My desire update Thursday 28 December 2023

My desire 28 December 2023: Pradmyuman tells Sam that everything happened so suddenly that he couldn’t understand anything. He thanks Mahima who got evidence in his favor and got him out of police station. Sam says Mahima didn’t do anything, its Kashvi who got CCTV footage evidence and got the complaint against him canceled. Pradyuman asks why would Mahima lie. Sam says he is rich and handsome and she is trying to trap him. He warns him to stay away from greedy, uncultured, and manipulating Mahima.

Pradyuman gets Mahima’s message asking him for a coffee date tomorrow, and he messages okay thinking there is something special about her and he likes her.Nayan shows CCTV footage to Romila and her husband and confronts them for burning their own shop. They both refuse allegations and accuses her instead for conspiring against them. They then blame mall owner for brainwashing her against them and calls him a sinner and schemer. Nayan warns her to dare not badmouth about a good samaritan. Romila says mall owner became her dear one now.

Mahima backs Nayan and says them they would have been on roads after Romila and her husband burnt the shop, Sam gave them a shop to run their family, etc. Nayan says she is right. Mahima thinks Nayan is supporting her and will accept her and Pradyuman’s relationship. Nayan informs her that Arjun loves her and wants to marry her. Mahima says she Pradyuman and will marry only him. She manipulates Nayan to accept Pradyuman for her.

Sam goes to his mall’s jewelry shop to buy a bracelet for Kashvi to thank her. Salesman informs him that Pradyuman ordered a diamond bracelet and asks if he wants even its delivery.

Sam takes it and calls Pradyuman’s driver who informs that Pradyman is at an upsale restaurant. He thinks Pradyuman is with Mahima for sure even after his warning and plans to go there and confront Pradyuman. Pradyuman takes Mahima to that restaurant and says he doesn’t know why his uncle Sam doesn’t want him to meet her. Mahima says maybe gardener brainwashed Sam when she visited his house and describes the incident. Pradyuman says its Sam. Mahima asks why is his employee Sam bothered so much. Pradyuman says Sam is his mentor and business partner.

Sam walks to them and confronts Pradyuman for being with Mahima even after his warning. Fire alarm starts. Mahima runs away. Sam tells Pradyuman that it was a fake alarm to show him how selfish Mahima is who didn’t even bother about Pradyuman, its up to him now whether he should ruin his life with Mahima or save himself. Mahima starts ill speaking about Sam again. Pradyuman says Sam brought him up and is his mentor, he can’t go against Sam’s advice and excuses himself. Mahima returns home and emotionally blackmails Nayan against Sam. Nayan agrees to confront Sam. Mahima feels happy thinking her target is achieved. Arjun tells Kashvi that he found a way to pay her tuition fees. Kashvi asks how. Arjun says he sold his kidneys and acts.

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