Timeless love update Sunday 23 July 2023

Timeless love 23 July 2023: Hariprasad tells Bimla that they shall not bother Dev Saheb for small things. Bimla says she will herself talk to him. She decides to meet him for Vidhi. Next day, Bimla goes to Dev’s office and asks him to talk to Vidhi about NRI guy. Bimla says Vidhi is not speaking to us about it, and that’s why all our hopes are pinned on you. Sangeeta comes and keeps the coffee. Bimla tells Dev that Vidhi has changed and talks about him and the office. She understands that it will be difficult for Vidhi to go away from office, but she will not get such alliance again. She asks Dev to make her understand to look at her future and not behind. Sangeeta hears them and thinks Vidhi’s mother seeks help from Dev Sir. Dev says I will try fully. Sangeeta goes. Bimla says she came late as Vidhi said that she will go to office late. Dev calls Vidhi and asks her to meet him after office hours, as he has some personal things to talk. She thinks if Dev sir is forced to express his feelings to me.

Dev talks to someone and comes to know about Priya working with them. He calls Satyavati and tells her that Priya’s changed behavior is due to Amba, and tells her everything. Satyavati thinks a big lie, Amba. Vidhi comes to office and tells Sangeeta that she is very happy today. She reminds her about her question that if she likes Dev. She confesses to Sangeeta that she loves Dev Sir. Sangeeta is shocked. Vidhi says I love him a lot and will express my feelings to him today. Sangeeta asks her to talk to him openly.

Satyavati confronts Amba and asks why did she involve Priya in her business. She says I always praised you behind you, but Dev knew you better. Amba says whatever she did was for Dev. She says you all were worried for Dev’s marriage so I thought to help. Satyavati says this is called interference and have broken our customs. Amba apologizes to Satyavati for hurting her sentiments.

Sangeeta comes to Vidhi and asks why you didn’t go home till now. Vidhi says Dev sir asked me to stay back for some work. Sangeeta asks really? Vidhi says yes. Dev comes to Vidhi and asks her to sit. Vidhi says I am fine. Dev says he wants to talk some personal thing with her. He says I told my mother about balghar as suggested by you. Vidhi says ok, so shall I go. Dev says no. He says I went infront of kids, and did what you said. He says you are very much younger than me, and I want you to hear my suggestion. He asks if she met NRI guy, and asks if she liked him. Vidhi says she met, but didn’t like him. Dev asks if there is any problem in him. Vidhi says no. Dev says it is your turn to accept my suggestion and asks her to agree for alliance, citing that her parents like him, and the guy is very supportive. He asks what is the reason that she is refusing for the alliance. Vidhi says you know the reason, it is your decision if that reason is right or wrong, you knows well what is in my heart, you knows that I will obey all your sayings, if you want me to marry that NRI guy then I will agree to marry him on your sayings.

She says I trust you more than myself and believes that you won’t let anything wrong happen with me. She gets teary eyes and cries. She takes out handkerchief and wipes her face. Dev notices it is his handkerchief. He says we shall go to your parents and tell them that you are ready. Vidhi says ok. She thinks you didn’t hear my feelings. Dev thinks I know what is in your heart, I will not let you ruin your life for impractical and impossible relation.
They go to Vidhi’s house. Dev asks her to tell her decision to her parents. He tells them that Vidhi is ready for marriage. Bimla hugs Vidhi. Hariprasad thanks Milapni Devi. Bimla tells Dev that only he could do this miracle. She brings sugar. Hariprasad asks Vidhi to make Dev sir have it first. Dev asks Vidhi to make her parents have it first. Vidhi makes them have it. Bimla is happy. Hariprasad prays to Milapni Devi to keep his family blessed and no trouble shall come to them.

