Radha Mohan update Saturday 22 July 2023

Radha Mohan 22 July 2023: Kadambari asks if Radha is doing this all because she is worried for Mohan but what if their Mohan is not able to stay alive, Radha gets tensed asking what is she saying, Tulsi is also worried when Kadambari recalls the threats that Damini gave her, about what might happen to Mohan if she is not married to him, Kadambari holds her hands in front of Radha requesting her to let this marriage happen, Radha asks what is she doing. Kadambari replies if she insists on stopping this marriage then it would not be good for Gungun or Mohan. She fears they would lose him. Kadambari suggests she should not come downstairs if she cannot watch it but must not come down to try and stop it, Radha asks what the reason is she is worried and if there is any problem she can share it with her, they both would try to solve it. Kadambari explains she has immense respect for her after what she has done for her family, but it doesn’t mean she should tell her everything about their family Kadambari leaves explaining she is worried she might lose her son to her desire to stop this marriage.

Tulsi wonders what Damini has said to her that she is ready to forget thousands of her mistakes and is ready to get her married to Mohan. Radha lowly walks out of the room while Tulsi is tensed.Mohan wonders what Radha was trying to say to him since she is not that worried and why Maa has caused so much tenon, he is sitting wonders if the truth is not relating to this wedding Radha is walking when Gungun asks if she told the truth to Dadi and Damini would not get married to Mohan.

Damini comes with Kaveri exclaiming she would surely get married to her father and that too at the auspicious time, Damini mentions she must go and get ready, Kaveri wonders how can it happen when Radha caused the wedding to be delayed but now they have to get ready once again, Damini replies she has been waiting for years to be his wife so is ready, she asks if they should leave, Damini and Kaveri both walk away.Gungun exclaims Dadi did not listen so there is no way besides to talk with papa, she tries to take Radha to his room, but she instead enters her room thinking about what Kadambari said to her that she might lose her son if Radha insists on revealing the truth.

Gungun coming asks why are they not going into his room, Radha exclaims she cannot go so sits down on the floor crying, Gungun asks the reason she is crying when Radha reveals she cannot do anything to stop this marriage as she has been ordered by Kadambari, Gungun asks the reason when Radha explains they should let this marriage happen, Radha reveals she cannot go against the elders when Gungun explains she herself taught her that one time Yashoda maa stopped Bihari jee from going but he even then went so protected a lot of people from the black snake. Gungun once again tries to pull her however Radha crying exclaims, she cannot do anything, Gungun mentions it is not fair as she has also given up so Gungun vows to go and request Bihari jee.

Radha iss crying when Tulsi explains it is not the time to lose hope and she must go and tell Mohan the truth about her feelings. Tulsi vows to tell Radha the truth about Damini.Mohan wonders what is the reason there is so much drama and Radha made such a mistake, someone touches Mohan and he is shocked to see Shekar standing there, Mohan explains he came after such a long time when Shekar replies e was in Delhi for a case but knows everything that happened as he talked with Ajeet, Shekar suggests Mohan should marry Radha because she cares for him and even loves Gungun. Mohan replies it is not right, Kadambari also explains that it is not suitable that Shekar being his best friend is giving such an advice, Mohan replies he was just joking.

Kadambari comes to Mohan who asks if she talked with Radha, Kadambari replies that she was a bit worried about Gungun, Mohan tries to go and talk with her, but Kadambari stops assuring she has handled the situation, she mentions Mohan should just worry about his wedding today and needs to take just a single name, she leaves explaining she would come back at the suitable time to take him to the Mandap.

Radha crying in the room wonders why Kadambari said she might risk the life of Mohan if she stops the wedding, Tulsi is sure that Damini might have been blackmailing maa, she decides to go and check in her room.Gungun is praying in the Mandir to Bihari jee that he is the most powerful so knows everything, she prays that he must help her stop this marriage as now even Radha has refused to do anything.Tulsi reaches the room where she thrashes the entire belongings to find the proof against Damini meanwhile Gungun is praying in the Mandir, Tulsi sees the news and is furious thinking these are the things which Damini is using to blackmail Maa.

Radha is in the room when she is shocked to witness a sudden gust of wind, the belongings start to fall so Radha asks who is here and if she is the same person who she feels around her, the newspaper enter through the window, Radha is shocked to see them and starts reading the headlines, she picks them up reading that Mohan Trivedi killed his fiance Damini because of Radha, Tulsi exclaims that this is the reason because of which Maa is scared of Damini. Radha realizes that Damini is threatening Kadambari that if she doesn’t get married to Mohan then she would take her life and blame Mohan. Radha exclaims Kadambari also got stuck in the trap of Damini as she can never take her life, but why is she not understanding what Damini is capable off after she gets married as she would surely never leave him even if Kadambari tries her best.

Tulsi exclaims Radha should not agree to the desires of Damini like Maa who was forced to by her love for Mohan, Radha picks up all the papers thinking that Gungun is right as they have to sometimes go against the elders for the right cause and now that she has so many proofs, she would never let this marriage happen.Damini getting ready in her room thinks now it is the time to become the wife of Mohan, she is shocked to see Radha standing so asks what is the new drama which she came to create, Radha angrily replies she has come to end the games as it is time for her to pay for the crimes which she has committed. Damini threatens Radha would not be able to catch her so she must go and perform the pooja as she would surely get married to Mohan. Radha replies that she does not have to do anything, but her marriage will surely break and that too because of the proof which she has against her. Damini replies to Radha does not have any proof when she takes out the newspapers. Damini is stunned.

