Faltu starlife update Friday 17 May 2024

Faltu 17 may 2024: The Episode starts with Neil coming to Faltu. Faltu 17 may 2024: He says I will drop you for practice. Faltu says I will go. He says I will drop you and go to office. She says I m not your responsibility, I can take care of myself, if Ayaan doesn’t stop the marriage, then I have to spend life alone.

He says fine, take driver. She says I will hire an auto. He says think of my respect, people know we are getting married. She says people will talk when our plan gets revealed, let me go now. She leaves.

She comes to the academy. Ayaan comes and says I have come to support you and keep my promise, forgive me, please, come back. She imagines him and hugs. The lady says we were waiting for you, I have seen your last record, now move on when you got the second chance, use it well. Faltu hears the girls gossiping about her.

The girls oppose her. The lady asks Faltu to focus and play. Faltu says I m ready. She does good batting. She thanks Ayaan. Ayaan gets ready. Tanu looks on and thinks why is he so happy.

Savita comes and looks on. Ayaan says Faltu has gone to the academy and she has played well, coach is happy, her drea m is going to get fulfilled, we should be happy. Dadi comes and supports Ayaan. She says we will not let Faltu marry Neil. He says I m not ready. Faltu recalls Ayaan’s words. Neil comes and says my work got over, so I have come to ask if we shall go for shopping. The girls see them and gossip. Faltu says we are going home, come, we need to talk. Ayaan says everything is over between Faltu and me. Dadi says just go and hug Faltu, tell her, she is yours. Ayaan laughs and says you are spoiling me. He goes. Tanu and Savita argue with Dadi. Tanu says I know about Ayaan’s happiness, let me handle this.

Dadi thinks does she really want his happiness. Neil asks how can you change your decision. She says I will forgive him, I m not happy without him. He says come with me, I will show you his truth, he is selfish. She says enough, he is not a bad man. He says then come with me and see what he is doing in sorrow. He calls someone. Ayaan asks Tanu and Savita to go for lunch. Savita says no, we won’t go without you. She convinces him to come along for a trip. He goes. She asks Tanu to call Sid there. Dadi says this isn’t right. Neil says Ayaan is keeping a breakup party, he is going to a club. Faltu is shocked. Ayaan drinks at the bar and talks to Faltu. He says go away from me. He is shocked seeing Faltu dancing in the pub.


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