Unfortunate love update Thursday 13 July 2023

Unfortunate love 13 July 2023: The Episode starts with Rano telling that she will send him to jail. He says he did a mistake to leave her. Rano says I remember everything and is giving knife’s answer with sword. She says whatever happening with Lakshmi and Oberoi family is done by you. Balwinder says you are firing in dark. Rano says I heard Guddu and you and asks if you are coming with me to PS, else I will tell Rishi. Balwinder says I am doing this to marry Lakshmi. Rano says its ok, I will tell everything to Rishi, your news will come on TV and you will get famous. Balwinder says he will give her money. Rano gets happy and says you will buy me. Balwinder says I am helpless to give you money. Rano says if you will give me whatever I ask. He says yes. Rano says ok and threatens to hang him to death along with Rishi’s help,if he cheats her. Balwinder says he will not cheat her. Rano asks him to meet her tomorrow with the money. Balwinder thinks he has to give her half money.

Rishi asks Neelam what aunty is saying? Neelam says yes, I have refused to help her, as Lakshmi did such a work, she has risked many lives and all the world is pointing fingers at us, and calling us selfish, murderer etc. Rishi says all world is saying and you are believing them. He says Lakshmi didn’t do anything wrong. Neelam says she did, and asks how did you know that she didn’t do, as you was not here. He says even if I stay in any corner of the world, but I know. He says our Lakshmi can’t poison the food. He says she can risk her life for others, but will never put others’ life in risk. He says whatever happened is not right, people are hospitalized, and it is a sin, and this sin can’t be done by Lakshmi. He says we have done a crime and nothing saved lakshmi from going to PS.

He says we did this sin and says no problem, if you don’t want to save her. And I will not force anyone. He is about to go, when Malishka and Neelam stop him. Neelam says you want to save Lakshmi, going against me. Rishi says I am going to save your name family’s respect, people shall not say that oberoi’s bahu are in jail though she is innocent. Neelam asks do you want to save her, going against me. Rishi asks why you don’t want to save her. He says Lakshmi gives us pain and troubles us and you can’t see us in pain. He says I can’t see Lakshmi in pain and says I am going to save her. He says I am going to save my Lakshmi and going to my Lakshmi. He says I hope you understand. Neelam is shocked. Malishka gets upset. Rishi leaves.

Lakshmi thinks this can’t happen that Rishi haven’t come. She thinks Shalu will call and inform him. She thinks come out. The lady constable says your husband came. Lakshmi says Rishi came. The lady constable says not yours, but other’s husband. Lakshmi says he didn’t come. The other prisoners ask her to pray that he shall not come. The lady prisoner says I came to know that you have mixed poisoned in his hotel food, and says he will come and grab your neck. She asks if she did this to take revenge or having affair with someone, and says this is what her husband will say. Other lady prisoner says look at her face, she can’t poisoned the food. Lakshmi says my husband can’t do this. They tell that her husband will not come, and will leave her.

Lakshmi says he will come and take me from here, as he loves …and says he is very good and different from others, will support and believe me, and prove me innocent. They ask why he didn’t come till now, someone might have stopped him. Lakshmi thinks if Malishka, Neelam or Karishma stopped him.Neelam says Rishi said that he can’t see inauspicious Lakshmi in pain. Malishka says that Lakshmi has kept Rishi in her clutches. Kiran says Lakshmi might keep Rishi away from you. Ayush says if Rishi is in her hands, then why she bears everything here, she should have go with Rishi. He says she loves this family and that’s why bears everything. Karishma says I can’t believe that he is my son. Sonia says Ayush is in Lakshmi’s clutch. Karishma says even Ahana. Dadi says even I am in her clutch.

Virender says I am feeling very ashamed and tells Neelam that he had warned her. He says Rishi can’t see Lakshmi’s pain, he loves her a lot. Neelam says you are giving me much pain with your words, already Rishi gave me pain. Dadi asks didn’t you hurt Rishi? Neelam says I was stopping him from walking on the wrong path. Virender says it is your perspective. Dadi says you have hurt Rishi, as you hurt Lakshmi. She asks her to accept Lakshmi, if she don’t want to hurt Rishi. Karishma says Mom. Dadi says the talk is over and goes.

Rishi comes to the PS. Lakshmi senses his presence and tells that she was sure that he will come. Lady constable comes to lock the prisoner. Lakshmi asks constable to let her meet her husband and says he has come. Lady constable asks how did you know? Lakshmi says she has felt and asks her to let her meet him. Lady constable says amazing love and goes.Rishi comes to the Inspector and asks him to leave Lakshmi Oberoi, says she is innocent and didn’t do any crime. Inspector says let the court decide. Rishi asks can’t you identify the people. Inspector asks who are you? Rishi says he is Rishi Oberoi, hotel Oberoi Shereton’s owner and Lakshmi’s husband. The lady constable thinks she was right. Rishi insists him to free her. Inspector asks him to get her bail. Rishi requests him to let him meet her, and says she is expecting that Rishi will come. Inspector refuses.

The lady constable signs Inspector to let him meet her. Rishi says I beg of you, let me meet her for humanity sake. Inspector agrees and asks Lady constable to take him to his wife. The lady prisoner says you was shouting that your husband Rishi will come. Other says husbands are selfish. The lady prisoner says your husband will not come. Lakshmi says Rishi will come, and will not break my trust. The lady constable says he has not broken your trust and has come to meet you. Lakshmi gets happy and comes out of the lock up. The lady constable says love shall be like them. Malishka fumes with anger and says the more she tries to separate them, they come closer to each other. Lakshmi comes to the meeting room and sees Rishi standing.

