Radha Mohan update Sunday 23 July 2023

Radha Mohan 23 July 2023: Radha threatens today it is time to end all of her plans, Tulsi suggests Radha should go and tell everyone the truth, Radha opens the door and is glad to see Mohan walking towards her but before she can call him, Damini hits her on the head with a vase in immense frustration, Tulsi gets furious so calls Mohan but he doesn’t respond, Radha turns back holding her head in extreme pain and is really dizzy, she even tries to push Damini who manages to step back, Tulsi wonders what can she do since she cannot harm Damini even if she desires, Mohan wonders where is Radha as he cannot find her anywhere, Mohan is walking straight towards the door.

Radha falls unconscious on the floor, Tulsi immediately calls her but she is unconscious, Damini starts pulling Radha with all her might, Mohan sees her on the floor so calls Radha, Damini is really shocked.Mohan takes the name of Radha asking Gungun if she has seen her, as he has been trying to find her but cannot seem to locate her, Damini opens the door to see Gungun standing with Mohan, she asks what is the need to find her wen he is not ready to listen to her, she mentions she is not ready to listen to him and they both are going to fight for hundred years, Mohan mentions he is interested in finding her and wants to talk with her, Gungun gets excited so exclaims they both would signal the other person when they find her.Damini closing the door is glad that Mohan did not see Radha, she wonders where she can hide her. Tulsi tries her best to protect Radha however is not able to do anything because of the Kankanchaura, Damini while pulling Radha thinks she seems light but has immense strength.

Mohan knocks on the door of Damani’s room asking her to open it, she is stunned wondering what she can do since he is standing in front, she wonders where she can hide her. Tulsi manages to open the door using her powers Mohan sees Damini standing in front of him while Radha is behind the bed.Kadambari is crying sitting on the chair, Vishwanath consoles her apologizing for what he said to her under the influence of alcohol, but he would still say one thing that Damini is not the right choice for Mohan and he feels they should get Mohan married to Radha.

Damini is scared, thinking Tulsi cannot remain peaceful as she opened the door. Mohan questions if she has seen Radha when Damini replies she would out there, Tulsi requests him to find Radha otherwise Damini would kill her. Mohan asks why is she talking like this and is there something which would cause tension, Damini mentions there is nothing to be worried about as she is only tensed because they would get married today but the brides get tensed in such times, Damini notices the cloth of Radha coming out so walks towards her thinking that Tulsi will try to reveal her truth so she must stand close to her, Mohan mentions that he felt Radha wanted to talk with him so he is going to search for her outside, Damini immediately starts pushing the cloth behind the bed, Mohan is worried seeing her so asks if there is anyone there, Damini is shocked when Mohan asks if she is fine, Damini pushing him out explains everything is fine and he should also go to prepare for their wedding. She is taking Mohan out of the room.

Tulsi wonders what she can do hen se sees the lamp placed on the side of the bed, which she throws on the floor. Mohan is stunned along with Damini who is really terrified about what might happen if he finds the truth about Radha. Tulsi informs him that Radha is here. Mohan is concerned about it, he asks how did the glass fall. Damini thinks of an excuse so mentions it might be because of the wind, he says they should clean it. Damini insists on doing it herself however Mohan starts walking towards the end of the bed, Damini is really scared thinking what might happen if he finds Radha behind the bed. Mohan is picking the pieces of the glass while Radha is lying there Tulsi asks him to see that Radha is here. Damini is praying he does not see anything, Tulsi looks restlessly to find another way which she can use to signal him, Damini keeps praying while he picks the lamp placing it on the desk, Mohan sees the last piece which he kneels to pick meanwhile Damini acts as if she hurt herself, she requests if he can go outside when he asks if she got a sprain but Damini mentions the button of her blouse broke so can he help her, Mohan mentions he will send Ketki, she exclaims it is just for some hours because after that she will take all the help from him, he leaves. Tulsi requests him to not leave otherwise she will kill Radha. Damini rushes to close the door, thinking he does not know anything but it is nothing to be worried about as she will teach him, Tulsi is worried about Radha.

