Lost in love update Thursday 27 July 2023

Lost in love 27 July 2023: Savi tells Sai that she learnt that Virat is her biological father and hence she will not have candyfloss from hereon. Sai asks who informed her about it. Savi recalls promising Bhavani and says she can’t. Sai asks why not. Savi says she knows aayi and baba fought and hence they don’t stay together. Sai insists to tell who told her this. Savi says she made a pinky promise to someone, so she can’t. She suggets her to patch up with bab and feels excited to stay with her baba forever. Sai thinks Usha must have informed her and questions Usha who says she didn’t. Sai questions Savi again who says she pinky promised not to reveal the name.

Jagtap is busy offering roses to every passerby and wishing them happy valentine’s day. Sai storms in and slaps him and shouts why did he do that and why don’t he stop interfering in her life. Jagtap thinks she found out that he informed Pakhi about Vinu’s birth truth and reveals about it. She shouts that he ruined everything and asks why did he inform Savi that Savi is her and Virat’s daughter. Jagtap says he didn’t. Sai thinks who else must have informed Savi then.

Vinayak shows his new shoes to his friends via a video call. Bhavani walks into his room and asks him to teach her online shopping. He teaches her and asks how did she change suddenly. Bhavani tickles him and asks if he thinks she didn’t love him before. He says no. She tickles him more and says they should shop for his sister Savi also. Sonali hears that and asks if she accepted Savi as her granddaughter. Bhavani says Savi is Vinu’s sister, Virat’s daughter, and her granddaughter. Sonali says Vinu is right that Bhavani has changed. Vinu calls Savi and says badi aaji wants to online shop for her. Savi feels happy. Vinu says Savi can call badi aaji as badi aaji from hereon. Savi says she knows. Bhavani takes phone and asks if everything is fine there. Savi says yes. Bhavani asks if she needs anything. Savi says she doesn’t need anything and instead wants to buy something for Vinu. Bhavani hopes everything is alright there.

A girl selling roses requests Virat to buy rose for the person he loves most. Virat buys a rose. Savi packs her suitcase happily thinking she will stay with baba from hereon. Sai insists her to tell who told that Virat is her biological father. Savi refuses to break her promise. Sai feels upset. Usha tries to feed her food. Sai cries that she is a mother whose son hates her and her daughter doesn’t trust her. She says she and her Aaba never hid anything and had a strong bond between them, she failed a mother. Usha says not to say that as she alone gave good upbringing to Savi, Savi is following her advice not to break promise. Sai asks her to let her be alone for sometime and sleeps crying. Savi walks to Sai and requests her not to cry as she is the most important person for her. Sai asks her to open up then. Savi reveals that Bhavani informed her about it.

Pakhi tells Ashwini taht Virat promised her that his responsibility is only towards her, but he is following respsoibility at both sides and is at Sai’s house most of the time. Ashwini says Virat cares for her. Pakhi says that is the problem, he doesn’t want to break her heart on one side and wants to fix Sai’s broken heart on the other side; he acts as if he is doing a favor on her and is riding 2 boat at once, he has to get off 1 boat some day and it would be her; she had insisted him to take Mumbai transfer, but he didn’t to stay with Sai. Ashwini says its not like that. Pakhi says she fears that Virat’s love for Sai will overpower him and he will snatch Vinu from her and return him to Sai. She pleads Ashwini to convince Virat to accept Mumbai transfer. Ashwini says she will speak to Virat. Bhavani enters and says there is no need to talk to Virat.

Sai is shocked to learn that Bhavani had visited Savi in her absence, shared truth with her and even gave pocket money. She doubts Bhavani’s intentions. Usha says she should have stayed at home and not gone to buy paithani sari, which was prank on her. Sai says even she got a prank emergency call and thinks if Bhavani was behind this. She doubts if Bhavani wants to snatch Savi from her and says Bhavani did wrong by informing Savi about her biological father, which she wanted to inform her later. Bhavani warns Ashwini not to fall for Pakhi’s cries. She tells Pakhi that Virat married her, took care of her when she was hospitalized, let Vinu stay with her and even promised Vinu that he will not let Vinu go away from this house; he did so much for her, even then she is questioning Virat; there is constantly complaining Pakhi on side and Sai on the other side who alone brought up her daughter and facing difficulties alone. She warns them to dare not force Virat to shift to Mumbai as she wants her grandson to stay with her and whoever does that will be kicked out of the house.

Sonali hears their conversation and is shocked that Bhavani accepted Savi as her granddaughter some time ago and now supporting Sai, something is wrong and she needs to find out. Usha tells Sai that there is nothing wrong in Bhavani reveal truth to Savi. Sai asks what is she saying. Usha reminds that Sai wanted to reveal truth to Vinu and he found out via Pakhi instead, Bhavani made her work easy instead. Sai says she doesn’t know the confusion created in Savi’s mind. After some time, Sai is about to leave the house when Savi walks to her with her bags and says she will also accompany her to baba’s house and they both will stay with baba.

Sai sayys they can’t. Savi gets adamant. Sai scolds her. Usha asks her not to shout at a small kid. Savi gets sad. Sai says she will do whatever Sai says, but Savi should promise that she will not go anywhere. Savi stands silently. Sai leaves.

Pakhi sitting in garden recalls Bhavani’s words. Vinu driving his cycle aside asks Pakhi when will baba return home. Pakhi says she doesn’t know, his baba’s mind would be somewhere else even if he is at home. She feeds food to Vinu and goes in to bring more. Vinu slips from cycle is about to fall on a sharp object when Sai enters and hold him. He hugs Sai at first but then noticing her face panics shouting dirty aunty and calls Pakhi. Pakhi rushes out. Vinu asks her to protect him from dirty aunty and asks why dirty aunty is here when baba promised to not let her near him. Pakhi says she will not let that woman enter the house and sends him in. Sai warns Pakhi not to utter anything as she knows what she wants to speak. She confronts Pakhi for brainwashing Vinu against her and fill poison in his mind, says she plays a victim card even after doing so many sins and selfishly thinks only after her not bothering about other’s feelings, she will have to pay for her sins soon.

Pakhi asks if she is threatening her in her own house and warns her to dare not cross the limits. Bhavani walks out and asks what is Sai doing, if Sai informed her truth. Sai tells Pakhi that she will talk to her later and will speak to Bhavani first. Bhavani asks Pakhi what is happening. Pakhi says Vinu got upset seeing Sai, Bhavani wants her to become like Sai, but she doesn’t want to trouble her children like Sai.

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