Imlie Starlife Friday 17 May 2024

Imlie 17 may 2024: Sonali asks Imlie and Amrith to stop fighting to tell her what is happening. Imlie says Amrith burnt Chaudhry Misthan Bhandar as he friend saw his car outside the shop that day and confirmed it today seeing his car.

She later walks holding a juice tray, lost in thoughtgs, and bumps on Annapurna. Annapurna yells at Imlie and says she wouldn’t allow her in her house if it wasn’t Shivani’s engagement. Agastya stops seeing them. Annapurna asks him to serve juice to guests. Imlie feels sad. Sonali stops Imlie and says she doesn’t deny that her allegations against Amrith are true, she is Amrith’s wife and just wants to request her to not reveal Amrith’s truth to Agastya until she thoroughly investigates this matter. Imlie stands silent.

Shivani and Avinash’s engagement ritual starts. Chaudhrys perform ritual silently. Navya asks why they are so silent. Govind says they are fine. After the ritual finishes and Avinash’s family leaves, Annapurna snatches plates from Imlie and throws them away. She humiliates Imlie saying she is unfit to be a daughter or DIL and is here just until Revati’s marriage, she should stay in some corner of her room and leave once the wedding finishes. Imlie goes t her room and cries sitting in a corner. Agastya notices that.

Navya asks Vishwa if they will succeed in their plan. Vishwa says yes, nobody identified them in this village and they settled well. Navya says all her years of hard work will go in vain if she her determination weakens in the middle. Vishwa says they will succeed in their plan. Navya says Avinash is really falling in Shivani’s love and hopes it doesn’t ruin their plan. Vishwa assures that nothing of that sort will happen.

Govind and Rajni asks Agastya to comfort Imlie as she came here after they visited her house and requested her to return home for Shivani’s wedding, they can’t see her being humiliated by Annapurna like this. Agastya walks to Imlie and tongue lashes her for ignoring his repeated request to return home and returning only after receiving money and acting as she returned on Govind and Rajni’s request. Imlie says she can’t understand what he is saying. He continues to humiliate her and walks away. Imlie imagines a mysterious man attacking her and shouts in fear. Mysterious masked man is seen in an old hut striking at imlie’s pic. Agastya rushes towards Imlie. Imlie runs out of her room and hugs him tightly. Family gathers.

Agastya says everything is fine and apologizes for disturbing their sleep. Annapurna humiliates Imlie again calling her a cheap woman from a low family who doesn’t know the value of high quality family, etc.

Chaudhrys get an MMS of Shivani romancing someone else and not Avinash. Rajni slaps Shivani and curses her. Agastya and Imlie try to stop her. Annapurna warns Imlie to stop interfering in their family issue and curses Shivani for having an affair with a stranger. Imlie supports Shivani and asks her to listen to Shivani once. Annapurna refuses and continues to humiliate Imlie.


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