Unfortunate love update Thursday 23 November 2023

Unfortunate love 23 November 2023: The Episode starts with Malishka overhearing Vikrant and Saloni’s conversation. Vikrant says Lakshmi had come and then Rishi woke up and we had a fight. Saloni says we have taken so much risk and put our lives in danger, but the work is not done and the fear of getting caught is still there. Vikrant asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. He says I will kill Rishi, but right now we have to leave. She asks what about your hand pain. Vikrant says somehow we have to manage. Rishi tells Lakshmi that Vikrant is the one who will benefit with my death.

Lakshmi asks Rishi, what happened to him, why he is behind Vikrant and says all this. Rishi says it is his good luck and my bad luck that I don’t have proof. He says if I had proof that Vikrant would have been in jail. Lakshmi gets upset

and is about to go. Rishi says you are not doubting Vikrant, but doubting me. He says I have never lied to you, and asks her to trust him. He says the decision is final, you will not marry Vikrant. Lakshmi says you will not take my life decision and asks him to sleep. She goes. Rishi thinks he will not let Lakshmi’s life ruined and will not leave Vikrant. Malishka comes infront of Vikrant and shouts his name. Saloni is shocked. Malishka asks how dare you to try to kill my Rishi, and says before that I will..and raises her hand to slap him. Vikrant asks her to be careful and asks him not to mess with him, and says I will not care that you are a girl. Malishka asks if you will kill you and says you have no statue or value infront of me. Saloni says Malishka.

Malishka asks her to shut up and says I am talking to him. She says you tried to kill Rishi, as you are having an affair with your Bhabhi. Vikrant says if anyone will believe you? Malishka says I have proof of all your dirty thing, and says you people are cheap to have affair with your Bhabhi, and you (Saloni) with your Dewar. Vikrant says I will kill you also, along with Rishi. Malishka says I have recorded your conversation. Saloni says Malishka has proof, we will be ruined. Vikrant says I am here, and snatches phone from Malishka’s hand and says I will delete the proof. Malishka asks from how many phones you will delete this video. She says she is not cunning, but clever and has sent the video to the safe place. She tells that she will not leave him for trying to kill Rishi. She says you both are good actors, and acts as brother in law and sister in law infront of everyone and have such a relation which nobody can think off. She asks them to work in C grade films. Vikrant shouts Malishka. Malishka shouts don’t.

She says it was a big crime to attempt to kill Rishi, and you tried to take my life, so I will take your lives. She says blo*dy cheapster. Saloni asks Vikrant to stop her as Malishka turns to go. Lakshmi thinks why Rishi is doubting Vikrant ji, and thinks the latter can’t do this, if he had tried to do this, then from where did the bag come? She says may be whatever Rishi said happened in hospital, was his illusion. She says nobody wants to kill him.

Saloni calls Malishka. Malishka stops and thinks if she is coming to kill me, and asks her to come. Saloni asks her not to tell anyone. Malishka asks you both were trying to kill Rishi and says if you had let your lover die, and tells that she will tell truth to everyone. She says you both were romancing, while acting to be dewar-bhabhi. Saloni says we are husband and wife, I am married to him. Malishka says disgusted, first you married his brother and then him, and now Vikrant is married to you and marrying Lakshmi. Saloni asks her to shut up. Malishka asks how dare you to talk to me in such tone, and says I will tell Rishi and he will make you quiet. Saloni tells Malishka that she doesn’t have two husbands, she is just married to Vikrant and he has no elder brother. Malishka is shocked. She asks you brought Vikrant’s alliance here, and asks if Anjana and her husband are also involved. Saloni says we are helpless, we want Vikrant to marry lakshmi for a child, as I can’t become a mother. Malishka says for this, you want to kill my Rishi. Saloni says we were helpless to do this. Malishka says now everyone will know this. Vikrant says you will not tell this to anyone. Malishka says I will not let Rishi die with your hands and will get you punished. Vikrant says lets do a deal for your benefit. Malishka asks what? Vikrant says nobody shall know that I tried to kill Rishi, and says I will give you whatever you want and will fulfill your wish. Malishka looks on.

