My desire update Friday 14 July 2023

My desire 14 July 2023: Vidyut says to Police inspector that he did not kill Rudraksh. Police inspector tells him that the latter has to stay in the jail until investigation get over. Digvijay learns about Vidyut’s arrest. He thinks that no one suspected Armaan in Rudraksh’s murder. He informs about Vidyut’s arrest to Armaan. Armaan tells him that it’s a great news. Digvijay asks him to execute next step of his plan.

Pihu calls Digvijay and tells him that she needs his help. Digvijay asks her that what happened. She tells him that Preesha accusing Vidyut in Rudraksh’s murder. She says that she like Vidyut and she know Vidyut did not kill Rudraksh. Armaan tells Digvijay to agree to help Pihu. Digvijay tells Pihu that he will help her and disconnects the call. Armaan tells him that if they helped Pihu then they can earn Pihu’s trust. He says that it will help them to create rift between Pihu and Preesha. He says that if anything went wrong in the case then they can put the blame on Vidyut.

Later, Pihu meets Vidyut in the jail with Digvijay’s help. Vidyut tells Pihu that he did nothing. Pihu tells him that she know that he is innocent. Digvijay says that he trust Pihu so he will help Vidyut. He says that Preesha will try her best to put Vidyut behind bars permanently. He says that if Vidyut is innocent then nothing will happen to him. He asks him to tell everything to lawyer. Vidyut tells everything to lawyer.

On the other hand, Preesha cries recalling the moments she shared with Rudraksh. She hallucinates Rudraksh. He tells her that he will stay in her heart always. She asks him to not leave her because she need him to breathe. He gets vanished. Sharda comes there. Preesha tells her that she won’t spare Vidyut for separating Rudraksh from her.Lawyer tells Vidyut that Pihu’s statement can’t save Vidyut. He says that they need any other proof. Vidyut says that Rudraksh car did not start and they can prove that. Lawyer says that he will check that and tomorrow is court hearing and leaves from there. Digvijay follows him. Pihu asks Vidyut to not get scared because she is with him. She says that Digvijay’s lawyer will prove Vidyut’s innocence for sure. She asks him to not lose hope.

Next day, Sharda tells Preesha that she don’t think Vidyut killed Rudraksh. Preesha asks him that why the latter is taking Vidyut’s side. Pihu and Digvijay comes to the court. Preesha’s lawyer accuses Vidyut. He tells Judge that Vidyut used his car deliberately to kill Rudraksh. Vidyut’s lawyer says that he also got to know that Rudraksh car was in good condition. Police inspector says that according to mechanic statement Vidyut took Rudraksh car to mechanic shop and Rudraksh car was perfectly fine. Vidyut’s lawyer asks judge to give time to collect proofs. Judge gives two days time. Vidyut tells Pihu that someone framing him.

Vidyuth tells Pihu that he cannot think of killing Rudra, he doesn’t know why mechanic lied, someone is trying to frame him. Pihu asks him not to worry as she trusts him and will help him for sure. Constables take Vidyuth away. Digivijay thinks understanding this game is not a kid’s game, Vidyuth needs to have a mature brain like him to understand it. He recalls visiting car mechanic and learning that Vidyuth really left Rudra’s car for repair there, bribing mechanic to lie to the police that Rudra’s car was fine, and waiting to check if mechanic obeys him. Constable visits mechanic who lies that Rudra’s car is fine and starting it in front of constable. Out of flashback, Digvijay thinks Vidyuth cannot be out of jail any time. Pihu pleads Digvijay to help her prove Vidyuth innocent. Digvijay assures her and takes her away.

Sharda with Preesha visits Vidyuth next. Vidyuth pleads her to believe him that he can’t kill Rudra as he loves his brother immensely. Sharda slaps him and says after seeing all the evidences against him, she believes Preesha is right. Vidyuth says Preesha hasn’t seen his and Rudra’s bonding and hence misunderstood him. Sharda continues to curse him and says she will wait for the final verdict when he will be punished for his sin and leaves with Preesha. At night, Preesha cries recalling Rudra. She imagines Rudra visiting her and cheering her up. Sharda hears Preesha laughing and checks. She finds Preesha imagingin Rudra and laughing on his jokes. Saransh joins her and they both try to remind her that Rudra is gone, but she refuses to believe them.

Next day, Pihu with Digvijay and police visits Khurana house to gather vital evidence. Roohi sees Pihu and happily rushes to her. Preesha stops her and warns her not to meet a person who supporting her farther’s murderer. Police finds some vital evidence from Vidyuth’s room. At the court, Preesha’s lawyer tells judge that he got evidence which will prove that Vidyuth mudered Rudra. He says they sent Vidyuth’s clothes to forensic lab where they found RDX traces on the clothes, which was used in bomb to blast Rudra. Vidyuth pleads its a planted evidence against him. Judge says let his lawyer speak. Pihu asks lawyer why didn’t he do anything. Lawyer says he can’t do anything when the evidence is against Vidyuth. Judge says Viyudth is a threat for the society and pronounces a life sentence for him.

Vidyuth pleads Preesah to trust him that he didn’t kill Rudra. Preesha slaps him and warns him to stop lying as all the evidence are against him, she wants him to be punished for his sins. Digvijay recalls bribing servant and planting RDX powder on Vidyuth’s clothes. Out of flashback, he tries to intstigage Vidyuth against Preesha and says Preesha framed him purposefully. Vidyuth refuses to believe him. Police takes him away. Pihu pleads Digvijay to do something and prove Vidyuth innocent. Back home, Preesha cries holding Rudra’s photo and thinks why she is not finding peace event after Vidyuth is punished. Digvijay thinks Vidyuth will never know he is behind all this and plans to eliminate Vidyuth like Rudra. He meets Vidyuth and suggests him to escape from jail. Vidyuth says he will be proved guilty for the crime he didn’t do. Digvijay says he will be hanged next week and doesn’t have time to prove himself guilty. He acts emotional for Pihu and continues insisting him to elope from jail. Vidyuth refuses, leaving Digvijay angry.

Roohi takes food for Preesha and finds her missing from room. She informs Sharda about it. They both inform Sharda. Servant overhears them and informs that he saw Preesha heading towards terrace. Tjhey rush to terrace and find Preesha standing at the terrace railing attempting to commit suicide. They stop him just when she is about to jump down. Preesha says she can’t live without Rudra. Sharda lies that Rudra is downstairs and gets her down. She sends kids down and says she has to live for her children as they are dependent on her.

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