My desire update Tuesday 15 August 2023

My desire 15 August 2023: Nayan is shocked to know that the irritating man is rocktar Samrat. Samrat says he is a famous rockstar Samrat and asks if she is one of his fan. She says she hates his face and knows who he is. He asks what. She shows his hankie she found in ladies washroom and says he is the one who had barged into ladies washroom. She describes how she and her family suffered loss because of him and asks how will she pay rent now. He shuts her mouth, asks her to stop her bak bak, and asks how did hotel staff let her in. She says she is the one who massaged him. He thinks she is the one who broke his back, says her feet are beautiful but her face.. She asks what happened to her face. He murmurs is not beautiful. She says let her go. He offers her massage fees and says he knows girls like her run behind money.

She says its her hard-earned money and she will not fall for his provoking words and walks away with money. He hopes he doesn’t meet an arrogant like her in life again.Ishani shows her dance to Samrat and asks if its good. He says its good, but he can’t hire her as his company is based in London and they hire only locals as per policy. Ishani feels sad. Nayan returns home and offers 15000 rs to Malati. Malati feels happy and says they still need 15000 rs more to pay rent. Ishani walks in and offers her 15000 rs. Malati asks how did she get it. Ishani says she taught dance to a few students. Malati says she will go and pay Mr Tiwari’s rent. Paati praises her granddaughters. Ishani says she is Malati’s daughter. Nayan takes Ishani aside and asks why did she lie that she got money from her dance workshop. Ishani says she stole Mr Bose’s phone. Nayan asks if she got selected in Samrat’s troupe. Ishani says no as they hire only locals. Nayan cheers her up and says she will find a better job soon.

Aliya’s friend Kiara comes to meet her. Aliya introduces her to Samrat and Mohit and says informs that they came here for Kiara’s wedding. Kiara insists them all to shift to her farm house as her wedding is at farm house. Malati also gets wedding invitation from Kiara’s mother. She informs Ishani and Nayan that they need to attend wedding for sure and asks them not to reveal anyone at the farm house that they are sisters as she wants to introduce Nayan to a boy’s family and doesn’t them to reject her again seeing Ishani. Family gets emotional. Paati cheers them up.

Aliya, Samrat, and Mohit reach Kiara’s farmhouse. Kiara introduces them to her parents and asks servants to shift their bags to their rooms. She requests Aliya to convince Samrat to perform during her wedding. Aliya hesitates, but agrees on her insistence. Malati with her daughters reaches farm house next and suggests Nayan to correct her make up on regular intervals and make sure she looks good. Kiara’s mother feels happy seeing Malati and introduces her to her guests. Samrat lazes around when Kiara’s mother asks him to handover an envelope to her husband. Samrat fumes, but Mohit calks him down. Mother next gives him flowers to handover to Panditji followed by other things. Samrat gets angry, but calms down on Mohit’s advice. He then carries a color thali, clashes with Nayan again, and drops color on her. Dil Sambhal Ja plays in the background. They get angry seeing each other.

Nayan and Samrat’s nok jhok continues. She asks him why is he following her. He says he should question her same, she is following he from airport and should agree that she is his big fan like many, he can spend time with her on Saturday as he is booked from Monday to Sunday, she can massage him and then get intimate with him. Nayan shouts he is disgusting and vents out her anger on him. Malati tells her friend that Nayan is a reserved and silent girl. Friend watches Nayan shouting at Samrat and asks if she really thinks so. Maalti says something must have happened for sure and walks to Nayan. Nayan says he is troubling her since yesterday. Malati says let her speak and takes Nayan away. Samrat thinks this girl is really mad.

Ishani searches for Nayan and bumps on Aliya. Aliya asks if she is the one who wanted to join Sam’s troupe. Ishani says yes. Mohit joins her and asks what is she doing here. Ishani says she came here to attend a wedding with her sister-like friend. Kiara’s mother calls everyone to attend Kiara’s haldi ritual. They disperse. Malati informs Nayan that she has selected a few boys for her and requests her to meet them once. Nayan hesitantly agrees. Many weird-behaving boys meet her, and she feels irritated with them all. Samrat continues to hunt for girls and traps one. He gives his room access card to her to visit him tonight. Nayan confronts Malati for selecting such boys for her. Malati requests her to meet some more and goes to call them. Nayan calls Paati and informs what Malati is doing. Daadi says she will come there and control Malati. She takes Chintu along.

