Aparajita zeeworld update Sunday 23 July 2023

Aparajita 23 July 2023: People are chanting against Aparajita and Mohini says I will take Akshay with me. The women try to enter her house while Aparajita tries to stop them. Akshay is about to go outside the house but Disha stops him and starts playing a song. She asks him to dance with them. Asha says please dance with us uncle. He says I have to go. Asha says please. Little Chhavi says please dance. Asha starts dancing with little Chhavi while Akshay sits there. Outside Aparajita is fighting with the women and not letting them inside the house. She pushes a woman back and she falls down. Mohini asks the women to start beating her, she won’t stop like this. They start throwing stones at Aparajita. Akshay is about to open the door but Disha brings juice for him and stops him. He says I have to go. Disha tries to stop him but he says I have to go. Outside Aparajita takes a stick and shouts at the women to stop, you can’t beat me like this. I will call the police and all of you will be taken to jail.

I have recorded you all with a camera. Mohini says where is it? Aparajita says I am calling the police right now. All get scared. The women beg with Aparajita to not call the police, a woman says she gave us money to do all this. Mohini says she is lying. The women run from there. Aparajita glares at Mohini. Inside the house Disha throws juice at Akshay stop him, he goes to change. Disha rushes to Aparajita and asks what’s going on? Bappi says Aparajita is hurt but she is scared that you will snatch her husband, I heard you saying I love you to Akshay that day. Mohini is shocked, even Disha can’t believe it. Aparajita says it was a lie. Mohini says what’s the truth then? Aparajita says I did it for humanity. Mohini says you can’t lie, you just want to break someone’s marriage, you are cheap to use humanity excuse for all this. Aparajita cries and says you think this is easy for me, I am living a double life with my kids but I am doing this to protect his life. Disha says she won’t understand, you are hurt so lets go inside. She takes her from there. Mohini says I haven’t lost so easily. They won’t celebrate anniversary at any cost.

Disha cleans up Aparajita’s wounds. She says Akshay might come soon so be quick. Disha asks if she did say ‘I love you’ to him? Aparajita says I don’t have time to explain all this right now, I have to leave before Akshay comes here. Akshay calls for Aparajita and starts searching for her. He is about to fall down but Aparajita holds him and asks if he got hurt? He says I stubbed my foot, Aparajita rushes to him and asks if he is okay? She checks his foot and asks Asha to bring ice. She puts ice on his foot and is worried for him while Disha looks on. Aparajita takes him from there. Disha thinks she is caring for a person who took everything from us.

Akshay tells Aparajita that I have been looking for you all day, its our anniversary today. Aparajita says I went to the market. Akshay acts like his heart has pain. Aparajita gets worried but he stops her and says I am in pain because you didn’t wish me anniversary. Aparajita looks away and says I left when you were sleeping. Askhay says we are here now so you can wish me. Aparajita tries to leave but Akshay stops her and says today is our anniversary, why are you acting like this? did I do any mistake? I just want you to wish anniversary? Aparajita recalls him cheating on her and then leaving her. She tries to leave but Akshay asks what did he do? Aparajita says its about years.. Akshay asks what years? Aparajita looks on.

Akshay asks Aparajita what did he do wrong? Aparajita says its about years.. he stops her and says what years? Aparajita says I mean you don’t listen to me, I told you to not go outside but you don’t listen to me. Akshay says I just wanted you to wish me an anniversary, is that so wrong to wish? he has a headache so Aparajita reaches out to him. Akshay says should I beg my wife to wish me an anniversary? you don’t care about my feelings? do you want me to beg you to wish me? Aparajita is in tears and recalls him leaving her and then the doctor telling her that she can’t give him stress. Aparajita says happy anniversary. Akshay hugs her and says you give me stress, why? just stay with me, I love you. Aparajita cries and says I will go to see Chhavi. She leaves from there. Akshay looks at the ring and says this anniversary will be memorable.

Aparajita sits alone and recalls everything. She tells the Idol that Akshay left me for Mohini and even today I am being blamed for stealing someone’s husband, what’s my fault? Disha comes there and brings her to her room with Dadi. Chhavi comes there too. She gives her water and says I will ask you directly, do you want to give rights to that man again? do you want to have a relationship with him again? Aparajita tries to leave but Disha stops her and says I want answers. Asha says don’t talk to her like that. Disha says I want clarity. She asks Aparajita if she is loving the person who took their everything? Aparajita says you are not asking me but just blaming me. Disha says isn’t it true that you are taking care of him because you have started worrying for him, you are going close to him. Aparajita asks her to stop it. Disha says I won’t, when I see you with that man I feel like you are not my mother.. you did everything to save him, when you are with him, you are not our mother but the wife who loved her husband so much 20 years ago. She cries and tells Aparajita that I love you a lot and I know how he broke your heart and I know that man will break your heart again then all this pain will stay with you. I am telling you to not do this. Aparajita shouts what should I not do? should I send him to Mohini so she can force him to remember and his brain would be damaged? she tells Dadi what should I do now? I am just trying to save his life. Dadi says I am with you, save my son and their father.

I know you are doing this with good intention. Aparajita says my relationship with him ended 20 years ago, if you think I am doing wrong then I can go and tell him. I am hurt because my own daughters are questioning my intentions. I am doing what I can do to protect his health, I will do everything I can to take care of him till he becomes fine, she cries and leaves. Disha looks on.Aparajita cries alone and recalls Disha blaming her for wanting to be with Akshay again. She falls down.Disha is angry and tells Chhavi that man has lost his memory. Chhavi says what’s wrong if Maa is loving papa? Disha says problem? once he has his memory back then he will go back to Mohini. Dadi asks them to stop fighting. Chhavi says she has hurt Maa today, her love can keep papa with us even after his memory comes back, you don’t know the power of love. Disha asks her to shut up about her love using Maa’s topic. I didn’t hurt Maa, I was concerned about her but you are the one who have hurt her the most. Asha throws water at them and says I had to stop you both. Chhavi says Disha doesn’t believe in love but papa will stay with us even after his memory comes back.

Aparajita cries and says how could Disha question my intentions? doesn’t she trust me? her alter-ego says why wouldn’t she ask you? you have changed yourself and have gone back to 20 years for that Akshay. I think you have started enjoying taking revenge from Mohini. Aparajita says I am not taking any revenge, Mohini didn’t wrong with me but Akshay did, he left me so its not about Mohini. Akshay married me and promised me but then he left me for someone else. Why would I want to get a man who left me in the first place? Her alter-ego says why are you hiding your feelings? Akshay cares for you and you seem to enjoy it. You enjoy seeing his love and concern for you. I saw how you were smiling at him seeing his concern. Aparajita cries and says I know Akshay left me but we did have good memories so I can relive those sometime but I am helping him as a human. I know I don’t have any bad intentions.. enough of this.


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