Radha Mohan update Monday 24 July 2023

Radha Mohan 24 July 2023: Gungun thinks that Damini is unconscious so would not be able to perform the rituals with papa, she wonders what can she do now, Gungun gets an idea explaining Bihari jee says if they have to lie for a good cause then it is not wrong, she runs away which worries Tulsi so she asks her where is she going.Mohan is walking when Ketki stops him explaining Maa told him the importance of this wedding, he replies if the marriage is important so she must let it happen, Ketki explains he knows that Tulsi Bhabhi was the one who had nurtured their relation and it went away when Tulsi Bhabhi died, there was nothing change but in reality they were acting as strangers, he asks what is she trying to say, she requests him to let her speaks asking if he knows who is the reason for their improving relation, Ketki explains only Radha kept telling her and Rahul that there is someone who is always ready to solve their problems before them, she mentions she saw the Rkahi on his hands when he was saving her on the bus, she ended all those quarrels that day and was ready to accept that their relation was the same as before because he used to drop her off at the school and during the first day of her collage announced that if anyone tries to harm her then he would punish her, Ketki mentions he was also concerned about Ajeet when she held a meeting with him, Ketki asks then how can she let him make a decision which he will regret in his life, Mohan mention Damini is a little stubborn but she would change after wedding and even if Gungun doesn’t like her today she would change her mind in the future, Mohan leaves explaining they should let this marriage happen as this is the best decision for them all.

Gungun staring at the photo of Tulsi asks if she is on her team and accept what she is about to do, she stands up when someone places the hand on her head, Kadambari sits down mentioning there is no need to cry and every mother is always present in the hearts of their children and is the best, she knows Gungun has never seen her mother but she would tell her that her mother loved her a lot and the way she was talking with her mother proves she also loves her a lot which no one can change in the entire life, it is now a time to give someone else a chance, just like Mohan gave her a chance otherwise she would not have been here as the Grandmother of Gungun, it is not necessary that anyone besides their biological mother can be their parents.

Kadambari explains that her father always tried to fulfill the responsibilities of both the parents but Gungun did not think that when she gets married and leaves, Mohan would be left alone. Kadambari accepts that Gungun is young, but she has to tell her these things, Gungun mentions who else would she talk besides her. Kadambari getting excited asks then would she give Damini a chance, Gungun explains that friends should be those who are always ready to help them but Damini is not like that and is really bad, Gungun suggests that Radha should be the friend of Mohan as she has all the qualities of a good friend, Kadambari replies she has said what she came here for but just wanted to say that her father desired she should attend his wedding, Kadambari asks if she would do it, she thanks her.

Kadambari staring at the photo of Tulsi exclaims Gungun is beautiful just like her, she leaves after kissing Gungun on the head, Gungun exclaims Dadi said it is impossible, but Radha told her that Bihari jee can make the impossible, to be possible and she is in her team. Gungun leaves.Kaveri is walking with the suitcase when she is stunned hearing Kadambari calling her, she asks Kaveri to bring Damini as Mohan is waiting for her in the Mandap, but then Kadambari exclaims she would send Ketki and Dulari as Damini is her daughter in law so must know that her in laws came to bring her, Kaveri quickly tries her best to walk towards the room.

Tulsi wonders where Gungun is, she notices Kaveri walking so thinks she must do something, she manages to stop Kaveri in the hall, she thinks Kaveri cannot enter the room as she might get a heart attack after seeing Damini unconscious, and she would die once again because of the happiness. Tulsi raises the suitcase throwing it, Rahul gets hit with it and he angrily asks why she hit him, Kaveri wonders how she can tell him that it flew by itself. Kaveri pulls him closer explaining that he is in their team so must not question her, Rahul questions what she has in this bag, Kaveri explains she wanted to donate some old clothes of Damini, Shekar offers to help her but she leaves assuring she would do it herself.

Gungun sits in front of Radha holding the photo of Tulsi, she exclaims papa said that no relation is stronger than that of a mother but she doesn’t have that relation while the mothers of all her friends come to drop and pick them from school, they even tend to read them bed time stories and even help them in everything, she was very sad that she did not have no one to care for her but then Radha came and she started to help her get ready for the school and would even prepare lunch for her, when Radha is by her side she feels that her mother is there, she asks if she can make Radha her mother. Tulsi starts crying when Gungun exclaims, she must not be sad that she would forget her as she will tell everyone that she has two mothers, one her and the other Radha.

Gungun requests if she can make Radha her mother, Tulsi allows her explaining that Devki Maa gave birth to Bihari jee while he was raised by Yashoda Maa, Gungun mentions she knows that Tulsi would agree with her decision and be really happy for her. Tulsi desires to touch Gungun who exclaims from now on Radha is her mother and she would make sure Radha gets married to Mohan.Mohan sitting in the Mandap is still not sure if he should marry Damini, Mohan is really tensed.Gungun sitting with the photo is smiling, Tulsi exclaims she should stop her but if this causes her to be happy then she will not interfere, Tulsi exclaims even a child gives rise to the feelings of parenthood, she vows to always stand beside Gungun in her plans and even their Bihari jee is with her.

Gungun exclaims Radha loves papa and even he has the same feelings for her so there is nothing wrong in getting them married, she worries how can she do it. Tulsi assures there is nothing to be worried about as she is always with her daughter, she mentions Gungun should go and make Radha her mother.

