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Radha Mohan 12 July 2023: The doctor is performing the checkup, Mr Trivedi is handed the form which he inquires about when the doctor reveals it is very difficult to save Mohan jee and even if he is saved there is a chance he might not be able to either speak or walk, The doctor says it is a consent form, Mr Trivedi mentions it is to certify that they would not be able responsible if anything happens to him, the doctor kneeling requests Mr Trivedi to hurry as they do not have much time but he replies he cannot do it since he has always prayed for the long health of his child and even made donations so how can he sign this consent form,

Radha Mohan 11 July 2023

Mr Trivedi explains he had given Kadambari the responsibility for the decisions so she must also take this, Kadambari replies she cannot do it explaining she has only till now made decisions for the betterment of his life not knowing her son would be fighting for his life, she explains it is really difficult for a mother. The entire family requests her to control her feelings, Radha takes her hand suggesting she must sign the papers, Kadambari is still confused when Radha asks her to believe in Bihari jee as he would never let anything wrong happen to Mohan jee who will surely come back alive,

Radha helps Kadambari perform the signatures when she is still trembling, the doctor leaves with the consent form.Radha exclaims the doctors are doing their work so she must fulfill her task, Radha explains she knows how Mohan jee would become healthy once again, Damini stops Radha saying she doesnot want to create any scene as they all have thrown her out of this family so she must not become a part of it again, Radha replies that Damini is the one who is able to speak like this and if she wants to fight with her then can do it after this has ended, Damini says Radha was not even able to speak in front of her but is now arguing, she has gotten a lot of confidence.

Radha exclaims Damini can think whatever she desires however no one can stop her from helping Mohan. Radha pushes Damini who falls on the bench before leaving. Kaveri asks if she is fine when Damini assures she is healthy.Radha comes out but doesnot see an auto, she is seeing the scooty thinks she is going to do something evil for which she should be pardoned, she assures the person would get it back at the same location. Radha rides the bike while the owner calls her a thief.

Damini questions the doctor what is going with Mohan when he said nothing would happen to his life, the doctor replies she must first stop misbehaving since he already warned her that such a medicine can even kill him but she was eager to get the injection. Damini threatens to burn the whole hospital however Kaveri stops her when the doctor leaves, Damini is furious.

Ketki is sitting with Gungun when Tulsi also believes Mohan is surely in a big problem, Gungun informs how Radha told her that a marriage is for seven years and if they both got married then Damini will be with him for seven years, Ketki replies that nothing wrong would happen.Radha reaches the house, but Rahul stops her from entering the house when Radha explains she ahs to take Gungun to the hospital, but Rahul asks so that she stops the wedding of Mohan and Damini. Radha is stunned to see the lock on the door when she questions Rahul why did he lock Ketki and Gungun inside,

Rahul replies he wants her Mohan jee to get married with Damini, Radha replies Mohan jee is fighting for his life at the hospital and if anyone can save him it is Gungun, Rahul still doesnot let go of her hand, Gungun from the balcony pleads Rahul to let her go.Radha sees the rock so exclaims she will take Gungun and if she cannot open the door with the key then would break the lock with the rock, Rahul once again pulls Radha explaining Damini was right to say she is the cause for all the problems, he blames Radha saying she is the reason behind all the incidents that happened in their house, Rahul exclaims today he is going to take revenge for all the humiliations which he suffered,

Radha however stands firm so Rahul is not able to pull her, she explains time has changed since Bihari jee is already inside her and she will protect herself, Radha bites the hand of Rahul so he let go of her, she pushes him away while once again trying to open the door. Rahul slaps Radha, causing her to fall on the floor, he asks what she thinks of herself vowing to teach her a lesson, but he sees Radha picking up the axe. Rahul is shocked as she stands up holding it in her hands, she explains if he tries to cross his limits then she will also not stay back,

if he tries to raise his hand even by mistake then she would surely kill him. Rahul asks if she has the will, he teases her to kill him when she replies today it concerns Mohan jee, she can eve n kill anyone for him. Rahul once again teases her, she swings the axe which is about to hit Rahul, he keeps dodging it when he finally vows to teach her a lesson, she hits him in the back with it causing Rahul to fall on the floor. Ketki along with Gungun and Dulari are shocked, Radha exclaims it would not be good for him if he tries to walk. Radha starts hitting the lock with the axe and is finally able to break it, Gungun rushes to hug Radha when she explains they must leave for the hospital as only she can save Mohan jee,

Ketki brings the helmet for Gungun advising Radha to return with Mohan, Radha assures leaving with Gungun.The doctor prepares to give Mohan the electric shock.Damini questions if he was not able to stop a single girl, she says everyone is right to say Rahul is useless, but she is surely going to prevent her from reaching the hospital, Radha informs Gungun she is going to increase the speed a bit, Gungun mentions they must save Mohan so she can drive as fast as possible.

