Timeless Love starlife update Saturday 30 December 2023

Timeless Love 30 December 2023: The Episode starts with Hariprasad asking Bimla to pack prasad for Dev and his family. He says we can’t support them financially but can support them emotionally. They go to Raichand’s house. Dev asks how are you both? Hariprasad says we know that a big trouble came on you and your family, we can’t help you financially but has brought Maiyya’s blessings with us. Priya comes there and humiliates them.

Timeless Love 29 December 2023

Dev is about to reply to her, when Vidhi stops him and asks Bimla to tell the vidhi of the puja for her family’s prosperity. Damiyanti Mausi taunts Vidhi. Rakesh is with Amba and Yogesh. He sends Priya and his photo to Abhi. Abhi asks Priya to come to room. He asks her to see that her lover has sent photo. Amba asks Rakesh to send a last message and then sends all the photos. Abhi asks Priya to see the message that his company is ruined, now see his wife’s auction. He says we don’t have money to close his mouth. Priya says Abhi, let me just figure it out and calls him, but he doesn’t pick the call. Amba throws money bundles towards Rakesh and asks him to catch it.

She says this is for hospital bills, medicines and juice. Rakesh asks why?Priya asks Abhi to sell her jewellery or throw it on his face, and says stop this blackmailing. She says I am very ashamed for whatever is happening and says please save me? Rakesh says your work will be done. Amba says everything shall happen as I say, else I will get out money from your mouth. Abhi calls Rakesh. Rakesh says save me.

Abhi asks why you are sending photos. Rakesh says they are very dangerous, I am doing this on their saying and calls Abhi. Abhi says ok. Amba tells yogesh that Abhi will be trapped and asks him to see what happens. She says Abhi will do some foolishness, that he will be jailed and Dev will be diverted, and will not go to court. Satyavati tells Dev that Chitra is not picking the call or calling them. She says I can’t forget Vikram’s devil avatar and tells that don’t know how Chitra stays there. Dev says we thought them wrong and tells that they have to save Chitra. Vidhi says we shall call her somehow.

Vijay comes to Hariprasad. Hariprasad says he is very stressed and asks him to go. Vijay pushes him and says I am talking about your benefit and you don’t want to listen. Hariprasad asks him to go. Vijay threatens him and asks them to listen. He says your son in law is in debt too, you can’t take loan from him to return my loan. He says maa Milapni came in his dream and asked him to send her somewhere else, as his devotee can’t take care of him.

He says he has a buyer who will pay him for Milapni Devi. Hariprasad is shocked.Amba tells Rakesh that he shall go and shall not do any mistake. She says they must be reaching Simmy’s school, and says today this date shall not be forgotten by Simmy, Priya and Abhi. Satyavati asks Priya to go and pick Simmy. Priya says actually….Vidhi comes there. Satyavati asks Vidhi to go and pick Simmy from school. Amb tells yogesh that she will make Abhi get angry.

She says I will show you live show. Hariprasad says they will be hungry, but will not sell Milapni Devi to anyone. Vijay asks if you will return my money or not. He says what to do, and says we shall become relatives so that I forget your debt. He asks him to think about Dev and Vidhi’s marriage and asks him to get him married to Seema. Hariprasad gets angry and raises his hand on Vijay, but he holds his hand tightly and brushes off his hand. He asks don’t you understand the language of love and threatens him,

saying he can get his daughter kidnapped in 2 mins. He says everyone lives are in my hands. He says she is not your real daughter, but niece. He says offer is open. Hariprasad cries. Bimla also cries. Seema hears and gets worried.

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