Lost in love starlife update Saturday 18 May 2024

Isha visits Bhosale institute as an officer from education department. She recalls Surekha insulting her at the gate and kicking her out of the institute. Yashwant with Nishi and Shantanu notices her and in usual usual arrogant tone asks what is Ishan doing here.

Isha says she is Dr Isha Bhosale who is here as university selection committee’s panelist, their staff is permanent and they get grants from university, and hence university wants to check if they are selecting a right candidate for assistant professor’s post without any partiality. Yashwant says they don’t do any partiality in their institute. He calls Shukla and asks him to take Isha to conference room where interview is going on. Isha leaves with Shukla. Yashwant shouts at Shantanu for not informing him about Isha’s visit. Shantanu says even he didn’t inform about Surekha insulting Isha at the gate. Yashwant says there is no competition going on here. Shantanu says even he didn’t know about Isha’s visit and thinks why didn’t Isha inform him about it.

Isha borrows her friend’s scooty, jacket, and scarf from her friend and gets Reeva into college making her wearing jacket and scarf over her face. She stops scooty at the guards and interacts with him to stop him from doubting her. She asks Reeva if she knows where interview venue is. Reeva says no and asks her to show it to her. Savi takes Reevat to meet her professor who is very loyal in his job. Isha meets Ishan on the way to conference room. Ishan asks what is she doing here. Isha says she is from a selection panel for assistant professor’s interview. Ishan lets her go.

Savi then takes Reevat towards Ishan’s cabin. Ishan passes by. She calls Ishan. Reeva gets tensed and hides. Savi tells Ishan that she wants to introduce him to someone. Ishan asks who. Savi sees Reeva missing and says someone wanted to give assistant professor’s interview and guard was not letting her in due to some technical reason as she applied after the last time, so she was bringing her to him for help. Ishan asks who gave her right to do all this, how does she know that that girl is talented, her already had warned to meet him only if she has some important work regarding studies, etc.

She asks if he is fine as he looks upset since 2 days. He says yes and asks her not to meet him unnecessarily as his mood is off. Savi says okay and thinks where that girl must have gone.

Reeva reaches outside conference room and waits for interview. She thinks she has to convince Ishan somehow and get him back into her life. Ishan starts interview. Shantanu asks Shukla to send first candidate in. Savi gets Harini’s call who informs that hospital people have ordered a test for azoba worth 50000 rs and an injection worth 70000 rs, a 2 lakh deposit which Bhavani had paid got over in a day and hospital wants them to deposit more money. Savi assures her not to worry as she has mailed Azoba’s reports to a few trust hospitals where there would be less expenses and she will arrange money in some time. She calls her professor and requests him to get her job like he got novelist Roopa’s proofreading job. Professor says she will not earn more than 15000-20000 rs in a whole month and asks if she in dire need of money. Savi says yes and disconnects call. She then calls Isha and thinks why she is not picking her call.

Ishan brutally insults a candidate and rejects him. Isha confronts him and says he can’t insult anyone like this. Ishan says he has to weed out bad candidate as he wants best professors for his students. Isha says he can do that without insulting anyone. Shantanu interferes and tells Isha that Ishan is right in his sense and tells Ishan that he shouldn’t insult anyone like that. Ishan calls next candidate. Reeva walks in. Bhosales look shocked seeing her.

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