My desire update Thursday 23 November 2023

My desire 23 November 2023: Samrat wakes up in the morning and finds Nayan sleeping next to him in his arm. He thinks he always dreamt that whenever he opens eyes in the morning, he sees Nayan in his arm. Dil Sambhalja Zara Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu.. song plays in the background. Mansi reaches there in cab and asks driver whose vanity van is this. Driver says its Antara madam’s. Mansi thinks her doubt was right and asks if she is inside the van.

Driver says Siddharth is inside the van and Antara is in tent with Sam. Mansi peeps into tent and gets upset; she thinks her fear is coming true, Sam and Nayan are getting closer, she can’t get Sam back until Nayan is alive. She plans to spoil their concert first. Sam protects Nayan/Anara from sunrays. Nayan wakes up feeling shy seeing herself in Sam’s armsand asks why didn’t he wake her up. He murmurs he wanted same. Nayan asks him to get ready as they need to reach concert venue. She walks back to van. Siddharth asks if she is fine. She says yes. Sam says his arm is paining. Nayan kicks his feet and warns him to keep quiet.

They reach a hotel for concert. Samrat thinks he should start his plan. He introduces himself to receptionst and says he is going to perform with Antara. Receptionst he is his big fan. Sam asks him his and Antara’s room numbers. Receptionst says they are in different floor. Sam bribes him and asks him to shift his room next to Antara’s with a common door between as he wants to rehearse with her. Nayan hears door sound and opens main door, but finds no one there. She hears sound again and opens door. Sam walks in. Nayan asks how did he come here. Sam says via that door, their room is connected and they can visit each other. Nayan says it must be his cheap plan.

Sam asks if she is afraid that she can’t resist him. She pushes him away and asks him to leave, this she needs to control herself. Mansi hears their conversation and thinks its good she took a room opposite to Nayan’s room and determines to kill Nayan forever.

In the evening, before concert, Nayan feels nervous. Sam asks her to relax and teaches her breathing technique. He makes her feel comfortable and thinks he has prepared a special song for her and after listening to it, she can’t hide her feelings for him. Mansi attends concert venue and tampers Antara’s mic by bribing a musician. After some time, Concert starts. Host announces Samrat and Antara’s performance. They both perform on Ek Kudi Jida Naam Mohabbat Gum Hai.. song. Mansi’s puppet musician electrocutes mic.

Sam holds mic for his next performance, gets electrocuted, and falls down. Mansi thinks she wanted to kill Nayan, but Samrat fell prey for it; she should leave before someone sees her.

Nayan rushes to Samrat worried for him. Siddharth asks her to relax as Samrat will be fine. Nayan scolds him and takes Samrat to his room via staff’s help. She then scolds musicians for tampering the mic and asks what if she was electrocuted. Puppet musician says they checked mic before performance, but someone cut the wires in between. Nayan asks how could be they so careless and asks to find out who did that. Doctor treats Samrat and informs Nayan that Samrat is fine now, luckily current was not that strong, Samrat suffered a hand injury and needs rest for some time.

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