My desire update Thursday 13 July 2023

My desire 13 July 2023:;A car behind Rudra blasts. Preesha worried for Rudra runs towards the car. Raj stops her. Armaan disguised as old man reveals his identity reveals he planted bomb to kill Rudra and recalls getting Preesha’s signatures on payroll papers by bringing a constable and getting out of jail for 2 hours and fixing bomb in Rudra’s car. He activates bomb with remote control. Out of flashback, Armaan thinks Preesha won’t be knowing that he fixed bomb and returned to jail, nobody will doubt him at all. Preesha gets out of control and runs towards blast site where she notices Rudra’s turban burning. She shouts Rudra’s name and collapses.

Next morning, she wakes up shouting Rudra’s name recalling blast incident. Sharda asks her to control herself. Inspector walks in and informs that he couldn’t find Rudra and found evidence that Rudra is no more. Preesha refuses to believe him and says Rudra is alive as she is alive and asks him to check the surrounding again. Inspector says they found car pieces in lake due to blast impact and doubt that Rudra also flew high and fell in lake. Preesha says its possible, so they should check lake. Inspector says lake has many crocodiles and its impossible for Rudra to survive. Preesha insists to check the lake again via divers and reaches lake. Drivers search lake. Preesha hopes Rudra would be found for sure. Divers say they could find only car pieces and not Rudra. Inspector says he doesn’t think Rudra is alive. Preesha breaks down again.

Back home, Preesha dreams about Rudra asking her to wake up reminding her about their wedding. She wakes up shouting. Sharda tries to comfort her. Preesha shouts that Rudra woke her up reminding her about their wedding. Sharda says Rudra is dead and breaks down with her. Serials’ title track plays in the background. Vidyuth cries remembering Rudra. Pihu comforts him. Vidyuth says Rudra would have spoken to Preesha about their wedding, but now its not possible. Vidyuth says he is sure Armaan would have performed that bomb blast and killed Rudra. Pihu says they will inform Preesha about it and get Armaan punished. Inspector returns and asks Preesha if she knows who hates Rudra so much that he can perform a bomb blast.

Preesha says Armaan for sure. Inspector says Armaan is in jail, so he can’t. Vidyuth says Armaan can do anything even sitting in jail. Inspector says Armaan can’t as they froze Armaan’s assets once he went to jail.Vidyuth says Preesha is right that Armaan can do anything, he must have planned a bomb blast from jail. Inspector says its impossible as Armaan’s assets are freezed after he went to jail, he doesn’t have any access to money and is in solitary confinement. Preesha says someone must have met Armaan for sure. Inspector calls jail authorities and asks if Armaan is still in solitary confinement and if someone came to meet him. He informs Preesha that Armaan is still in solitary confinement and nobody came to meet him, so he can’t plan this blast. Digvijay meets Armaan and praises him for planting a bomb in Armaan’s car and returning back to jail without anyone knowing about it, finally Rudra is dead. Armaan says Rudra’s dead body is still not found. Digivijay says nobody can be alive in such a blast, so he can relax. Armaan says Preesha doesn’t know his next plan.

Inspector asks Preesha if Armaan didn’t kill Rudra, then who wanted to kill Rudra. Preesha recalls Vidyuth murmuring that he would kill a person who is accusing him after Rudra scolds him. She accuses Vidyuth of planting a bomb in his own car and killing Rudra. Vidyuth is shocked to hear that and says he can never kill his brother. Preesha asks why was he murmuring he would kill Rudra. Vidyuth says he said it for the person who is trying to trap him. Preesha asks why did he give his car to Rudra. Sharda says Vidyuth can never kill his brother. Preesha asks where was he when the blast happened. Vidyuth stands silent to protect Pihu’s dignity. Sharda also confronts Vidyuth to reveal where he was when the blast happened.

Inspector arrests Vidyuth in Rudra’s murder charges. Pihu stops him and reveals that Vidyuth was with her when the blast happened, they had slept together in a room. Preesha refuses to believe her and asks her not to lie to protect Vidyuth. Raj senses an opportunity and asks Pihu not to support Vidyuth and reminds how he tried to humiliate her repeatedly. Pihu says she is not lying and says she loves Vidyuth and Rudra knew about it, he wanted to inform Preesha after their marriage and get Preesha’s blessings for them. Preesha says she would never bless them. Pihu reveals how she fell in Vidyuth’s love finding him reformed and him fasting for her, etc. Preesha refuses to believe her even then and orders inspector to take Vidyuth away. Sharda tries to explain her, but Preesha gets adamant. Pihu confronts Preesha and challenges to prove Vidyuth’s innocence at any cost.

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