Imlie starlife update Thursday 28 December 2023

Imlie 28 December 2023: Imlie tells Shivani that even Dhairya is missing. Shivani says that Gopi told even Dhairya went on a terrace. Imlie thinks what’s there on terrace that everyone went there; she tells Shivani that Dhairya wanted to tell her something, she can’t wait anymore and wants to meet him. Chini requests Dhairya not to reveal her truth to Imlie. Dhairya says if she really loves Atharva, she herself should inform truth to Atharva and accept her crime. Chini says she will lose Atharva and Kairi if she reveals truth. Dhairya refuses to hide the truth even if he dies and warns her to move out of his way. She tries to stop him and pushes him from terrace.

He falls down on a car and then floor severely injured. Atharva comes on terrace searching for Chini. Chini hides. Atharva notices terrace railing broken and Dhairya fallen from the terrace on the ground.

Akash notices Dhairya and alerts family. Family rushes to Dhairya. Imlie panics and pleads to call ambulance. Atharva shouts Dhairya from terrace. Keya asks Akash what happened to Dhairya. Akash says he heard a sound as if someone is falling down and came out to check and found Dhariya on floor. Keya asks where is Chini.

Akash says he doesn’t know. Chini walks down panicked. Atharva rushes to Dhairya next and shakes him. Dhairya opens eyes and collapses again. Akash calls ambulance. Chini hides in her room panicked and blabbers that she didn’t do anything and didn’t push Dhairya. Kiara walks in and asks why everyone are crying.

Chini says she didn’t push Dhairya. Anu stops Chini and sends Kairi out. She comforts Chini and asks her not to tell anyone that she pushed Dhairya down, Dhairya will die anyways soon. Atharva walks to her. Chini runs and hugs him. Anu says Chini wasn’t present on terrace when Dhairya fell down and was in her room. She stops Chini from revealing anything. Dhairya says he will go and be with Dhairya. Anu says he should concentrate on his marriage instead of his step-brother who tried to kill him. Atharva asks how can she be so insensitive; though he and Dhairya always fought, Dhairya is in a condition he was after his accident, he has to be by dhairya’s side for the sake of humanity. He walks away. Chini continues to blabber she was behind his accident and not Dhairya. Anu shuts her mouth.

Atharva reaches hospital. Rudra breaks down and says he won’t be alive if something happens to Dhairya. Atharva tightly hugs and wipes his tears. Rudra apologizes him for not being with him when he needed his father the most. Atharva asks him not to talk about it and assures that he is on his side always from hereon. Rudra asks if Dhairya will be fine. Atharva says yes. Imlie prays for Dhairya’s life. Doctor performs Dhairya’s surgery and walks out of OT. Imlie asks how is Dhairya. Doctor says Dhairya has only a few hours left and wants to meet his mother, even they all can meet Dhairya. Imlie asks how can he say that, Dhairya can’t go like this. Shivani asks if she will stop Dhairya. Imlie says someone else will.

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