Rishi thinks Vikrant might have tried to kill me, so that I don’t tell anyone about his marriage with Sarika. He says nobody is believing me and says I have to search Sarika. He thinks then Vikrant won’t be saved. Vikrant comes back home with Saloni. He says we should have killed Malishka, and tells that she played a big game. They argue. Vikrant says I told you that we shall go out of country and get baby via surrogacy. Saloni says she don’t want baby via surrogacy, and says you didn’t want to adopt the baby either. He says Mom and Dad are exposed too. He says he wants his blood and he has chosen Lakshmi feeling she is the right girl to give birth to his child. Saloni says what Malishka will do now? He says we will know in sometime. Rishi searches for them, and can’t find any info. Saloni tells Vikrant that if Virender Oberoi comes to know then he will get us bailed and even Mom and Dad. She asks if you think that Malishka will not say anything and says we can’t trust her, she is not less.

Kiran comes to Malishka and asks what you are thinking? Malishka says actually the matter is…She stops seeing Rishi. Rishi says why you both are here. Kiran asks if you need anything. Rishi says I was not getting sleep, so thought to walk. He asks Malishka what happened to her. Malishka says actually. She recalls Vikrant’s words that he will kill Rishi. Saloni tells Vikrant that Malishka was silent and didn’t accept the deal. She asks him to say something and says we don’t have time, and says we can be get caught, and asks him to find way. She says I will save my family from Police and Rishi. She goes.

Rishi asks Malishka why she is silent. Malishka recalls Saloni and Vikrant’s words, and his deal. Kiran thinks why Malishka is silent. Rishi asks why you are silent, I am talking to you, I just asked what you are doing here? Malishka tells that she is here because of him and tells that she saw the dream in which his accident came infront of her. She hugs him and says if anything happens to you then I will die. Rishi says I will take care of myself and asks her to stop seeing bad dreams. He says accident happens just once, but not again. Malishka says I don’t want to lose you. Kiran asks him to sleep, and takes Malishka with her. Rishi doubts Malishka and thinks she is hiding something.

Lakshmi is worried for Rishi and couldn’t sleep. She thinks if this is his kundali/markesh dosh. She thinks it can be blindfaith, but he was attacked twice. She prays to God and asks him to save Rishi, and give his sorrows to her. Vikrant recalls attempting to kill Rishi, and Lakshmi coming there and throwing vase at him. He thinks what is between them, why Lakshmi comes again and again to save Rishi. He thinks she had saved him after the accident and now also. He thinks how did she come to know always. Saloni comes there with her bag and tells that she asked Mummy and Daddy not to come here, and says we shall leave from here.

 Vikrant asking Saloni if she is asking him to run and vents out his anger and throws the things. He tells that he is not a coward. He holds her mouth tightly with his hand. Saloni says she is hurt. Vikrant leaves her and tells that he will not run away in any circumstances. Saloni asks him to understand the situation and says she don’t want to spend her life in jail. Kiran asks Malishka what has happened. Malishka shows her the video. Kiran gets shocked and tells that Rishi said truth, Vikrant tried to kill him. Malishka tells that Vikrant is married and you don’t know who is his wife. She says everyone knows her and says Saloni. Kiran says Vikrant’s mom and dad said that their elder son is in foreign. Malishka says he has no elder brother, they all are involved and have

lied. Saloni says Malishka will call Police and will support Rishi. Malishka tells Kiran that they want to get Vikrant married to Lakshmi as they want baby from her. Kiran says they are disgusted people. She asks why they want to kill Rishi. Malishka says Rishi came to know about the truth to some extent. Kiran says now what will happen. Malishka says Vikrant said that I shall keep the secret as secret. Kiran asks shall we let Rishi die. Malishka says if I expose Vikrant then Lakshmi’s marriage will not happen, and she will stay here, and I just want to get rid of her. Kiran says yes, it is your loss in both condition.