Aliya takes Samrat aside and requests him to sing at Kiara’s wedding. Samrat refuses and says Mohit will find some other celebrity. Aliya insists and says her friend wants only him to perform, its even her wish and he knows what she will do if her wish is not fulfilled. Samrat agrees her for her sake. Aliya informs Kiara that Samrat agreed. Samrat’s team girls start dancing, one of them named Ayesha twists her foot and falls down. Nayan attends Ayesha and treats her. Ishani says she can replace Ayesha. Samrat says watching dance and performing are 2 different things, he won’t hire any random dancer. Mohit says Ishani is a good dancer.

Kiara says there is no other option than hiring Ishani. Samrat agrees. Nayan assures Ayesha that she will give her medicine and perform her physio sessions daily. Kaira’s mother insists her to stay back till the wedding finishes and convinces even Malati and Ishani. At night, Nayan walks towards her room when she clashes with Samrat’s girl and exchanges her room access card by mistake. She enters room finds Samrat lying without clothes on bed.

Nayantara enters room and is shocked to see Samrat lying on a bed in just his briefs, holding a rose in his mouth. Samrat is also shocked and asks what is she doing in his room when she was bragging that she wouldn’t see him even if he is a last man on earth, asks if she is jealous of the girl he convinced and came in instead of her. Nayan shows room access card and says its her room. Samrat shows his card and says she is in his room instead. Nayan recalls exchanging card by mistake. Samrat asks what she wants to say now. Nayan says she by mistake came here after exchanging her card with a girl by mistake. He pins her to a wall and says she spoilt his evening, so he wouldn’t let her go without getting intimate with her and tries to kiss her. She pushes him away and slaps him. He shouts how dare she is to slap him and tries to slap her back. She holds his hand and warns him to dare not touch her, she is not like his flirty girls and asks if he ever tries to hit her, she will file a harassment case against him. He says she is barging into his private space repeatedly, he will file a tresspassing case against her and would get a restraining order against her. their argument continues. He warns her to get out. She walks away.

Paati and Chini join Malati in resort. Kiara’s mother thanks them for coming and goes to attend other guests. Malait asks Paati why did she come here when she refused to accompany them. Paati says Nayan had called her and complained against Malati. Malati asks what did she too. Paati says how can be at home when her family is here, she came here to meet her rockstar Samrat. Malati jokes that she is Samrat’s most oldest fan. Paati wears goggles and says she looks younger than Ishani. Nayan passes by. Paati asks if she is looking beautiful, will Samrat like her. Nayan angrily warns her not to take Samrat’s name again in front of her.

Paati asks what did Samrat do Samrat asks Mohit to get a restraining order for Nayantara. Mohit asks reason. Samrat says she barged into his room and spoilt his date with girl. Mohit asks him to relax as they can’t get restraining orders just like that and need to involve police, his fan and Revati will find out that he is in India. Samrat continues showing his frustration. Mohit offers him alcohol and asks him to relax. Aliya walks in and asks why is Sam drinking and reminds he needs to perform during Aliya’s wedding. Sam says he never compromises with his performance. After some time, Ishani walks towards washroom hurriedly to clean her haldi-smeared hands. She clashes with Mohit. Their eyes lock. Kinna Sona Tenu Rab Ne Banaya.. song plays in the background. Ishani apologizes him for spoiling his kurta. He acts and says he has only 1 kurta. She says he should be happy instead as she decorated his plain and dull kurta with her handprints and whenever she leaves her prints on someone’s heart, its impossible to remove them. Mohit leaves smiling.

Next morning, Aliya wakes up Mohit and notices haldi imprints on his kurta. Mohit recalls Ishani’s lively nature and smiles. Aliya expresses her love for him and asks if Samrat is awake as he needs to practice for mehandi and sangeet ceremony. Mohit rushes to Samrat and wakes him up. Samrat informs that he got a hoarse voice as he was drinking whiskey with ice whole night. Mohit asks how will he perform now. Samrat says he will lip sync for the background songs and asks him to make arrangements for that. Ishani feels happy thinking she would be performing in Samrat’s team. Paati joins her and even she expresses her excitement. Nayan asks them not to exaggerate Sam to much as he is just an ordinary and irritating man. Ishani gets ready and rushes to Sam’s troupe. Mohit falls for her beauty. Kinna Sona Tenu Rab Ne Banaya.. song plays in the background again. Ishani apologizes him for being late as she was getting ready. Mohit says he wishes she wouldn’t have got ready, then says he means she is not late and sends her to join team. He loads Samrat’s songs in a laptop and thinks everyone will think Sam is really singing. He notices a wire and asks DJ remove it before someone slips and falls because of it.


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