Imlie starlife update Thursday 23 November 2023

Imlie 23 November 2023: Imlie is shocked to see Kairi in her room and asks if she is really here. Kairi says her hi princess mamma and hugs her. Imlie asks how did she come here and where is her papa. Kairi says she came with her and describes the whole story. Imlie asks why? Kairi thinks she can’t tell her truth until she finds her mamma and lies that she got tired of her paa and best friend and came with her.

Imlie says she is really a monkey. Kairi says her paa says same. Imlie says they must be worried for her, so she should inform them about her presence here. Kairi asks her to inform them after a few days and let her spend time with her. Anu peeps into Imlie’s room and is shocked to see Kairi with Imlie. She clicks pic and sends it to Chini. Chini is shocked to see the pic and takes Kairi’s name. Atharva asks if she got Kairi’s information. Chini says she got emotional seeing Kairi’s old pic and decides to hide this information from Atharva to stop him reaching Rana house.

Dhairya tells Rudra that they did wrong by hiding Atharva’s truth from Imlie and should apologize them. Rudra agrees and they both head towards Imlie’s room. Imlie asks Kairi to give her paa’s number. Kairi says she doesn’t remember. Imlie says just like she was worried for her guitar when it broke down, her paa and bestfriend are worried for her now. Rudra and Dhairya walk in. Kairi hides. Imlie asks what are they doing here. Rudra says they did injustice to her by hiding Atharva’s truth and it was him who forced Dhairya to keep quiet, so she should forgive him and Dhairya. Imlie nervously looking at Kairi says so cute. Rudra asks if she forgave them. Imlie says she can’t be angry on them. They get happy that she forgave them and walk away. Imlie finds Kairi missing.

Chini calls Anu and seeks her help in getting Kairi back to Goa. Anu agrees after a bit of drama. Imlie searches for Kairi and finds her in dining hall. Kairi says she feels hungry. Family walks in for dinner. Rudra says its good that whole family is having food together after a long time. Imlie overfills her plate. Shivani asks if she wants them all to have food in a single plate to avoid cleaning plates. Imlie says its for her as she is very hungry today. Kairi hides under dining table. Imlie silently sits on chair and gives her food. Kairi demands sweets. Imlie sits on floor and says she will have food on floor. Rudra says even he will sit with her. Dhairya stops him citing his knee pain. Devika gets emotional remembering Rudra and walks away.

After finishing dinner, Imlie tries to make Kairi sleep. Kairi asks why daadi walked out of dinner. Imlie says Devika has one more son who doesn’t stay with her, so she got emotional. Kairi asks her to sing a lullaby. Imlie sings Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari.. song and makes her sleep. She then takes Atharva’s number from summer camp and calls him thinking she never thought she would speak to him again.

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