My desire update Wednesday 12 July 2023

My desire 12 July 2023: Jeweler informs Rudra that Vidyuth ordered a costly necklace. Rudra’s accountant informs that Vidyuth withdrew 50 lakhs from his account. Rudra is shocked to learn that. Vidyuth with Raj walks down. Jeweler says he brought the necklace Vidyuth ordered. Vidyuth says he didn’t order any necklace. Accountant says he called him yesterday and ordered him to transfer 50 lakhs from Rudra’s company account to Zaveri Jewelers. Raj recalls getting jealous seeing Vidyuth and Pihu’s romance and calls jeweler and accountant via landline to trap Vidyuth. Vidyuth denies allegations, but accountant and jeweler get adamant. Rudra refuses to believe Vidyuth. Vidyuth gets angry on Rudra for not trusting him and walks away murmuring that he will kill whoever is trying to trap him.

Preesha overhears him and and thinks how can he think of killing Rudra. She thinks of informing about it to Rudra, but then thinks she should meet Armaan first reca lling Armaan giving him a chit in which he mentions that he knows where her newborn baby is whom she lost 1 year go. Vidyuth returns to his room and breaks things. Pihu stops him and asks reason for his anger. He describes the whole story and says someone is trying to trap him purposefully, even his elder brother is not trusting him because of his past. Pihu comforts him.

Preesha meets Armaan who reveals that Revati was supporting him and took Preesha’s baby away. He says he knows where her baby is and would give her baby’s location if she takes back all the cases against him and get him out of jail. Preesha thinks whether Armaan really knows baby’s location or is lying to get out of jail. She says once her wedding finishes today, she will get him out of jail. Armaan says she knows her more than herself and knows she would directly go from here and reveal everything to Rudra. He warns her to dare not reveal about their meeting to anyone or else she will never know where her son is. Preesha leaves thinking she needs to get ready and reach a hotel for her wedding.

Pihu walks to Rudra and says Vidyuth is not lying as she can see in his eyes. She requests him to listen to Vidyuth once. Vidyuth walks in and holding Rudra’s feet pleads him to trust him as he has changed after falling in Pihu’s love and has reformed himself. He says when he shared everything with Rudra, how can he do mistakes again. Rudra stands confused.

Rudra asks Vidyuth who is conspiring against him. Vidyuth says he really doesn’t know as he doesn’t have any enemy. Rudra says they will find who is behind all this after marriage, they should first get ready and reach hotel for his and Preesha’s marriage. Vidyuth thanks him. Rudra says he should thank Pihu instead as she is Preesha’s xerox copy and knows to read eyes. Vidyuth thanks Pihu and praises her. He says he doesn’t deserve such a kind and pious girl. Pihu says let her decide that, she chose him and that’s it. Raj gets jealous seeing them together again and thinks he couldn’t separate them even after so much happened, he has to do something more big now to separate them.

Rudra with family reaches hotel and waits for Preesha. Preesha reaches there. Rudra emotionally hugs and asks where she had been. Preesha tries to speak. Sharda asks her to go and get ready for her wedding first. Preesha thinks how to inform Rudra that Armaan is blackmailing him and wants her to withdraw all cases against him in exchange of revealing her lost baby’s location. Raj spikes Pihu’s juice and thinks if he gets intimate with her, Vidyuth will watch that and himself will leave Pihu. He offers juice to Pihu. She thanks him as she was feeling thirsty and finishes juice. She then walks to Vidyuth and asks where is he going. He says he is going to get Rudra ready. He walks to Rudra who is already ready as groom and asks if he is feeling nervous. Rudra says yes and says Vidyuth will experience it when he marries Pihu.

Sharda gets Preesha ready and blesses her to be happy with Rudra forever. Vidyuth shows decorated car to Rudra. Rudra asks didn’t he decorate his car and decorated his own car. Vidyuth says Rudra’s car had some problem and asks him to imagine the time he will spend with Preesha in this car after marriage. Rudra says he already belongs to Preesha and hopes to spend a peaceful and romantic life with her. Pihu starts feeling intoxicated. Vidyuth notices her stumbling and asks if she is fine. She says she feels intoxicated. Raj gets jealous seeing Vidyuth reaching Pihu before him and spoiling his plan. Vidyuth takes her to bathroom and says she will be fine under shower and switches on shower. She gets romantic and hugs him from behind. Teri Awargi Ban Jau Mai.. song plays in the background.

Preeesha waits for Rudra at the gate. Rudra arrives in car with baratis. Preesha asks Sharda why is Rudra coming in Vidyuth’s car. Sharda says Rudra’s car has some issue, so Vidyuth decorated his own car. Vidyuth and Pihu get more romantic and get intimate. Teri Awargi Ban Jau Mai.. song continues to play in the background. Armaan disguised as a beggar comes in front of Rudra’s car. Sharda notices him and asks Raj to get him aside. Armaan leaves a trolley in front of car and leaves. Raj removes the trolley aside. Rudra gets out of car and signals I love you to Preesha. He thinks just after a few minutes, he and Preesha will be together forever. Preesha thinks they will be togehter again and will even find their lost son, she wants him to be with her forever. Rudra’s car blasts behind him. Pihu wakes up hearing a blast sound and alerts Vidyuth. They both dress up and rush out. Panic ensues at the blast site. Preesha worried for Rudra shouts his name followed by other family members. She searches for Rudra.

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