Imlie starlife update Wednesday 3 January 2024

Imlie 3 January 2024: Atharva boasts in front of Imlie that he did a marvelous acting in front of Devika and Shivani. Imlie says he was accusing her instead with his lame acting. Their argument starts. Security guard stops them and says there is no CCTV footage of wedding day. Imlie asks what about Atharva’s accident day. He recalls Anu bribing him to delete the pic and says even that is missing. Atharva sends watchman out and asks why she wants his accident day footage. Imlie says to prove that Dhairya was at home that day and wasn’t behind Atharva’s accident. Atharva says he showed her Dhairya’s locket found at the accident venue and proved Dhairya’s involvement.

Imlie says doesn’t he doubt seeing both his accident day and wedding day footages missing. He continues to argue. She asks him to follow her.

Chini continues to panic and calls Anu to find out when she is coming back. Imlie and Atharva reach Anu’s house and watch her hiding. Anu tells Chini that she is Chaturvedi and not Rana to stay at Rana house forever and continues to chat. Chini hears a sound outside her room and checks but finds nothing. Atharva and Chini’s nok jhok continues. Chini calls Atharva to find out where he is. Atharva phone rings. He falls on Imlie nervously. Anu goes to check. Servant informs her that he had kept his mobile while work and came to pick it back. Anu yells at servant. Atharva relaxes hearing that. Imlie asks Atharva to keep his phone in a silent mode. They get into Anu’s room and search for a clue. Imlie finds wedding day footage envelope under Anu’s bed and shows it to Atharva. Atharva says it can be Anu or her daughter’s wedding clip and argues. Imlie says she is sure it’s his wedding day clip.

Chini messages Arto. Kairi bumps on her busy over her ph one. Chini asks if she is hurt and says she shouldn’t be on phone while walking. She asks about Atharva. Kairi says both Atharva and Imlie have gone out. Her phone falls down. Chini is shocked to see Atharva and Imlie’s close photo. Kairi says they are friends again now. Anu hears a sound and walks towards her room. Atharva finds his accident day footage envelope. Imlie says now she proved her point that Chini can be behind Dhairya’s murder. They walk out of room. Anu catches them and asks Atharva if Chi baby knows that he is with Imlie. Imlie says she has more important question for her, what are these footages doing in her house. Anu yells she stole her footage and tries to snatch it. Imlie says its proved that Chini is behind Dhairya’s murder. Anu says she can’t prove it. Atharva says its true then. Anu says she will call police. Imlie says she herself will call police and give this evidence to them. Anu fails to stop them and calls thinks she should inform Chi baby about it.

Imlie plays footage while returning home and notices Imlie with Dhairya on terrace. Atharva says Imlie lied that she wasn’t on terrace. Chini gathers family and shows photos to them. She yells that until Imlie is there, nothing can be right in her life. Keya backs her. Imlie and Atharva return home. Devika yells at Imlie for trying to lure Atharva again and ruin Chini’s life and tries to slap her. Atharva holds her hand and says it’s not Imlie’s mistake. Devika shows him pics. Atharva says he will talk about it later and let him speak to Chini first. He takes Chini to a room. Chini says she is in deep pain seeing him with Imlie. Atharva says even he is and thinks she is hiding something from him. Chini gets tensed.


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