Lakshmi seeing Rishi standing in the meeting room and gets emotional. Rishi comes near her. Lakshmi cries and hugs him. Rishi also gets teary eyes. Dil ke kareeb ho tum plays….Rishi says Lakshmi, I am sorry. Lakshmi says no, I am fine. She says I mean I am fine now, you have come. Rishi says I have come, but I am late and says sorry. Lakshmi asks him not to say sorry and says you came for me, it is enough for me. Malishka tells Kiran that Lakshmi has hypnotized Rishi and he went there to get her freed. Kiran says Rishi has showed guts by going against Neelam. Malishka asks if she is praising him. She says Lakshmi has done black magic on him. Kiran says everyone is happy that they care for each other. Malishka says didn’t you hear what Virender uncle said, love.

Kiran says I heard. She says nothing is over, we have one chance, Neelam and says if Neelam turns her face from you, then your chance will finish and it will be last day for you here, and Rishi will be your dream. Malishka says no Mom, Rishi will become Lakshmi’s dream and I will do anything to get him. She says I will not leave Rishi even if they get close.Rishi says I have to come, as you have called me. He asks didn’t you call me? He asks did you think that I will not come. Lakshmi asks if I shall think like this. He says whatever happened with you. Lakshmi says I haven’t done anything really. He says I trust you completely and knows that you can never do this, and asks her not to worry. He says don’t get scared, I will talk to lawyer, I have come. Lakshmi says I am not scared, as you have come. Rishi says but you was scared before and says sorry.

Lakshmi says she was feeling good and peaceful here, and says something happens at home, and you calls me many times, so it is good that I got rid of you for sometime. He says I was getting worried and you wanted to get rid of me. He calls her Mrs. Oberoi and says I won’t let this happen. He holds her. Inspector and lady constable come there. Inspector tells lady constable that they are standing as if it is their house. Lady constable says they love each other. He asks Rishi to go. Rishi says just give me 5 mins. Inspector says I gave permission to meet her, going against rules and says next time you will have problem. Rishi says I won’t let her stay here. Inspector says you will have problem. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he is going, but will return to pick her. He signs her and goes. The lady constable asks Lakshmi to come.

Bani asks Shalu if Ayush said that Rishi jiju left from Bangalore. Shalu says yes. Bani asks her to call ayush and asks if he got her freed. Shalu says I don’t know, if jiju will go against Neelam aunty. Bani says then who will get her freed. Shalu says we will get her freed. Rano asks them to be on land and asks did you think how to get her freed? Ayush calls Shalu and asks her to come behind the house, and tells about accident. Shalu says I will go and see. She collides with Neha, and the latter’s glass falls down. Neha scolds her for making her juice falls down. Shalu says I will make juice for you after coming back. Rano says who will clean the floor. Shalu asks Bani to do and leaves. Bani says I will clean the floor. Rano and Neha scold her. Neha asks Bani to make juice again for her and goes. Rano thinks what about my work, when Balwinder will call me. She thinks to get money from him.

Neelam thinks of Rishi going against her to free Rishi. She says how can my son go against me, I can’t think even in my dream. Kiran comes there and closes the door. Neelam asks why did you close the door. Kiran says I don’t want anyone to hear us, as I want to talk to you about something important. She asks did you think that this will happen, Rishi has gone against you due to Lakshmi. She says I know you are upset, Malishka and I are scared, and our insecurities are increased. She says Rishi told that Lakshmi is important to me and asks if he will leave her and marry Malishka. She says I am here, in your house for my daughter and your son’s marriage. Neelam asks what do you want? Kiran says promise. She says Malishka is crying and scared, says everyone regards that inauspicious girl as their daughter and asks her to promise that Malishka will become the bahu of the house. She says this promise shall never break. Neelam recalls Rishi’s words and promises Kiran.

She says not to you, but to myself, Malishka will become my bahu and thinks before that, I have to get my son back from Lakshmi, she can’t snatch my son and family from me, until I am alive everything will be mine, even my son.Rishi is still in the PS and thinks he forgot to tell one thing to Lakshmi. Inspector asks where is he going? Rishi says he forgot to tell her something and says he will talk to her 2 mins and then will leave. Inspector says we will give your message to her and asks the lady constable to take his message and give to his wife. Rishi asks if you will give her the message. The lady constable says ok. Rishi says I love you and asks her to say that. The lady constable says ok. Rishi asks lady constable to tell that she is not closer to him, but her touch, warmth is with him, when he closes his eyes, he feels that she wants to hug him.

The lady constable asks do you want to say this. Rishi says yes, and along with this, I want to give her a kiss. I will give to you on your cheeks and you shall give to Lakshmi on her cheeks.Lakshmi is happy in the lock up and thinks of Rishi’s promise. The lady prisoner asks Lakshmi if he was your husband. Lakshmi says he was my husband only and says he is different and didn’t accuse me. The lady prisoner asks if she is saying truth. Lakshmi says yes. Other prisoner says she is saying truth else she wouldn’t have smiled.

Shalu comes to the backside of her house and thinks where is Ayush? She gets worried thinking where is he? She calls his name, when Ayush comes there. She falls and he holds her. They have an eye lock and the song plays…The inspector tells Rishi that his joke is enough and asks him to come later to meet her. Rishi says if my emotions get weak and goes out of my body. He asks the lady constable to go and tell Lakshmi. The lady constable refuses. Rishi says then I will go and tell her inside. The Inspector stops him and asks him to leave. Inspector asks him to arrest him. Inspector asks constable to push him out. Rishi runs inside the lock up and closes the doors. He says I will go and tell Lakshmi, whatever I want to say, and calls her. He hides while the Inspector and constables try to chase him. He smiles.

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