Mr Panday in the car says he has not yet reached back home but exclaims they should not ask him for any work since he wants to spend some time with his son and daughter in law, Amma jee is dancing while throwing the money while two ladies are taking them secretly while also enjoying the dance, the voice of the sirens are heard, they all get excited when she asks them to stop as tio seems Kichu has come with the daughter in law and Abhimanyu.

Kinkar steeping out of the car calls Jagan, Niyati walks out of the car when everyone smiles after seeing Niyati, they all start smiling when Niyati turns to help Kinkar bring Abhimanyu out of the car, they all are shocked to see him unconscious, they are welcomed by the flowers, Kinkar takes the blessing of Amma jee, Kichu also takes her blessing when he exclaims that he has brought the wife of Abhimanyu, she recalls how they got them both wedded at their younger stage, he asks them to now have them perform the GrehPerwash, she replies they have made all the arrangements so asks them to come.

Niyati starts walking with the entire family when after reaching the door, Amma jee exclaims that she is the one who advised to get her wedded with Abhimanyu, but after that thing took a turn for the worse and first there was no hope of finding her then they were worried about the health of Abhimanyu, but after accepting the marriage she has proved that the decision which was made was never wrong.Amma jee is requested to perform the GrehPerwash by another lady in the house, who exclaims they have been very eagerly waiting for Niyati, and then Amma asks Niyati make a print from her hands on the wall, Niyati goes to perform the ritual, she asks Devi if she would not start performing the arti, Niyati starts praying when Devi applies the tika on both Niyati and Abhimanyu when Amma jee asks Niyati to push the kalash with her right feet and enter the house, after Niyati pushes it then they start walking inside, Vidhi exclaims she needs to shoot her entry for the vlog however Amma je stops her, she says that ever since he told them about the worsening condition of Abhimanyu they have gotten really tensed, Niyati tries to explain when Kichu assures that nothing wrong would happen since they have brought the shackles for him, Kichu exclaims they had to make a lot of effort for him, Kichu explains Ram is the same as before because he did not agree, Amma jee says she will twist his ears, asking if he has gotten so old that he refused to accept it.

Bua jee asks Amma jee to stop as they need to meet Niyati, Manaroma mentions she is the bua of Abhimanyu, Niyati takes her blessing and she even gives her the Shugun, Manaroma then introduces her to the Mami jee, wife of Kinkar. She even takes her blessing, at last Vidhi exclaims she is the favourite sister of Abhimanyu, Niyati asks for the name of the lady who is standing quietly, she is about her name and when Mami jee says she is Kamna and is shy but now that she has come so she can mend her ways. Kinkar says that if there is not any ritual left so can they let Niyati and Abhimanyu rest, Niyati sees that the lantern in the house is about to fall, she manages to push Manaroma away while she herself clings Abhimanyu, everyone is shocked when Kichu asks how did it happen, Niyati sees that someone is pulling the rope standing upstairs, Kichu calls Karan, Vidhi thanks Karan for saving the life of both Abhimanyu and his wife.

Mr Panday and Kinkar both go to ask Manaroma if she is fine, Amma jee prays that she is glad nothing wrong happened, Bua jee exclaims he is her son, who heroically saved the life of his brother and his wife, karan walking downstairs calls the servants asking what are they doing, he even slaps one of them which worries Niyati. Mr Panday coming praises karan, he introduce him to Niyati mentioning he is just like his own son, Amma jee advises Niyati to go and rest in her room as there is also the ritual which will happen in the evening and who knows by them, Abhimanyu might also wake up, Niyati agrees, in the room Abhimanyu is sleeping, Niyati exclaims he is her joker, she sees that he is waking up so tries to help him, Abhimanyu after waking up questions who is she, hearing this she is left stunned.

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