Gungun sitting with the photo exclaims Radha really loves papa and even he loves her but has no idea about it, she thinks they need to get them married however wonders how she will accomplish it, Tulsi assures her of help. Gungun thinks they need the bridal dress to get Radha ready, she looks towards Damini who is unconscious with the bridal dress, Gungun quickly starts removing the jewelry from Damini and stats placing it on the bed, Tulsi thinks Gungun should also remove the Kankanchaura otherwise she would not e able to even touch her, Gungun is not even able to move Damini, she wonders how will she bring the dress for Radha, Tulsi thinks Damini has a lot of dresses, Tulsi opens the wardrobe which scares Gungun, Tulsi asks her to go as Damini has a lot of the Lehenga, Gungun picks out one of the dress exclaiming Radha will look really beautiful in it. Tulsi helps Gungun as she starts moving Radha, Gungun exclaims she has a lot of strength due to the milk while Damini is heavy.

Pandit jee asks Mohan to fulfill the ritual however he is just looking at the door, Kadambari signals him to follow the directions of Pandit jee and fulfill the ritual, Mohan thinks it is difficult for him to get married and he just wanted to get married because of Gungun but she is not here and even the person who was always by his side is not present here, is he doing the right thing. Kadambari kneels explaining even she is really tensed to not see Radha and Gungun present here, she desires the entire family should be present here, Mohan exclaims even Radha nd Gungun want him to be happy, Kadambari replies but they are not able to judge of what is right and wrong, but there is nothing to be worried about as both of them are going to make Radha and Gungun understand it after the wedding has been completed.

Gungun is preparing Radha in the room, she picks out a cream which she is going to apply on Radha’s face so she is ready for the wedding, Tulsi is looking at Gungun with a smile on her face, Gungun also recalls all the moments when Radha would care for her like her own mother, she then applies the eyeliner, which Tulsi helps correct. Gungun thinks of the firs time when Radha came to paly with her doll and then was always there for her at the time of difficulty, she even jumped for her in the bore well. Gungun finally prepares Radha by making her wear the jewelry, she applies the Mehndi on her feet. Radha is still unconscious. Gungun finally applies the black tika, she doesn’t know why they do it, but Radha also does it whenever she is getting ready, Tulsi explains by doing this nothing wrong happens to the person. Gungun wonders why she is getting tears at such an auspicious, moment, she exclaims that Dadi mentioned they are the tears of happiness.

Mohan sitting in the Mandap thinks of the moments spent with Radha, how she was always there to support him, she even took out the venom from his body and was always there for him in the times of difficulty, Mohan is really worried.Tulsi is shocked to hear Kaveri running towards the house, Gungun exclaims how someone is coming, she is worried wondering what might happen if anyone finds out the truth, and they see Damini on the floor unconscious. Ketki stops Kaveri just as she is about to enter the room, she exclaims they both came here.ketki asks if they should go to bring the bride, Gungun covers the face of Radha, she exclaims I love u before covering Damini, Kaveri asks what is the worry when she herself would bring Damini downstairs, Ketki replies she has no interest and would lock Damini in the room but she came here on the instructions of Maa.

Gungun thinks Kaveri Dadi would understand that she is not Damini and so the truth would be revealed, Kaveri rushes to enter the room exclaiming she herself will bring Damini downstairs, Tulsi and Gungun are both worried, she then turns off the electricity using her powers, so Kaveri is not able to see the face of Radha, Ketki calls her, but she has locked the door.

Kaveri walks over to Damini, Tulsi is worried about what might happen if she finds out the truth, Kaveri exclaims she always desired to see her daughter in the dress of a bride, Kaveri starts hitting Damini thinking she is Damini, Gungun starts smiling explaining she should hit her even more, Kaveri kneels down to slap her but she causes the cloth to be removed from her face, which worries both Tulsi and Gungun, Ketki asks Kaveri to open the dooor.

Mohan is trying to fix the fuse when Kadambari asks what is he doing as it is not auspicious to leave the Mandap, Mohan mentions that Ajeet and Shekar would not be able to fix it, Shekar asks from where did he learn when Mohan recalls the time when he was with Tulsi and she would ask him to learn something from her, Mohan explains that Tulsi taught him, Ajeet explains Radha would have also been able to fix it, Shekar asks if she knew about it when Mohan explains that there is rarely anything which Radha doesn’t know how to do, Shekar explains this means Radha is just like Tulsi Bhabhi. Kadambari is worried.

Ketki trying her best to open the door questions Kaveri masi what she is doing in the room, Gungun is worried about what might happen if she sees the face of Damini. Tulsi is also tensed thinking Damini is still wearing the Kankanchaura due to which she cannot go near her, and Gungun must do something, Kaveri stands up thinking what does Ketki want, Gungun manages to cover the face of Damini, Tulsi prays to Bihari jee that everything should work according to their plan. Kaveri tris to remove the cloth but exclaims who would want to see her face, she goes to see the face of her daughter who is sitting dressed up, Tulsi and Gungun both are worried.

Kadambari asks Mohan to come as the auspicious time might end, she instructs Ajeet to call the electrician, but Mohan replies that it will be finished really soon, Kadambari is worried.Kaveri asks Damini why is she not saying anything when she thinks the only reason she is staying quiet is so that no one should listen to their conversation, she is amazed at the intellectual level of her daughter, Kaveri exclaims she wants to see her daughters face so Kaveri slowly goes to open the veil, seeing which both Tulsi and Gungun are tensed.

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