Gungun is also searching for Radha, but she is not able to find her anywhere.Damini walking restlessly in the room wonders what she can do, Damini hearing the knock thinks who might be at the door, she is worried if Mohan came back. Damini asks who is there, she then rushes to open the door but is relieved to see her mother standing there, Kaveri enters the room when Damini asks why she was not saying anything, Damini explains she texted her a long time ago when Kaveri mentions she went to get her paan prepared. She asks why was Damini texting her, she points towards the bed, Kaveri is shocked asking why has Damini created a mess, she is stunned walking behind the bed where she sees Radha unconscious, Kaveri smiles asking if Damini killed her, as it is a nice thing, Damini tries to explain it is nothing of the sort, Kaveri suggests they should throw her in the river or in the forest as the wild animals would eat her. Damini reveals she is just unconscious. Kaveri in frustration exclaims she cannot do anything properly, she informs she also desired to kill her but if Radha died they both would be blamed, Damini asks what about the suitcase which she bought, an in which she planned to hide the precious things of the house. Damini explains they would throw this garbage in the box. Tulsi requests Radha to wake up thinking what can they both do to her. Kaveri tries to walk but Tulsi tries to suffocate her, Damini asks what happened when Kaveri signals her to come and she is using the power of the Kankanchaura manages to free her mother, Kaveri immediately runs out of the room while Damini standing in front of the door exclaims, she would see how Tulsi protects Radha.

Gungun is still searching for Radha but not able to find her, she wonders where Radha is because papa agreed to talk with her after so many efforts, Radha must tell him the truth about Damini.Shekar sitting in the room is waiting when Mohan comes, he asks if Mohan talked with Radha who replies she is a strange girl as she was insisting on talking with him but now he cannot find her, Shekar explains she might have left the house as she could not see him get married, Mohan does not understand when Shekar replies he can see how Mohan feels for Radha and she might feel the same for him, Mohan does not understand when Shekar says she also loves him, Kadambari standing at the door questions what has gotten into him as she thought he was the friend of Mohan but then why is he trying to stop Mohan’s marriage, she leaves asking him to come as Pandit jee is calling him.
Damini is ready in the clothes of a bride thinking now she would get ready so nothing wrong can happen, Tulsi thinks of going to call someone for help, but she stays back thinking what might happen if Damini tries to harm Radha.

Ajeet assures Mr Trivedi there is nothing to be worried about as it can happen when they are drunk, Mohan is shocked to see him and asks what is he doing here, Kadambari informs that he is already ashamed of what happened earlier today and has even apologized, Gungun rushes to Mohan explaining she cannot find Radha anywhere, Kadambari think of when she asked Radha to not come downstairs if she cannot see the marriage, Gungun requests Mohan to come as they must find Radha, but Kadambari stops him explaining that she is not in the house, Kadambari reveals that everything that happened was because of Radha and so she instructed her to not attend this wedding, Gungun does not believe her explaining Radha would never go anywhere without telling her and if she has gone anywhere they must bring her back, Gungun starts requesting papa but he is stuck between his mother and daughter so kneels in front of Gungun mentioning she will listen to her, assuring he also wants Radha to return but no relation is bigger then a mother, Gungun is still worried about Radha, Mohan accepts he also loves Radha and wants her to attend his wedding but no relation is bigger than that of a mother. Mohan consoles Gungun who is really worried before leaving with Kadambari. Gungun is weeping.

Damini turns to see Radha lying unconscious so hits her feet pushing her, Tulsi is furious. Damini exclaims she would first oust Radha from this house before marrying Mohan.Pandit jee has started the rituals, he asks them to bring the bride. Gungun explains she did not know the meaning of a mother before Radha as she hs taught her everything so just as her papa said that no relation is bigger then that of a mother, she will surely find her. Mohan exclaims they both have suffered a lot together an he prays that she should have been with him in this wedding as it is really difficult for him.

Gungun finds the broken piece of glass outside the room of Damini, she thinks this is the only place which she has not seen. Gungun opening the window sees Damini standing in front of the mirror and notices Radha lying unconscious behind the bed, Gungun thinks she has to take the help of Mohan. Damini notices Gungun peeking through the window so exclaims her time has also ended and she would die with Radha.

Radha is unconscious on the floor, Gungun is worried wondering what Damini has done to Radha, Damini notices Gungun standing in the window so thinks that it is time for her to go and meet Radha, Gungun plans to call everyone as only then would she enter her room, Damini covers her face informing she would bring them if she reached down there.

Mohan is performing the rituals of the wedding sitting in the Mandap however he is really confused, thinking how Radha said he must not marry Damini if he loved Tulsi, even Gungun exclaimed she never loved Damini and can even write it a lot of times, Mohan thinks that sometimes life puts them in such a condition that they cannot judge if they are doing the right things, Mohan apologizes to Radha thinking he doesn’t know if what he is doing is right or wrong but he only knows he must get married.

Tulsi is furious to see Damini covering the face of Gungun, she warns her to not touch Gungun when Damini explains she is such a young child but even then is doing all these things, she exclaims even Bihari jee cannot stop this wedding as she would throw both Gungun and her Radha out of the house in the suitcase, Gungun tries to run out of the room after biting her hand but Damini manages to get hold of her dupatta, Gungun is scared as Damini slowly walks over to Gungun using her dupatta, she once again tries to run away but then Damini stands in front of the door, Gungun tries to call papa but Damini exclaims not him and Radha as she prefers to spend time with her so this is where she will go for the rest of her lives, Tulsi threatens Damini of severe consequences if she tries to harm Gungun.

