My desire update Monday 14 August 2023

My desire 14 August 2023: Malati scolds Ishani and Nayan for losing her client and asks how will they pay rent now. Nayan asks her not calm down as god must have kept something special for them and she may even get a job within a week. Ishani says cheers Malati and Nayan. After some time, Ishani and Nayan discuss that they themselves need to arrange rent and not put the burden on Malati. Chintu walks in and says he met rockstar Samrat Chaudhry today. Ishani feels excited. Nayan says he is in London. Chintu describes how he met Samrat and found out he is staying in Yellow Orchid Hotel. Ishani says if she meets Samrat at a hotel and convinces him to include her in his troupe, they can pay rent with her salary then. Nayan asks if she thinks Kabir will welcome her. Ishani insists her to let her try once and convinces her to accompany Yellow Orchid Hotel with her.

They both reach hotel where Nayan’s friend who is a manager there meets her. Nayan requests her for a physiotherapist’s job at the hotel. Friend says she can offer her masseuse job for 15,000. Nayan agrees. Ishani goes to meet Samrat and finds Mohit instead. She confronts Mohit for lying to her that Samrat is not in India. Mohit says Samrat really is not here. Ishani says her brother informed he met Samrat. Mohit asks what does she want. Aliya joins her and asks what is the issue. Mohit says she is Samrat’s ardent fan who wants to join his troupe. Ishani says she is a really good dancer. Aliya asks him to give her a job then. Ishani thanks her.

Samrat walks to massage room and flirts with the receptionst, but receptionst doesn’t respond to his moves. Nayan walks in praying god and starts Samrat’s massage. Samrat flirts with even her. She gets angry and roughly massages him, leaving him in pain. He goes to take bathe. She returns to keep masseuse dress back. He comes out and flirts with her again. She scolds him and walks out stamping on his foot. She then realizes she forgot her phone and walks in where she finds same hankie she found in airport washroom. She thinks she lost money because of him and will not spare him. He walks out of washroom and flirts again. She sees his face and gets angry.

Nayan is shocked to know that the irritating man is rocktar Samrat. Samrat says he is a famous rockstar Samrat and asks if she is one of his fan. She says she hates his face and knows who he is. He asks what. She shows his hankie she found in ladies washroom and says he is the one who had barged into ladies washroom. She describes how she and her family suffered loss because of him and asks how will she pay rent now. He shuts her mouth, asks her to stop her bak bak, and asks how did hotel staff let her in. She says she is the one who massaged him. He thinks she is the one who broke his back, says her feet are beautiful but her face.. She asks what happened to her face. He murmurs is not beautiful. She says let her go. He offers her massage fees and says he knows girls like her run behind money. She says its her hard-earned money and she will not fall for his provoking words and walks away with money. He hopes he doesn’t meet an arrogant like her in life again.

Ishani shows her dance to Samrat and asks if its good. He says its good, but he can’t hire her as his company is based in London and they hire only locals as per policy. Ishani feels sad. Nayan returns home and offers 15000 rs to Malati. Malati feels happy and says they still need 15000 rs more to pay rent. Ishani walks in and offers her 15000 rs. Malati asks how did she get it. Ishani says she taught dance to a few students. Malati says she will go and pay Mr Tiwari’s rent. Paati praises her granddaughters. Ishani says she is Malati’s daughter. Nayan takes Ishani aside and asks why did she lie that she got money from her dance workshop. Ishani says she stole Mr Bose’s phone. Nayan asks if she got selected in Samrat’s troupe. Ishani says no as they hire only locals. Nayan cheers her up and says she will find a better job soon.

Aliya’s friend Kiara comes to meet her. Aliya introduces her to Samrat and Mohit and says informs that they came here for Kiara’s wedding. Kiara insists them all to shift to her farm house as her wedding is at farm house. Malati also gets wedding invitation from Kiara’s mother. She informs Ishani and Nayan that they need to attend wedding for sure and asks them not to reveal anyone at the farm house that they are sisters as she wants to introduce Nayan to a boy’s family and doesn’t them to reject her again seeing Ishani. Family gets emotional. Paati cheers them up.

Aliya, Samrat, and Mohit reach Kiara’s farmhouse. Kiara introduces them to her parents and asks servants to shift their bags to their rooms. She requests Aliya to convince Samrat to perform during her wedding. Aliya hesitates, but agrees on her insistence. Malati with her daughters reaches farm house next and suggests Nayan to correct her make up on regular intervals and make sure she looks good. Kiara’s mother feels happy seeing Malati and introduces her to her guests. Samrat lazes around when Kiara’s mother asks him to handover an envelope to her husband. Samrat fumes, but Mohit calks him down. Mother next gives him flowers to handover to Panditji followed by other things. Samrat gets angry, but calms down on Mohit’s advice. He then carries a color thali, clashes with Nayan again, and drops color on her. Dil Sambhal Ja plays in the background. They get angry seeing each other.

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