Destined by fate update Wednesday 26 July 2023

Destined by fate 26 July 2023: Kanha informs Kusum that Saroj is stable after blood transfusion. Kusum asks if he informed Nakul and Dhanraj about it. Kanha says yes and says Sayuri saved Saroj on time by donating her blood. He asks what had happened actually. Kusum is about to speak when Dhanraj calls him. Kusum recalls Anjali’s atrocities. Anjali calls her and she disconnects call. Anjali fears that Kusum may put all the blame on her. Kanha enters Saroj’s hospital room and finds Sayuri sitting beside her. He offers juice for her. Sayuri thanks him for saving Saroj’s life on time. Kanha says he should thank her instead for donating her blood and saving Saroj.

Sayuri asks Nakul to bring Saroj’s medicines and not to take much stress. Kusum notices that, walks to her, hugs her emotionally for saving Saroj’s life, and calling her bhabhi requests her to save their famil. Sayuri gets emotional and asks if she called her bhabhi. Kusum says only Sayuri can be Kanha’s wife and says Kanha loves only her. She reveals that Saroj fell down because of Anjali and describes the incident. She requests Sayuri to return home and protect their family.

Dhanraj with Tej visits Sharmas and says Sayuri insistently sent her there. He breaks down saying he already lost his friend and son and doesn’t have courage to lose any dear ones again. Bhanu and Indu console him. Indu says she will serve them food. Dhanraj asks Rashmi to call Nakul as he is hesitant to come in. Rashmi goes out and comforts Nakul.

Saroj regains consciousness and recalls falling from the stairs because of Anjali. Doctor says her bleeding has subsided and she should be thankful to her bahu/DIL. Sayuri signals him to stop. Doctor leaves. Kanha reveals that Sayuri donated her blood and saved Saroj’s life. Saroj accuses Sayuri of burdening her with favor and says she will never accept her as DIL or daughter and for her only her Kanha, Nakul, Kusum, and and Anjali are children. Sayuri says she doesn’t mind if Saroj doesn’t consider her as daughter, but she shouldn’t call Anjali as a daughter because of whom she fell down. Kanha is shocked to hear that Anjali is the reason behind Saroj’s accident.

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