Pandit jee exclaims that now the rituals of the wedding has ended, Kadambari kneels to Mohan asking what has happened, Mohan mentions he wants to talk with her, she asks if he wishes to talk right now, Mohan insists, he leaves the Mandap. Kadambari asks what has gotten into him at this time and will he refuse to marry Damini.

Kadambari walking with Mohan asks what happened, he explains that something wrong is happening, Mohan explains he iss doing this wedding because of Gungun but she is not present, he accepts that today is an auspicious day for Damini but he still loves Tulsi, he accepts he would always feel irritated by her name but the truth is that he is still not able to forget her and the truth is that he found meaning of life when she became his wife but when he died he lost everything including the desire to live. Mohan mentions she knows that Damini can never be like Tulsi and if someone has shown even the slightest sign it is Radha, Kadambari is stunned. Mohan explains Gungun is not present in the wedding when he is doing this all for her, Kadambari assures there is nothing to worry about as she will go and talk with her so she can attend the wedding.

Damini is slowly walking close to Gungun who while taking the step backward falls on the carpet, Damini tries reaching with her hands when Tulsi notices the Kankanchaura, she is really scared as Gungun tries to strangle Gungun however she runs after hitting her in the knee, Gungun is really worried about what she would do now, Damini questions how will she go out when the room is closed, Gungun hits her with the vs which breaks, Damini is even more furious.

Rahul exclaims Mohan will never refuse to maa and this wedding would surely happen not matter how much anyone tries to stop it, Ketki asks if he will say something else because he cannot see the truth of Damini. Rahul angrily asks why she is always talking about Radha, Ajeet furiously informs he also doesn’t want Mohan bhai to marry her, Rahul mentions they should make realistic desires even the Mandap is ready but even then they are planning for the wedding to stop. Ketki angrily walks away.

Damini tries her best to catch Gungun but she rushes out of the room, Tulsi throws some of the pebbles which causes her to fall, Damini is furious and once again tries to walk towards Gungun but she after hitting the hand of Radha hits her head against the portrait, because of which she feels dizzy and falls unconscious on the floor. Gungun gets worried. Tulsi looks to Radha with a smile mentioning if this is not the love for Gungun as she even being unconscious managed to save the life of Gungun or that can say that both the mothers saved the life of their daughter.

Kaveri is trying her best to remove the suitcase when she causes the metal container to fall, she gets scared wondering how it fell by herself, she thinks Tulsi has come here. Damini has the Kankanchaura but she doesn’t have any sort of protection, she requests Tulsi what would she get after killing this helpless and widow women so she must not do anything wrong, Kaveri slowly takes out he suitcase when the door starts moving, Kaveri once again drops it asking if Tulsi thinks she is apologizing when it is not the truth as she did not do anything wrong, Kaveri assures she doesn’t have any quarrel with Mohan, Tulsi or Gungun but even then if she thinks Kaveri is at fault then she can hit her. Kaveri closes her eyes but when she doesn’t do anything, she thinks it means that Tulsi is not here because if she was present then would not have left the chance to slap her. Kaveri steps down in excitement before running out with the suitcase.

Gungun in a state of confusion enters the room exclaiming Damini fell unconscious and Radha is right to say that bad people tend to suffer a lot, she tries her best to pull Radha however she is not able to pull her, Gungun tries her best seeing which Tulsi starts smiling. Gungun then starts praying to Bihari jee, Tulsi also helps her, but Gungun feels relieved she can pull Radha, Tulsi is smiling. Gungun thanks Bihari jee for helping her so quickly.

Kaveri prays no one see her because both Gungun and her mother do not let her do anything without creating a problem, she bumps into Ketki who looks at her asking where is she going with such a big bag, Kaveri tries to reply but Ketki mentions she would not live in the house of her daughter after she gets marriage so is leaving, Kaveri exclaims she would rule in this house, but she is just going to donate the old clothes as Damini would buy new things after which all the old things and old people would leave, she leaves. Ketki wonders since when she has gotten so sympathetic to poor people because if she had her way then would even take away the clothes which they are wearing.

Gungun tries her best to wake Radha, but she doesn’t respond, Gungun think of calling papa, Tulsi also agrees with her. Gungun however stops thinking she cannot call anyone because Radha is unconscious and if she does not wake up then how can she reveal the truth and everyone would blame her for lying, Gungun thinks Damini is unconscious so would not be able to perform the rituals with papa, she wonders what can she do, Gungun turns to look at Radha after thinking of a plan.

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