Damini comes out with the guards instructing the girl should not enter the hospital, she threatens to get them fired if they make a single mistake. Radha reaches the hospital on the bike but is shocked to see Damini standing with the guards, Gungun is also worried.Damini is standing with the guards, Radha and Gungun are shocked, Radha informs Gungun that Damini is standing there to stop them from entering, Gungun asks how are they going to pass through so many guards, Radha replies that Bihari jee says they should pass all of the problems with utmost strength,

Gungun questions what does she mean when Radha explains she would know it very soon, Radha turns on the bike seeing which Damini instructs all the guards to stop her when Radha exclaims she must step aside otherwise she also doesnot know what will happen.Kadambari rushes to the doctor as he comes out of the room, the doctor apologizes explaining the poison has spread in his entire body so it is impossible to treat him, he suggests Kadambari should call the rest of the family as he must meet them for the last time,

Kadambari questions what is he saying explaining Mohan will surely get up when she calls him just once, she enters the room when Kaveri wonders where has her daughter gone after ruining it all. Kaveri rushes to see that Damini is standing with the guards while Radha rides straight towards the gate, she manages to enter the hospital and the dupatta of Damini gets stuck in the bike causing her to fall, she even breaks the bangles.

Kadambari sitting beside Mohan requests him to wake up however he doesnot respond and is just on the bed unconscious, she is crying by his side.Radha starts pulling Damini which hurts her hair but Radha doesnot stop and is just riding towards the room just s Damini threw her out of the hospital, the dupatta tears and Damini is able to breathe a sigh of relief, Kaveri wonders what has happened to her daughter. Radha is constantly riding towards the hospital room while everyone is forced to get out of the way, Radha reaches the room when Kadambari questions how did she enter,

Radha explains Mohan jee cannot listen to anyone of them but would surely listen to Gungun as he really loves her, Kadambari is relieved, Manager also comes with the guards questioning what is going on, Radha requests them to give a last chance as it is the only way left for them to save Mohan, Damini reaches the Kaveri asking what is going on, Kadambari instructs her to stop after which she explains her son is fighting for his life and only Radha has a plan which can save him, she pleads with the management to allow her.

The manager instructs the guards to take the scooty outside.Kadambari asks Mohan to see who has come, Gungun is crying when both Ajeet and Kadambari reveal his daughter has arrived. Gungun is really scared when Radha asks what has happened as there is no need to be scared so she must go and talk with her father, but Gungun is still hesitant, she finally walks over to the side of Mohan when he is still unconscious. They all notice his heartbeat is falling fast, Gungun is stunned. Mohan sees Tulsi in his dream, she is weeping when he slowly starts walking towards her,

she immediately asks if he is fine which stuns Mohan who starts crying when she hugs him. Radha calls Mohan explaining Gungun needs him so he must wake up but he still doesnot respond, Rad exclaims she is holding her hands in front of him so he must wake up, Mohan is with Tulsi who asks about him, he asks why is she asking this when she left him alone but now he has returned to her forever who was his love, Tulsi replies he cannot do it since he must go back to their Gungun.

Gungun once again asks Radha to tell Mohan to wake up, she turns to everyone requesting them to wake him up, Gungun promises she will never tease him and would also drink the milk on time but he should just wake up. Mohan mentions he thought of spending his entire life with her but ever since she left him, he has been broken emotionally so the only thing he desires is to sleep on her lap, Tulsi mentions even she saw a dream but it could not be fulfilled, she is still beside him and always stays with him even after his vow she cannot meet anyone, he must go back to Gungun. Mohan requests her to take him with her but Tulsi replies he is not alone as there is someone who is eagerly waiting for him.

The entire family is stunned when the heartbeat reaches zero, they all cry to Mohan pleading him to wake up when Ajeet rushes to call the doctor, Kadambari instructs him to hurry up, they all start weeping as he is unconscious. The doctor rushes to the side of Mohan, Radha requests him to hurry up asking what has happened to Mohan. The doctor after checking the vitals explains nothing can happen now and they were not able to save Mohan, everyone is shocked at this, Damini not being able to control herself stumbles. Kaveri requests her to control her emotions.

The entire Trivedi family is crying, Radha is also stunned while Gungun turns to look at her and she then kisses the hand of Mohan, Gungun for the first time calls him papa, Mohan explains Gungun is calling her, Tulsi replies because she needs him as she never got the love of a mother but deserves that of a father, she explains she cannot back but he still can return, she pleads with him to return. Mohan explains he needs her, they both hug each other and cry a lot. Mohan is still hugging Tulsi, she requests him to return mentioning she still cannot be with him but there is someone in that world who can fulfill his partner and whom she has chosen for her,

she is about to reveal the name of Radha when Mohan hears Gungun calling him, he exclaims Gungun called her papa, she said it for the first time. Tulsi asks him to return back to their daughter, Gungun is still calling him while being with the rest of their family, Mohan calling her back assures he is going to come back, she is constantly calling him when she exclaims, I LOVE YOU, there is a sudden change in the heartbeat which slowly starts rising leaving everyone baffled. Radha starts staring at Mohan who finally opens his eyes.

Radha asks the doctor to check as Mohan jee woke up, he quickly calls the nurse when Kadambari once again asks if everything is fine, he explains he had heard of the incidents when the intensity of love brings someone back, it is true that Bhagwan is the biggest doctor. Mohan stares at Gungun who is crying and once again kisses the hand of Mohan, Radha is also relieved while the entire family is rejoicing with happiness.

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