Vikrant promises Saloni that they will not go to jail, and tells that he will kill Malishka before killing Rishi. He tells that he will marry Lakshmi and have baby and the baby will play in your lap. Saloni hugs him. Malishka says there is a way out. Kiran says you have done mistakes in the past. Saloni says I was scared for sometime and says she is with him. Malishka says she can’t afford to do mistake, she has a way in which both head and tail will be hers.

Shalu talks to Ayush on phone. Ayush says he is doing decorations. She asks why you are doing the decoration. She gets worried and says first Balwinder and now this vikrant, who is very clever. He says this marriage will not happen. Shalu says there is no way. Ayush says I will kill Vikrant, but will not let him marry. Shalu asks what? He asks her to understand his feelings and says the marriage will not happen. Bani comes there. Shalu asks if this marriage will break or not.

Karishma tells Ayush that she didn’t expect that he will do the decorations nicely, and says Virender trusts you. She says not bad, I thought you will spoil it, but it is nice. She says Vikrant and Lakshmi’s mehendi will happen today. Ayush tells that Rishi and Lakshmi mehendi and marriage will happen. Karishma asks him not to have such hopes and tells that Lakshmi and Rishi will not marry in this birth.

Vikrant, Saloni, Anjana and her husband are worried. Anjana asks why did he attempt to kill Rishi? She says she don’t want any murder and says I would have left Lakshmi if known this. She says now we are trapped. Saloni says this is happening because of Lakshmi, he wants to marry Lakshmi and wants to get baby from her. She says Lakshmi’s life revolves around Rishi. Vikrant shouts Saloni and asks her not to say anything against Lakshmi. He says we shall think about Malishka. Anjana says you are badly trapped. Vikrant says no and says Malishka called and said that she wants to meet. He says we have to do same planning and same acting, and says once this marriage happens, I will do the other dramas.

Neelam tells that Ayush did good decoration. Karishma tells her that Ayush is hoping Rishi and Lakshmi remarry again. Neelam says how can Ayush think bad for his brother and says until I am alive, I will not get Rishi marry Lakshmi. Karishma asks her to think that the badluck will be out of the house. Neelam says Vikrant and Lakshmi shall marry without any hurdles. They see Saloni and Vikrant. Saloni says we have brought shagun mehendi for lakshmi. Vikrant tells that he couldn’t come yesterday. Neelam says Anjana and Saloni was with us. Vikrant says I came to meet Rishi. Saloni asks them to apply this mehendi to Lakshmi. She asks if I can meet Rishi and goes.

Rishi thinks he will not accept defeat until he stops Lakshmi and Vikrant’s marriage. He says he will not let Vikrant’s name mehendi on your name…Lakshmi. Vikrant comes there and says hi Rishi. Rishi looks at his eyes, and says I know well that you had tried to kill me, and came home yesterday as thief to kill me. Vikrant says my bag is still here, and says thank you. He takes the bag.

Vikrant says I accept that I had come to kill you and asks him what he will do. Rishi gets angry and sees someone and smiles. He makes Vikrant turn and look at the person standing. Vikrant drops the money bag in shock. Ayush thinks how to save Lakshmi. Virender comes to him and asks him to attend the meeting, as Rishi can’t go. Ayush asks him to just order. Virender says will you please attend the meeting, it is an order. Ayush thanks him. He asks what you were saying sitting here? Ayush tells him that they are not wrong about Vikrant and tells that he is a bad person. Virender says he will get angry now and tells that Vikrant is really a good person, we have tested him. Ayush thinks they shall get him beaten and accept the truth. He thinks this idea is perfect and says he will appreciate me and will involved in our plan too.

Malishka is watching Vikrant and Saloni’s video. Saloni comes there. Malishka says I was watching the video, and says she can’t believe that they want to kill Rishi. She asks if you was that girl whom Rishi had seen on engagement day, and asks if she deleted the CCTV footage. Saloni says yes. Malishka says didn’t you think that you will be caught in CCTV camera that you came here.

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