My desire update Friday 29 December 2023

My desire 29 december 2023: Arjun tells Kashvi that he found a way to pay her tuition fees. Kashvi asks how did he do that. Arjun says he sold his kidneys. Kashvi gets worried. Arjun laughs and says he was joking, asks her to fill scholarship form. Kashvi thanks him and seeing him looking around says Mahima is not here. Arjun asks can’t he come to meet his best friend and asks her to promise him that she will be with him always as her best friend.

Kashvi hesitantly says yes. He gets scholarship form signed and leaves saying they will be together always. Kashvi thinks their equation is not same now after learning that he loves Mahima.

Nayan visits Pradyuman’s uncle and introduces herself as Mahima’s mother. Samrat is shocked to hear her voice and thinks Nayan died in a bus accident. He watches her in a mirror and assures its her. Nayan continues humiliating him for degrading her daughter and praising her daughter’s good nature and good upbringing, etc. She questions if he ever loved anyone, he doesn’t know what true love is. Samrat turns and says he loved a girl who died in an accident and even he died with her. Nayan is shocked to see him. Samrat asks why did she act as dying in a bus accident and left him to suffer, she never thought about his love and hid herself till now.

Nayan says she lost her parents because of him and she hates him for that. Sam says he didn’t kill her parents. Nayan says Mansi told her how he valued his wealth instead of her parents and let Mansi kill them. She says he is selfish to value only money and not her parents.

Sam asks if she is not selfish to start a new family, she believed scheming Mansi who can do anything for money and not her husband, he considered her parents as his parents always and saved them after accident instead, why would he kill his parents. He asks her to look into his eyes and see if he can lie and continues tongue lashing her.

She says its too late now and she is here to ask him why he rejected Mahima for Pradyuman. Sam says her daughter is greedy like her, she married him for money and similarly her daughter wants to marry Pradyuman for money. Nayan shouts her daughter is not greedy. Sam says he rejected her daughter then and even now and rejects even Nayan and asks her to get out of his life. Nayan walks away shattered and breaks down recalling Sam’s words. She thinks she hates him and will never return to him, he doesn’t know that Kashvi is his daughter.

Mahima makes preparations for her wedding and asks Kashvi to help her. Heartbroken Kashvi thinks she has to bear Mahima and Arjun’s wedding drama now. She asks her to select it herself as she is not good at it. Nayan returns. Mahima asks if she fixed her and Pradyuman’s wedding. Nayan says Pradyuman’s uncle didn’t agree, so she should stop thinking of marrying Pradyuman and think of marrying Arjun. Mahima refuses to let Pradyuman go and asks who is Pradyuman’s uncle to decide about his life. Nayan says they are rich people and their lifestyle is different than ours. Mahima says she will marry Pradyuman at any cost and leaves in auto. Nayan runs behind her and fears if she went to Pradyuman’s house as she doesn’t want her to meet Samrat.

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