Unfortunate love update Tuesday 15 August 2023

Unfortunate love 15 August 2023: The Episode starts with balwinder asking kiran to come to her daughter’s den. He asks if you are mad. Virender is coming there and thinks where did Kiran go, it is too dangerous.. Kiran comes to Malishka and slaps her hard. Shalu thinks she should have gone with Ayush and thinks what might be having downstairs, everyone must be scolding him. She thinks what to do? Lakshmi brings Ayush there and says you shall not talk to her, she is your mother. Ayush asks if I am a spoilt brat, they know that I will support you, then why she asked such question and got hurt when I chose you. He says we are family members, and what’s wrong if one supports the other, but they dont regard you as family. Lakshmi tells Ayush that he shall respect all elders.

Ayush says I will respect you too. He says we don’t have time. Shalu asks why? Lakshmi says Inspector asked me to bring proof till 10 pm tomorrow, to prove her innocence. Shalu asks if there is any way. Lakshmi says she shall find the real guilty person and make the way. Ayush thinks to find out. Rishi thinks his presentation was good, and thinks to talk to Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Ayush and Shalu, what to do? They ask her to pick the call and tell him. Lakshmi picks the call. Rishi says I felt peace hearing you. Lakshmi asks how is the meeting? Rishi tells that the meeting was good. He asks what was the trouble? Lakshmi says that problem was resolved, and tells that she wants to tell him something. He says Abhay’s call is coming and ends the call. Abhay ends the call. Rishi calls lakshmi again. Lakshmi says she wants to tell him something. Just then employee comes and asks him to come for meeting.Rishi goes. Ayush tells Lakshmi they shall focus on proving her innocence.

Dadi tells Karishma that she shall be happy. Karishma says Ayush has done this with me. Dadi says Ayush knows relations well. Karishma says I am his mom. Dadi asks why Ayush tells his problems to Lakshmi and not with you. Karishma says you always takes Lakshmi’s side. Dadi says I am your mother and takes truth side. she asks her to come to Lakshmi’s side and see. Karishma says wow, what an advice? Dadi says your destiny.

Kiran asks Malishka to shut up and asks if anyone plans self kidnapping. She asks how can you so idiot? Malishka says I am genius and smart. Kiran asks her to prove her wrong and says even I was convinced that Lakshmi has kidnapped you. Malishka says this was my genuis plan and asks if Police got the jhumka and Lakshmi got arrested. Kiran says no, Ayush had accident so Lakshmi was with him in the hospital. balwinder says that jhumka was proof against her. Kiran says who had stolen it. Lakshmi asks who have stolen the jhumka and kept it there. Balwinder tells that Malishka had brought jhumka from Lakshmi’s room, when Sonia informed her about Lakshmi’s words. She then pinned her hand and splashed blood in her room. He says she called him and he brought her here. Kiran tells Malishka that Lakshmi will prove her innocence. She tells that Rishi will search the kidnapper with Lakshmi. Malishka laughs and says she will win this time and nobody can search her. Kiran tells that once law will forgive her, but not Rishi. She says you was alone, are alone, will be alone for your whole blo*dy life. Virender finds the door locked and thinks to call Police after seeing the inside situation.

Lakshmi asks Ayush if Malishka had any enemy. Ayush says no. Lakshmi says if she is kidnapped for ransom then phone call will come. Ayush says then kiran aunty will taunt Lakshmi. Lakshmi says why phone haven’t come yet. She says we don’t have time. She tells that she heard Malishka telling that she was going to disco. She gets worried for Malishka and says if anything wrong had happened with her. She says we shall go there. Ayush says our mission is on. Shalu keeps hand on her hand. Kiran tells Malishka that Rishi will hate her. Malishka slaps herself and hits her head. She asks Kiran to slap her and beats herself with stick. Kiran says enough, stop it Malishka, have you gone mad? Virender opens the door. Malishka tells that Rishi will hate her, but this thing will not happen as he will hate Lakshmi.

She says Rishi will think that Lakshmi has kidnaped me and beaten me up. She says I should have done this long back, and asks Balwinder to record. She asks Kiran to tie her hands. Balwinder thinks she is Gurumaa. Malishka asks Balwinder if her face is looking as if beaten up. Virender gets a call and goes. Malishka asks Kiran to slap her. Kiran slaps her and asks her to end the drama.

Malishka asking Kiran to slap her as she wants more marks on her face. Kiran slaps her and asks her to end her drama. Malishka says you slapped me hard. She asks Balwinder to record. Lakshmi comes to the bar and asks about Malishka. Balwinder’s friend is the waiter there and looks at Lakshmi. The manager tells Lakshmi that this is the bar and not the disco. She goes. Malishka starts acting asking Lakshmi to leave her, and says she will go away from Rishi. She will go abroad. Virender comes inside and kicks the bottle by mistake. Malishka and Kiran get alert. Balwinder says there must be some rat/cat. She asks him to take video to Rishi. Balwinder says her acting is dangerous. Balwinder’s friend calls him and tells that Lakshmi is searching Malishka.

Balwinder promises to give him bottle. He then tells Malishka that Lakshmi went to disco to search her. Kiran tells malishka that Lakshmi will prove her innocence. Balwinder says she is right. Virender thinks to see if Malishka is there. Lakshmi calls Ayush and tells that she had reached wrong disco. Balwinder sees Virender and informs Kiran and Malishka. Kiran says we shall leave. Balwinder says there is only one way. He hides with Camera etc. Virender sasy where did Kiran go? Kiran thinks he knew that I have come here.

She comes infront of Virender. Karishma says she can’t bear the cunning fox and says she is praying that she goes to jail. She says she shall get rotten in jail and says she is very much angry on her. She says she is very dangerous and asks Neelam if she is not angry. Neelam says I am waiting for the right chance. Lakshmi comes to the disco and asks the receptionist about Malishka. The receptionist refuses to tell her. Lakshmi says she is Rishi Oberoi’s wife Lakshmi. Virender asks if Malishka is here. Kiran says no, she was searching her here. She asks how did you come here? Virender says I thought you might need my help and that’s why came here. She says she thought she saw Malishka coming here and that’s why came. Malishka thinks why Mom is not taking him.

Kiran tells Virender thatb Lakshmi has kidnapped Malishka. Virender says Rishi and I will not agree even if Malishka says it, and tells that she is sanskari girl. He asks Kiran to come. Malishka thinks they don’t trust me, but trust Lakshmi. Virender tells Kiran that he saw a girl.

Lakshmi thinks she didn’t see Malishka in the CCTV footage. Kiran thinks how to save Malishka. Balwinder takes the rod to hit on Virender’s head. Bani asks Shalu, what is happening? Shalu says the matter is stuck. Bani says she will fight with baba ji. She says how they can trust them and gets worried. Shalu tells that they have to search Malishka anyhow. Abhay stops his car infront of Lakshmi’s car. Lakshmi gets down the car. Abhay asks her to make him talk to Malishka once. Lakshmi says uncle, I didn’t do anything, I don’t know where is Malishka. He says I will make her understand. She promsies him that Malishka will come infront of all. Virender sees malishka, but couldn’t identify her as her face is blackened. He says she is not Malishka. Kiran says Malishka is not there. They leave.

Karishma asks Lakshmi to show her innocence proofs which she has bought. Lakshmi says I am innocent and tells that truth will be out infront of all one day.

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