Damini getting tensed asks what is the proof which she is talking about, she is sure there is not any proof against her, Radha reveals the newspaper seeing which Damini think that she used them to threaten Kadambari, Radha starts reading the headlines that Damini did not commit suicide but he was murdered as Mohan who was blamed for killing his wife has also caused the death of his fiance Damini and he even took her life for the sake of his new lover Radha, so how many people would die for him. Damini asks what she is talking, Radha replies she understood why Kadambari is agreeing to her and she is trying to get them both married, why is she always tensed around her and why did she say if Damini does not get married to Mohan then they might lost him, because she is threatening him, Damini recalls when she vowed to die in the Mandap. Radha reveals she knew Mohan is her weakness which she used advantage off, Radha explains relations are not made by force but how can Damini understand it, Radha vows to not let get married to Mohan after finding out the truth

Mohan in the room is walking, he is really worried thinking about how Radha requested him to at least listen to her for once and was even adamant to sit outside until he agrees to listen, he wonders if he should go and talk to Radha secretly.Damini kneels in front of Radha requesting her to not go and tell anyone, she explains she did this all because she loves Mohan and everything is fair, she promises to show she can be the nice wife of Mohan. Radha pulls away explaining this is where she is wrong because they do not marry a single person but the entire family, can she be the suitable mother to the Gungun whom she tried to kill, would she be the nice daughter in law to the woman whom she threatened and be able to live with Vishwanath Trivedi when she tried to make him an alcoholic while she even created differences between two brothers, as she blamed everything associated with Hriday jee on Rahul. Radha asks what relation she can uphold, Radha mentions that one gets what he himself does, Damini has always planted thorns os how can she think of getting anything good in return. Radha mentions she even tried to take the life of Mohan in the hospital with the help of Parthap, so she is disgusted.

Damini holds her hand apologizing to Radha explaining she just did it all for Mohan and vows to change after getting married, Damini is staring at the newspaper with anger in her eyes, she tries her best to snatch them which worries Tulsi, Radha pulls them away warning her to not try and be over smart as she is not the same Radha who would accept her fake actions but she is aware of her truth and now the entire family would also realize the truth, she exclaims Damini must remove the clothes of the bride as she can no longer be the brief. Radha leaves.

Gungun exclaims that Radha should be the wife of papa and not Damini but even Radha has stopped fighting so she is alone, Gungun sees the book in the mandir, so exclaims Bihari je is best friends with Arjun and fought in Mahabharat but he refused to fight against his family however Bihari jee gave him some strength, she promises to also not stop standing beside Radha as Damini and Kaveri masi both are evil, she goes to promise Bihari jee that she would not let Damini get married to her papa but ill make her Yashoda maa the permanent mother.

Radha opens the door to walk out but Damini holds her from behind by the hair asking why she in such a hurry is to leave explaining she would even walk over death for Mohan, Tulsi wonders how can she help Radha as she cannot harm Damini because of the Kankanchaura, Radha is hurt after falling on the floor.

Ketki walking with Ajeet is worried about this wedding, she doesn’t understand why Maa is siding with Damini, Ajeet prays to Bihari jee that he is the only one who can sort the matter.Damini walking over to Radha explains she finally realized her mistake, as why her men were not able to kill Radha because the death of Radha was written in her hands, she points a gun at Radha who getting cared requests her to not do it. Damini in anger fires the bullet.

Mohan in the room feels worried about Radha so is about to when Shekar explains he is about to get married to Damini, Mohan asks if he heard about the noise of the bullet when Shekar replies these are the noises of firecrackers, Shekar asks him to say it clearly if he wants to marry Radha, Shekar prays to Bhagwan to say something as Mohan himself would never accept he loves Radha.

Damini is shocked seeing the tray in between Radha and Damini as they caused the bullet to stop, Radha is really worried when Damini assure that Tulsi would have saved her, Radha getting scared asks who is the person who helped her, Damini thinks Tulsi always comes to ruin her plan hut she can no longer protect Radha, Damini once again prepares to fire when Radha uses the tray took hit her hand causing the gun to fall under the wardrove, Gungun hears the screams standing outside the door.

Radha tries to run away when Damini holds her back trying her best to get the newspapers, Gungun tries to open the door but thinks that both Damini and Kaveri Dadi would make fun of her, Radha hits the feet of Damini when she tries to slap Radha who twists her explaining she was born in the village and has had the pure diet so she must never think of harming her.

Shekar asks Mohan if he wants the auspicious time to pass once again when Mohan questions what he would take to stop this madness, Mohan mentions he is worried about Radha because she was trying to say something to him ever since she came back so he feels there is time and he can come back after taking to her, Shekar questions if he has gotten mad since Kadambari aunt would surely kill them both. Mohan leaves requesting him to handle the situation.

Gungun secretly enters the Mandap thinking she would take away the Mangal Sutur and Sindoor as she saw in the movies that a wedding cannot be completed without it, she vows to hide them both.

Radha slaps Damini who falls on the bed, exclaiming she is going to reveal the entire truth about Damini in front of everyone and put an end to her plans, Radha opens the door to see Mohan walking towards her, she exclaims that she would tell him the truth about Damini with the proof. Damini standing behind Radha is really tensed; she hits her in the head with a vase due to which Radha screams. Mohan sees Radha and is shocked.

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