Just then the groom and his parents come there with their luggage. Bimla asks if they are going somewhere? The groom says we are thinking to stay here, if you don’t have any problem.Akash and his parents come to Hariprasad’s house. Bimla asks if you people are goingsomewhere. Akash says no, we are thinking to stay here tonight. He says I had told Vidhi

yesterday. Vidhi says you had said that you will visit us and didn’t tell that you will stay here.Bimla stops Vidhi. Akash says it will be awkward for you that we came here, but this is the last test for Vidhi, we will stay here for 24 hours and wants to see Vidhi handling home. Hariprasad says he has no problem. Akash says we got certificate from Dev’s boss, but we need to know if
she knows housework, as househelp is difficult to get in US. Bimla welcomes them. Akash’s father asks who is he? Hariprasad says he is Vidhi’s boss, Dev Raichand. They greet Dev. Bimla tells Hariprasad, what to make, as ration is over. Hariprasad says I will bring it. Bimla says they will see, and says for now she will make pakodas. Hariprasad says Dev ji will keep them busy,but what if he goes. Dev comes there and tells that he will stay here till Vidhi’s alliance is fixed.He says Vidhi’s marriage is my responsibility. Bimla thanks him. Hariprasad asks what about your clothes? Dev says he will manage.

Dev calls Arjun and asks him to bring his laptop from his desk to Vidhi’s house. Arjun asks you are in Vidhi’s house. Dev says I will ask Sangeeta as I want clothes from house. Arjun asks if you are going somewhere. Dev says suddenly groom’s family came here and everyone is stressed. He looks at Vidhi while talking to Arjun and ends the call. He says hi to Vidhi. Vidhi asks what? Dev says Arjun told hi. Vidhi thinks my heart talk doesn’t reach you. She asks what you would like to have? Dev says Bhindi Masala, Akash said that he liked it. Vidhi says ok and goes. Dev thinks sometimes it is better for us, what we don’t like.Akash’s father tells that they have the ritual to give gift to the girl. Akash gives a gift to Vidhi.Hariprasad says we didn’t make any arrangements. Bimla says she has bought a shirt for Akash and asks him to try it.

Akash looks at the shirt and asks Hariprasad if the shirt can get
exchanged? Hariprasad says yes. Vidhi thinks he doesn’t have manners, and thinks Dev had worn the shirt given by her. Satyavati tells Arjun that Dev couldn’t get sleep at other place, other than his room. Arjun says I hope Dev’s sacrifice gets fruitful. Vidhi tells Dev that she don’t like
anyone else except him. She tells that Akash doesn’t have any manners, and he has failed in her test. Dev coughs and drinks water. He thinks Vidhi shall like Akash, I shall do something.

Satyavati says I am happy that Dev is helping vidhi, she is a good girl. Priya comes home.Satyavati says she needs to talk to her. Priya asks Arjun about his parents. He says all good.Hariprasad says we will get the ring made for you, and asks Akash to come to the jeweler with him. Akash says if the alliance don’t get fixed later then. Hariprasad says we will get the ring made from the jeweller, where I work. He says it will not be good if you don’t like it. Akash says he likes to do planning before hand. Dev insists to talk to Akash. They go to side. Dev says it seems you are very stressed about preparation. He says it is marriage and not a project, for which you need to make a logistic report and asks him to know Vidhi. Akash says he doesn’t know.

Dev says Vidhi likes pani puri. Akash says we have generation gap, but marriage happens with relation, and not with relatives. Akash says it doesn’t look like Vidhi is in a big company and at an important post, and her boss is helping her for her marriage. Dev asks what does he mean?Akash says he means that Vidhi is ordinary looking, perfect for bahu, but not professionally. He says Vidhi is over straight. Dev thinks you are over smart and thinks you are making fun of Vidhi behind her, it is not giving me good image of yours.Vidhi tells Akash that she will come with him, but don’t like it. Akash says someone said that you like it. Vidhi says she used to have it, but someone had bad stomach after having it so I thought not to eat it for a year. She says she will come with him and asks him to eat it. He says he don’t like street food. Dev hears them and asks them to go. Akash says he will do a small test here. Dev says again a test.

Satyavati tells Priya that she is shocked with Amba’s lie for her, and says she doesn’t had any hopes of honesty from her. Priya says if you would have known me, then would have understand that I was happy as someone was genuinely valuing me. She says when you come to know about it then. Satyavati asks her to leave the company. Chitra calls satyavati and informs that Amba has
gone missing. She says Police will not file the case before 24 hours.

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