Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 3 January 2024

Faltu 3 January 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu worrying about Charan’s reaction. Sumitra comes and asks her to have food. She says you have fought a big battle today, if you don’t eat then you will get unwell. She acts sweet. Ayaan packs his bags. He says when we decided to get separated, then it won’t be good to stay in the same room, I will shift to guest room, Faltu won’t feel awkward. Tanisha says I will go to other room. He says no, I will adjust for some days. She says I have cancelled the sessions by telling the counsellor, our marriage broke, will you break our friendship, you didn’t forgive me till now, you are hurt.

He says it was a long day, take rest. She stops him. Sumitra says the family don’t care for you, they have become enemies, I can’t see injustice happening, you are the eldest bahu, Ayaan’s love, Sid told me everything, Sid loves Ayaan a lot, so he exposed the truth, have food now. Tanu says lawyer will get the divorce papers, don’t get late. Ayaan says yes. Savita comes. Tanu calms her down and says divorce will happen tomorrow.

Sumitra says we will go shopping tomorrow, Savita insulted you a lot, you will come with me, that’s all. Faltu asks what wrong did she say, I can’t get equal to you, we have no match. Sumitra says I will get you a makeover and teach you English also, then I will see we have no match. She thinks I will help you marry Ayaan, then Sid’s dreams will get fulfilled. Savita scolds Ayaan. She says Janardhan started drinking in shock, you don’t care your mum and dad live or die. Tanu asks Ayaan to talk to Janardhan. Ayaan says my family has become my enemy, I will not lose. Tanu thinks this battle will be very tough for you. Sid comes and says you did good to get food for Faltu. He gives some money to Faltu.

He says it will help you. Faltu says I don’t want your money. Sid says all this belongs to you. She says I will play cricket match and earn money. Sumitra says she has self esteem, so Ayaan loves her. She says tell me if you need anything, take rest. She goes with Sid. Faltu says I can never trust them. Sid says Faltu will know we are with her. Sumitra says Ayaan has to marry Faltu, else how will Tanu marry you, don’t ignore Ayaan. She asks about Savita and Janardhan’s conversation. She says there is something about Ayaan’s birthdate or kundali, we have to find out, it will be an interesting thing. He says fine, I will get Janardhan’s cupboard, get the kundali, then we will see the matter. He goes. She says Savita rules everything in the house, Ayaan has loved Faltu more than business and broke Tanu’s heart, Sid loves this family more than Ayaan, I feel your time is over and my rule will begin.

Its morning, Faltu sees Kumkum and Dadi struggling in the kitchen. Kumkum drops the tea cup. Sumitra asks her to be careful. Govind asks are you fine, be careful. Faltu asks are you okay, I will help. Dadi says you let it be. Faltu asks what’s the matter, let me cook food until you find a new cook, Kumkum is unwell, still she is working, I will massage her back. Govind says if Janardhan and Savita knows about Faltu, they will get angry, I will order the food. Faltu says its okay, it’s a matter of one day. Savita says I can’t tolerate it for a second, get out of here. She scolds Faltu a lot and sends her. Ayaan comes and sees Faltu crying. He stops Faltu. He defends Faltu. Savita says amazing, Faltu taught you to back answer your mum, you don’t care for anyone except her. She asks Faltu what black magic did she do. She says Ayaan will make us out of the house. Faltu says its your house.

Savita says thanks for reminding it, we didn’t know it. She curses Faltu. Dadi stops her. Tanisha comes and says don’t get so harsh on Ayaan, his happiness matters a lot to you, think about me, what I went through when he left the room, I agreed for the sake of his happiness, you also agree, lawyer will come now. Sid says he is on the way. Savita insults Faltu.


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