Imlie starlife update Thursday 13 July 2023

Imlie 13 July 2023: Rudra gives some moral gyaan to Imlie on relationships and asks Imlie to go and calm down Atharva. Imlie says its wrong that he trusts her and not her husband. Rudra says she should go and set the things right then. Imlie leaves, leaving Chini jealous. Devika walks to Atharva’s room and asks why did he return so soon, where is Imlie. Atharva says he doesn’t know. She asks what does he mean. Atharva thinks he can’t tell mom that he is angry on Imlie because of Chini, says Imlie didn’t book a table at a restaurant. Devika says he knows that Imlie is not get a desired respect and love from their family because of Chini’s interference and asks him to go and convince Imlie.

Atharva set ups a candle light table in his room and recalls his rude behavior with Imlie. Imlie walks in. Atharva apologizes her for misbehaving with her. Servants bring food. Imlie says she prepared his favorite food. She apologizes him for bringing Chini along for their dinner outing and says his allegation of her being desprate for a date is wrong. He says he can understand. She says she didn’t want decorate the restaurant, but Chini gave her so many suggestions and made her believe that its a dinner date. Atharva thinks if Chini wanted him to fight with Imlie.

Chini feels disheartened that she failed to create a misunderstanding between Atharva and Imlie and Atharva is slowly forgiving her. Atharva enters and asks if she made him fight with Imlie because of her insecurity, she created misunderstanding between him and Imlie and made him scold Imlie; she is really different as she says. Chini starts her emotional drama and says she decorated the hotel as she wanted to have dinner date with him and couldn’t go alone with him, he is scolding her instead of calming her down, he should go and calm down Imlie instead. Atharva apologizes her. He says people call their girlfriends as babu shona, but he calls her a liar and doesn’t even hug her. Atharva hugs her and says they need to be careful and not let others doubt them. Keya clicks their pics and thinks she will use them when the right time comes.

Next morning, during breakfast, Rudra informs Devika that he has invited his foreign client Peter home for lunch as he wanted to see Indian culture closely. Devika asks him not to worry. Rudra says he is worried for her instead and asks her not to do all the work alone and exert herself. Imlie says she will help Devika. Keya complains that he didn’t give any task to her. Rudra asks Devika to explain tasks to Keya. Devika explains all household tasks. Keya gets afraid and asks Imlie to handle them and let her know if she needs any help. Rudra says after a certain age, one understands their capabilities, Akash and Keya are fit for nothing and know their capabilities. He asks Atharva to be at home with family when Peter comes. Atharva refuses and walks away saying he already did something against his wish to please Rudra once and walks away, leaving Rudra fuming.

Imlie walks behind Atharva and calms him explaining in detail that like their parents are respecting their choices after they grew up, even they should respect their parent’s choices. Atharva agrees to be present when Peter comes. Peter visits with his wife Neena. Rudra welcooems them and introduces his family to them. He goes in with Devika to bring gifts for them. Imlie brings snacks for them. Peter asks if she is Mr Rana’s maid. Family gets shocked hearing that. Ripu tries to explain, but Akash stops him. Keya introduces Chini to them. Peter asks if she is Mr Rana’s bahu/DIL. Chini says yes, leaving Imlie shocked.

Imlie serves snacks to Peter and his wife. Peter asks if she is Mr Rana’s maid. Ripu tries to inform that Chini is Rudra’s DIL/bahu and not servant, but Akash stops him. Keya introduces Chini to Peter. Peter asks if she is Mr Rana’s DIL. Rana’s sit silent hearing that. Chini says yes and serves them snacks. Peter taunts his wife that Chini looks like a well-cultured bahu and not like her. Imlie asks Chini why didn’t she say anything when Peter called her Rana’s bahu. Chini says what could she do when family didn’t say anything, she just doesn’t want to upset guests as this meeting is very important to Rudra. She says Imlie is dressed like a servant and hence guests misunderstood her. She asks Imlie not to create any issue and let the meeting end peacefully. Imlie agrees.

Atharva interacts with guests. Chini goes and sits next to him. Peter’s wife say they make a good pair. Atharva asks Chini to maintain a distance as guests are misunderstanding them as a couple. Chini tells guests that Indian husbands are a little shy. Shivani and Divya walk to kitchen to check on preparations. Shivani says thank god the meeting is going on without any evil eyes. Divya comments until the evil eyes/Imlie are in kitchen, everything will be peaceful. Imlie blindfolds herself and does her chores. Divya tries to lift pan lid and burns her fingers. Imlie helps her and asks how did evil eyes fall on Divya when she is blindfolded. She suggests Divya to change her view and see how beautiful the world is and leaves from there reciting a poem.

Rudra and Devika return and ask about Imlie. Peter’s wife says she has gone to get more snacks. Peter says his wife is lazy after marriage and just knows to eat.
Imlie brings juice. Chini asks where is wine. Rudra says alcohol shouldn’t enter this house. Keya says it already has. Akash brings wine bottle. Chini asks Imlie to serve wine to guests. Atharva gets angry on Chini and asks where are the servants. Imlie calms him down and walks towards guests with wine glasses. Chini cross-legs her and makes her slip and drop wine on guests. Peter yells at Imlie calling her a servant. Atharva gets angry and asks family why are they not reacting seeing Peter calling Imlie as a servant. Peter continues. Atharva angrily walks towards Peter to confront him. Akash drags him aside and says when Imlie didn’t bother, why does he. Rudra says that is because even god gulped poison for the sake of peace. Akash asks them not to.

Shivani badmouths Imlie next. Devika shuts her mouth. Ripu and Ginni refuse to have food with guests as they can’t see Imlie’s insult. Peter continues to insult Imlie. Rudra feels bad, but maintains silence. Imlie helps Peter’s wife clean her dress and thanks her for her sportive behavior. Atharva searches for Imlie. Chini pulls him aside and says asks what problem he has if Peter is considering Imlie as servant. Atharva tongue lashes her for thinking so low for her sister. Chini starts playing a victim card as usual that Imlie ruined her childhood and asks what problem he has when Imlie doesn’t have any problem. Atharva warns her that he feels bad when Imlie is insulted and though he can’t love Imlie, he cares for her. Chini frowns hearing his concern for Imlie.

Sundar shows boy’s photo to Arpita and Chini for Imlie’s marriage. Arpita tells Rupali that the way Chini is interfering in Atharva and Imlie’s lives, she will not agree for marriage. Rupali says Chini has to understand that she can’t get Atharva. Atharva walks to Imlie, touches her, and asks if she feels something. She stands silently looking into his eyes. He pulls her towards him. Dil Jaaniye.. song plays in the background. He asks her to take a stand for herself or else he will. She asks him to calm down and says Peter’s words didn’t bother her at all and says until her parent’s blessings, Rudra and Devika’s love, and Atharva’s protective cover is around her, nothing will happen to her. Atharva says he will teach a lesson to Peter. Imlie says someone’s opinion cannot change their value. Atharva says let them comment in their house and not in front of him. Imlie smiles and gives him promise not to say anything to Peter.

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