My desire update Wednesday 3 January 2024

My desire 3 January 2024: Arjun returns and informs Nayantara that he couldn’t arrange AB negative blood for Kashvi as its a rare blood group. Nayan says she knows where to get blood from and leaves hospital. Samrat feels upset with Nayan’s behavior and says he will not spare her. His inner self emerges and says he should forget her as she is Nayan Sabharwal now and not Nayan Samrat Chaudhry. Sam says he hates her. Inner self says he is jealous that he can’t get Nayan back and wants her back in his life. Sam says he doesn’t. Inner self says he still loves Nayan. Sam angrily breaks glass saying he doesn’t.

Nayan forcefully walks into Samrat’s house. Samrat asks her to get out of his house. Kashvi says she wants something from him. Sam says she would ask money or something precious. Nayan says Kashvi lost blood and needs blood transfusion, so she wants him to donate blood for Kashvi. Samrat refuses. She says she can do anything. Samrat asks her to clean the floor. She does. He then spoils dining table and asks her to set it back. Nayan does and says let’s go now. Sam asks her to clean his shoes and tie the laces.

Nayan shouts what rubbish is this. Sam says she was neither a good wife and now nor a good mother, let her daughter die. Nayan cleans his shoes. Sam tries to leave. Nayan says he promised to donate blood, Kashvi will lose life.

Sam refuses to help her and says his daughter will suffer for her sins, her daughter is a person’s blood whom she left him for; he would never donate blood to someone else’s daughter. Nayan says Kashvi is his daughter. Sam is shocked to hear that and asks if she is lying.

Nayan describes how she found out that she was pregnant when she left Delhi, how Satish Sabharwal met her and gave her Mahima’s responsibility and passed away, and how she lied that Kashvi is Satish’s daughter to not let her being called illegitimate. Sam asks why didn’t she return to him, they all 3 would have lived happily together. Nayan says Mansi would have killed Kashvi and blames Samrat for not giving his wealth to Mansi and let her kill her parents and risking her other family members. She warns him to not reveal anyone that Kashvi is his daughter and says when she can become someone’s widow to save Kashvi, she can do anything for her daughter.She continues to justify her act and pleads Samrat to save her daughter. Samrat hugs her and says Kashvi is also his daughter and he will save her. They head towards the hospital.

Arjun asks Kashvi to wake up and describes how much he likes her and can’t live without her. He thinks he realized today how much important she is to him, etc. Samrat walks in with Nayan. Arjun shouts why did he come here even after his warning. Nayan says she brought Samrat here as Samrat and Nayan’s blood group matches. Arjun asks how does she know. Nayan says she will tell him later. Arjun continues to yell at Sam and goes to bring doctor. Samrat donates blood while Nayan holds his hand. Sam recalls all the incidents when he met Kashvi. Serial’s title track plays in the background.


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