My desire update Wednesday 22 November 2023

My desire 22 November 2023: Nayantara, Siddharth, and Samrat stop at a dhaba for dinner. They order their dishes. Nayantara orders 10-12 chillies. Samrat asks since when Nayan started eating chillies. Nayan says she is Antara and Antara likes spicy food since the beginning. She munches a chilli and asks Samrat to join her. Samrat denies. Nayan says if he wants to be part of her concert team, he should eat chillies or else leave with his bags. Samrat eats chllies with great difficulty. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Siddharth feels good seeing Samrat’s condition while Nayan feels bad and stops Samrat. Samrat gulps mugs of water and asks if he passed in this challenge or failed. Nayan says this is just a beginning, he should wait and watch. She orders sweet curd for Samrat. Samrat tells waiter he didn’t order it. Waiter says Nayan did.

Samrat thiks Nayan can’t see him in pain, he needs to talk to her. He walks to Nayan and asks if she can’t see him in pain that she ordered sweet curd. Nayan denies. Samrat says waiter told she ordered it. Nayan agrees and says she doesn’t want to hear his growls, so she ordered sweet curd for him. Samrat asks her to accept that she still can’t see him in pain. Siddharth pushes him away and warns him to stay away from her. Samrat asks what is his problem. Siddharth says he is a show organizer and protecting his team is his duty. Samrat thinks he is here to win back Nayan’s heart and will have to do something to Siddharth. Vanity van moves again and stops after some distance. Samrat recalls bribing dhaba’s waiter to throw nails on the road and puncture the van.

Siddharth asks driver why did he stop the van. Driver says tyres got punctured due to nails on road. Siddharth asks who must have done that. Driver starts replacing tyres. Siddharth feels very sleepy and gets into vanity van. Samrat recalls mixing sleeping pills in Siddharth’s butter milk and thinks once Siddharth falls asleep, he will spend quality time with Nayan. Driver informs that he will bring AC mechanic as even AC is not working. Nayan asks what is good in this van then. Samrat recalls tampering AC and asks Nayan if everything is alright. She says she doesn’t know how will she stay in the van without AC. Samrat sends driver to bring AC mechanic and fixes a tent in front of van with bonfire.

He then asks Nayan to get into the tent. Nayan hesitates. He plays tiger’s sound in his mobile. Nayan hugs him in fear. Dil Sambhalja Zaraa.. song plays in the background. Samrat tells her that he lit bonfire in front of tent to keep wild animals away. She sits in the tent. He sits besides her. She asks him to maintain distance. Tiger sound plays again. She hugs him in fear again. He thanks god for getting Nayan close to him. Nayan asks him not to misuse the situation. Sam asks him to trust her and sleep peacefully. She sleeps. He thinks this is just the beginning, he will get her soon.

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