Lost in love update Wednesday 26 July 2023

Lost in love 26 July 2023: Vinayak locks himself in a room. Pakhi and Viratplead him to open the door and at least tell what happened. Vinayak recalls Virat discussing about Sai. Bhavani asks what happened. Pakhi accuses Virat of upsetting Vinu by talking about Sai. Vinu shouts that dirty aunty has done a black magic on baba that he always talks about her. Pakhi says that is what she meant. Vinu tells Virat that he will open the door only if Virat promises to fulfill his demand. Virat asks his demand. Vinu says he wants promise first. Virat says this is blackmailing and agrees. Vinu opens door. Pakhi pampers him and insists Virat to fulfil his promise. Vinu asks Virat to promise that he will not let Sai take him away from this house and Pakhi.

Savi shares Virat’s brought modak with Sai and says Virat loves them a lot. She shows their new nameplate prepared by her. Sai says its pretty and asks how did she fix it so high. Savi says baba fixed it, she sent its photo to Vinu dada describing this is his house also and he can come and stay with them. Sai thinks she can’t understand what is Virat doing, he is fixing a name plate here and on the other side is unable to convince Vinu that she is not dirty or a sorcerer. Vinu insists Virat to promise him. Virat says if his promise will reduce his pain, then he will promise him for sure. Vinu thanks him. After some time, Virat gets ready for work. Sai calls him and asks if he had called her. Virat says he doesn’t remember. Sai says she thought he wants to talk to her. Virat says no, does she want to talk. Sai says no. Virat says he wants to. Call gets disconnected.

Pakhi hugs him from behind and thanks him for promising Vinu and clearing her doubt. Virat frees himself. Pakhi says let us shift to Mumbai for their and Sai’s peace of mind. Virat says he promised Vinu to remove fear from his mind, he will not accept Mumbai promotion and will not leave Nagpur. Pakhi asks how can he do this, this promotion is important for his career. Virat says he can’t take Vinu away from his elders as he wants good sanskars for his son. Pakhi says this is not good for Sai. Virat says they dono’t have to decide what is good and bad for Sai, Sai herself will decide it.

Sai returns home. Usha informs that they need to pay 2 months’ rent and buy groceries. Sai says she will meet house owner and pay rent and will inform when she will vacate the house as they are shifting to Mumbai. Usha asks when? Sai says she wil inform her late. Savi bring warm water bucket and asks Sai to put her legs in it to relax. Sai feels relaxed. Savi informs that Virat is not accepting his Mumbai promotion. Sai asks why is Virat doing this. She gets an emergency call from hospital and leaves. A few sari selling ladies visit Usha and take her away.

Door bell rings. Savi opens door and finds Bhavani standing. She calls her by name and asks what is she doing here. Bhavani asks if she will call her by name. Savi says she scolded her when she called her badi aaji/senior grandma. Bhavani says she can call her badi aaji from hereon and asks if she will not call her in. Savi says Vinu dada was right that badi aaji is reformed now and welcomes her in. She offers her water and says she can’t prepare tea as her parents asked her not to go near gas. Bhavani pampers her and says her parents gave her good sanskars, she is intelligent like her. Savi jokes masta masta.. Bhavani smiles and says she wants to share a secret with her which she shouldnt’ share with anyone.

Bhavani tells Savi that she will share some secret with her which she can’t discuss with anyone, even Sai. Savi says she can’t hide anything from Sai. Bhavani asks if she doesn’t want to know about her biological father. Virat’s staff forcefully takes him a wheelchair to a hospital after he suffers a chest pain. A doctor asks about his medical history. Sai enters and tells doctor that she will handle it. She asks Virat’s staff to wait in a waiting area. Virat smiles. Bhavani asks Savi if she really doesn’t want to know who her biological father is. Savi says she wants to and used to write on trees in Gadchiroli to send her baba to her. Bhavani takes promise from her not reveal it to anyone and reveals that Virat is her biological father. Savi laughs and says Virat is her adopted father and she has his signed papers.

Bhavani shows Virat and Sai’s wedding photos and reveals that they married long ago even before Savi and Vinu were born, Savi and Vinu are Virat and Sai’s biological children. Savi is surprised and feels excited. She says Savi is Virat and Sai Chavan’s daughter and and only she can reunite her parents and shift to Chavan nivas. Savi feels more happy. Bhavani mimics her masta masta dialogue with Savi and offers her pocket money saying she is real Laxmi of Chavan nivas.

Sai gives medicine to Virat. Virat asks if she remembers is medicine. Sai says she is a doctor and took care of him when he suffered a bullet injury. She asks him to unbutton his shirt to check his heartbeat. He does nervously. She takes his BP. He writhes in pain when cuff tightens. She jokes that he should look himself into mirror, he looks old as he is a father of 2 kids. Virat says even she is a mother of 2 kids. Sai says he is brought here on a wheelchair and asks him to take care of himself as she won’t be there in Mumbai to take care of him. He says he rejected his promotion as he doesn’t want him and his son stay away from her, he means his elders’ good upbringing and their love. Sai gets emotional and says her son hates her, did he speak to Vinu about it. Senior doctor walks in and asks Sai what is she doing here. Sai says she got an emergency call. Doctor says there is no emergency or else he would have called her. Sari thinks who played prank with her.

Sai returns home with candyfloss for Savi. Savi says she doesn’t want to have it and reminds Sai about her promise not to have candyfloss again if she learns about her reveal father’s name. Sai asks if she found her real father. Savi says yes and writes Chavan next to her name and says she learnt that they are Chavans and Virat is her biological father, so she will not have candyfloos from hereon.

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