The Evil Eye Starlife update Friday 17 May 2024

The evil eye 17 may 2024: Scene 1Nishant says to family that Mohana didnt change. Chitali says where is she? Avi says it doesnt matter we are together now.

Sanam comes in house and sees a pot. Sanam says its not common pot, we can hear people through it. They hear bird chirping noise coming from pot. Naman says I know this bird. Come with me.

Chitali turns on stove, it starts suddenly without matchstick. Piya says Adi did it for you.Naman, Sanam and Saanvi comes to a tree where bird sits. They see many bats coming out, one sits on Sanam’s shoulder, Naman throws it away.

Piya and Adi comes to park in car. Piya’s car starts going down in earth. Piya asks for help. Her car is completely under ground.Ansh calls Vedsheree and says I am waiting for Piya and Adi in park, they are not here. Piya sends voicenote to Ansh. Ansh is stunned.Piya is pleading for help.

Nishant is looking at kundli and tells Vedsheree that are you sure this is Ansh’s birth-date? Vedsheree says his birth certificate said this only, whats the matter?Fake Ansh sees Piya’s car under-ground and smirks. He hears her pleading for help. He uses his powers to cover their car in mud completely.

Nishant says to Vedsheee that Ansh should disabled according this kundli.Fake Ansh takes out his invisible stick to take support in walking.Nishant says to Vedsheree that he has to disabled, if he is not then he will become one and he will live like that for life. Chitali asks Vedsheree to call Ansh and ask him to comeback, she calls him but he doesnt pick up. She calls Piya.

Real Ansh is looking around for Adi and Piya, he cant see their car and looks around. He shouts Piya if you can hear me? Piya doesnt hear him. She recalls Adi move from objects. She tells Adi that go out of here so Ansh can see you. Adi comes out of car and sits on ground. Ansh doesnt see him. Adi comes back in car. Piya asks him to go back.Vedsheree and Chitali come to park as well but cant find Ansh and Piya.Piya gives her saree cloth to Adi and asks him to it on onground. Adi does and goes back in car. Ansh finds cloth piece.

Scene 1Ansh finds Piya’s saree cloth on ground and says Piya’s car is here. Piya bangs on car roof. Ansh sees mud moving in certain area. He uses his powers to bring their car out of hole and puts it on ground. Disabled Ansh sees this and thinks how did they get saved? I have plan B too. He uses his powers to make Ansh lose balance. Car is slipping away from Ansh’s hands but disabled Ansh comes there and holds it from other end. Both Anshs put car down.

Ansh and Piya comes to house and tell family. Vedsheree says Mohana must have done it. Chitali says its good Ansh saved Piya and Adi. Ansh says someone else helped me in saving them. He brings disabled Ansh in house. All are stunned. Chitali says what am I say? Ansh says he is Karan, my twin brother. Vedshree recalls Nishant’s

words and sees that he is diabled and says Karan? you are alive. Karan says dont pretend that you are happy to see me, you left me because I am disabled? you took Ansh and Kajal and left me when I needed you most. Ansh says no, she is our mother, she can never do that. Karan says she was right, you are blinded by this Vedsheree? Avi asks who is she? Mohana comes there and says me. Shekhar asks why she is back? Mohana says they dont respect me, you people knew about Karan but left him. Shekhar says we didnt know. Mohana says Vedsheree knew but she left him.

Vedsheree cries and says I knew that Ansh had a twin brother but Mohana said that he died at birth, she lied to me, she kept him away from his family. Karan says not her, you kept me away from my family. Ansh says no, our mother is right. Karan says our mother is Mohana, she brought me back in house. Ansh says no, Vedsheree did everything for us. Karan says she burned our mother alive and you think that is right? I can never forgive them, I didnt come here to beg these people. Vedsheree says to Mohana that you have made him hateful, leave. Karan says she wont leave, if she leaves then I will leave too. Ansh says no.. he tells family that I cant let him go away, he is my brother, he asks Karan to go to his room. He leaves with Mohana. Ansh tells family that we have to keep Mohana here till Karan knows her truth.

Karan is in room. Mohana comes to him and says they lie always, they have poison in their hearts and hurt me a lot. Karan says I am not interested, I have an aim by coming here and I am focusing on that. Mohana smirks. Karan looks at his boxes.

Scene 2Chitali says dont know what Mohana is feeding to Karan. Avi says I doubt Karan too, he had weird boxes as his luggage.Adi comes to Karan’s room. Karan looks at him. Ansh and Piya comes there and holds Adi. Adi holds Karan’s finger. Ansh looks at weird boxes there. Karan says to Adi that I will play with you later. Ansh and Piya leaves. Karan leaves from there. Ansh and Piya hides. Piya says we can check his boxes.

Saanvi sees Sanam have wound of bat bite. Naman mixes liquid in tree mud to know secrets. Sanam holds bowl of mixture but her wound burns and bowl falls from her hands. Saanvi says why you did it? did you do it deliberately? Naman says she didnt do it deliberately, she is sweet and innocent not like Dilruba. Sanam sees horse foot marks on floor and says Panna?



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