Lost in love update Tuesday 25 July 2023

Lost in love 25 July 2023: Virat’s car breaks down midway. While a mechanic repairs his car, he recalls expressing his love for Sai and even promising Pakhi to never separate Vinu from her. He hears church bell and walks into the church. Father/priest asks him how can he help him. Virat says he just dragged himself in hearing a church bell and doesn’t know why he came here. Father says one should pour of what in their heart and clear a burden from their heart. Virat says even he wants to confess something. Father asks him to get into a confession box. Virat gets into confession and says he doesn’t know from where to start; there is a fight between his brain and heart since a few days; he is stuck between his duty and heart and doesn’t know what is wrong and what is wrong; he is following responsibility towards a woman who supported him when had shattered completely; she married him and helped him adopted his son Vinu.

He continues that he doesn’t love his wife Pakhi, but didn’t have problem living with her; his dilemma started when his ex-wife Sai returned in his live and he still loves her; he ignored his feelings initially, but when he saw her in trouble, he couldn’t control his feelings and realized that he can’t see Sai in pain and was crying seeing her shattered; he hugged her and promised to always be by her side; he is dreaming about a happy life with Sai, Vinu, and Sai, but his responsibility towards Pakhi doesn’t let him complete his dream. He breaks down and says he wants to live with Sai as he feels happy with her, but he can’t betray even Pakhi; he doesn’t know what to do, but he knows for sure that he can’t forget Pakhi; he needs a right path.

Bhavani hears his confession and gets emotional. Father returns and asks what is she doing in confession area. Bhavani recalls entering church with nuns and hearing Virat’s conversation with father, says she just wanted to see how it works. Father says its a restricted area and only father is allowed there. Nuns inform him that she is Bhavani who came to see school. Father takes her to show school.

Virat returns home, gets into kitchen, fills plate and eats food right there. Pakhi enters and asks if Sai didn’t feed him food. Virat asks why is she dragging Sai between them. Pakhi cries that Sai has ruined her life. Virat says if she had seen Sai’s condition, she would have felt pity on her. Pakhi says he feels pity on Sai always, he should show some mercy on her and his son at least; Vinu was having high fever whole day due to fear and needs someone’s presence around him. She blames Sai for Vinu’s condition and says he should be ashamed to call himself as Vinu’s baba. Vinu hears their conversation and returns to his room. Virat walks to him. Vinu acts as asleep. Virat pampers him and says he need not worry as his father will protect him always.

Next morning, Bhavani visits temple with Sonali and offers 101 coconut to god. Sonali says she had taken oath to offer 101 coconut if god shows her a right path and asks if god showed her a right path. Bhavani says yes and its between her and her god; she thought Sai is the reason for all their problems, but now realized that she is the solution for all their problems; she will use all her powers to reunite Sai and Virat and needs god’s help. Virat visits Savi with modaks and asks how is she. She says Masta Masta.. Virat says she is mimicking her elder aaji. He offers her modak. She feels excited and says she will finish everything. He says she should share some with Sai. She says aayi is back to her normal self. Sai walks to Virat and says she needs to talk to him. Virat fears if she heard him expressing his feelings for her.

Vinayak quesitons Pakhi if Sri Krishna is Yashoda maiya’s adopted son, did he stay with Devaki maiya also. Pakhi says Yashoda maiya brought up Sri Krishna, so she is his real mother. Mohit informs Pakhi that a few factory workers want to meet her. Pakhi asks Vinu to continue his coloring and leaves. Bhavani hears their conversation, walks to Vinu, and asks if she can also color. He agrees. She says he was asking if Sri Krishna stayed with his real mamma Devika maiya or not. Vinayak asks if she knows about it. Bhavani says who else will know about it and ays Sri Krishna freed Devaki maiya from Kans’ prison after defeating Kans; though Sri Krishna stayed initially with Yashoda maiya, he stayed with Devaki maiya afterwards. Vinu says he will stay only with his Pakhi maiya and walks away from there. Bhavani thinks he ultimately has to stay with his Devaki maiya and she will bring Sai in this house at any cost.

Sai asks Virat about Vinu. Virat thinks he shouldn’t inform her about Vinu’s fever or else she will be more upset. He says she is fine and doesn’t want to attend school for a few days. Sai says its okay and thanks him for taking care of Savi when she was in a delusional state after Vinu rejected her and reveals that she doesn’t remember anything happened after that. He asks if she really doesn’t remember anything. She nods no and gets emotional worried for Savi. Virat says Sai is also his daughter and any problem on Savi has to cross over him first. Sai says he is so lucky that Savi calls him baba and loves him so much, she is world’s most unluckiest mother that her son hates her. She asks if he and Pakhi filled poison against her in Vinu’s mind. Virat asks why she thinks so. Sai says she saw Pakhi brainwashing Vinu against her.

Virat says he had hidden truth to avoid all this, he didn’t tell Vinu anything though. Sai says situation has already worensed and pleads him not to provoke her son against her. Virat asks why would he. Sai asks why would an innocent kid call her as a sorcerer. He didn’t. Sai says someone in his family is provoking Vinu against her. Virat says nobody in family will, Vinu must have read a story somewhere and connected himself to it. He promises to find out how Vinu got this thought and will tell him that she is his aayi, he needs time for this and her trust. She nods yes and asks if he really prepared these modaks. He asks her to try and decide herself. She smiles.

Bhavani teaches cycling to Vinu. Virat walks in and asks if grandmaa is teaching bicycling to her grandson. Bhavani reminds that she taught him cycling, his son learnt it earlier than her and is one step ahead of him. He asks when will he start living his life, she understands him even without him speaking, his heart should always win in a fight between heart and brain. Virat teaches cycling to Vinu next and asks why he hates Sai so much when Sai treated him and loves him so much. Vinu gets angry and shouts to stop talking about dirty aunty. Virat asks him not to call Sai as dirty aunty. Vinu says he will, dirty aunty has done black magic on even him as Pakhi said. Virat asks if Pakhi taught him this. Vinu says aayi told him a story about a queen mother, her prince, and a dirty sorcerer who wants to snatch prince from her. Virat realizes that Sai is right that someone brainwashed Vinu.

Pakhi picks Virat’s uniform and smells it scent when Virat walks in and confronts her for being a bad mother. Pakhi asks what did she do. Virat asks why did she tell a sorcerer’s story and compared her with Sai. Pakhi refuses his allegation, blames Sai again for trapping Virat and trying to snatch her son from her, plays a victim card as usual, and threatens to commit suicide. Virat warns her to stop playing a victim and suicide card and stop infusing poison in Vinu’s mind. Pakhi says she knows he doesn’t love her, she wants to know if he hates her also. Ashwini rushes in and informs that Vinu has locked himself in his room.

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