My desire update Tuesday 2 January 2024

My desire 2 January 2024: Samrat tells Nayan that he will give her so much pain that she won’t forget him forever. Kashvi noticing Samrat misbehaving with her mother knocks door glass and breaks it injuring her hand severely. Arjun reaches her and is shocked to see her condition. Samrat and Nayan also notice her and rush out of library. Kashvi asks Nayan if she is fine and collapses. Sam says they should rush her to hospital.

Arjun warns her to dare not touch Kashvi as her condition is because of him. Samrat says they can argue later and take Kashvi to hospital in his car. Arjun refuses, but Nayan convinces him. They reach hospital. Doctor takes Kashvi to treatment room. Arjun holds Sam’s collar and shouts how dare he is to touch Nayan and shouts that Kashvi’s condition is because of him. He questions his and Nayan’s relationship. Samrat pushes him away and says that is none of his business, he is sparing him as he is Kashvi’s friend.

Arjun says Kashvi and Nayan are his family, but Sam is no one and hence should stay away from them. Sam leaves.

Arjun asks Nayan if she knows Sam from before or else he wouldn’t dare to cross his limits. Nayan says she knows Sam from before and there are some difference between them, she can’t reveal everything to him and he shouldn’t inform about it to anyone. Doctor comes out and informs that Kashvi lost lots of blood and needs blood transfusion, its a rare AB negative group blood and she should arrange it from somewhere.

Mahima wears a short dress and messages Pradyuman to reach a club for party. She wears a kurti over her dress and is about to leave when Nitya walks in and says she came to meet her. Mahima thinks shy she came at this time. Nitya informs her about jaago prewedding ritual where a bride has to beat a thali for whole night and asks her to be ready for that. Mahima agrees and says she will inform Nayan. Nitya says she herself will inform Nayan and leaves.

Mahima reaches club and describes her friends how she threw the kurta she wore over her skimpy dress. Friends thinks she is crazy. Pradyuman reaches there. Mahima notices him and tells her friend how much Arjun is mad in her love and gifted her a diamond ring for engagement. She then acts as noticing Pradyuman. Pradyuman asks why did she call him. She says she came here to celbrate bachelor’s party with her friend and called him as he wants to talk to her. Pradyuman asks if she sure that she wants to marry Arjun. Kashvi invites him for a dance and tells him that Arjun is sorted out and doesn’t need anyone’s permission to express his love or marry her. Pradyuman presents her a much bigger diamond and asks her not to marry Arjun. Mahima thinks she will not accept it until he agrees to marry her and rejects it. She continues to dance sensuously with him to lure him.

Nitya calls Nayan and tells her that she visited her house and informed Mahima about jaago ritual. Nayan says she is in a hospital as Kashvi is severely injured and needs blood. Nitya asks her to call her if she needs help. Nayan says she will if need be. Arjun returns and informs that he couldn’t arrange AB negative blood as its very rare.

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