Lost in love update Tuesday 1 August 2023

Lost in love 1 August 2023: Ashwini comforts Pakhi and assures that she will go and question Sai, and if Sai answers her questions, she can stay here or else go from here. Sai drives Virat’s car while Virat rests. Virat says she drives well. Sai recalls Virat teaching her driving and says a khadus taught her driving. Virat says she taunts him even for his good work. She says sorry. He says he needs some praises. Sai reveals that she was angry on him as she thought he informed Pakhi about Vinu, but later learnt that it was Jagtap who thought he is helping her by doing this. Virat says Jagtap worsened the issue instead by informing Pakhi. Sai drives til her hospital and asks Virat to drive to his police station carefully. Virat says even she should take care of her. Sai says even he should and walks into hospital.

Virat reaches police station. His subordinates chuckle seeing earring stuck in his collar. Virat asks reason. Subordinate says bhabhiji’s earring is stuck in his collar. Virat smiles recalling Sai hugging him while trying to apply car’s emergency brakes and feels good. Kamble walks in and asks Virat why is he inquiring about him. Virat asks why did he trouble Dr Sai. Kamble says he didn’t know that Sai is his ex-wife. Virat asks why did he apply ash on Sai’s face even after learning about it. Kamble recalls Sai slapping him and says she did something and deserved that. Virat gives him a tight punches making him fall down and warns him to mend his ways or else he will face encounter. Once Virat walks in, Kamble’s lawyer brings anticipatory bail and says they can’t beat of arrest Kamble. Kamble determines to take revenge from Sai on the day of holi festival.

Sai returns home and notices Savi teaching drill to constables. She apologizes constables on Savi’s behalf and asks Savi not to trouble constables. Constables say they enjoyed it and asks Savi where did she learn it. Savi says she used to watch it Kankauli police camp and her baba is a police officer. Savi walks into outhouse and sees Ashwini there. Ashwini says she brought cooler for Savi. Sai thanks her for thinking about her and Savi. Ashwini says Sai didn’t think about them though. Sai says she didn’t understand. Ashwini says when Sai was Virat’s wife, Pakhi was a second woman; she supported Sai against whole family as she also faced Sai’s pain once, but now situation has changed and Pakhi is Virat’s wife and Sai a second woman, so Sai is wrong for interfering between Virat and Pakhi’s life. She asks why don’t she understand that when a man is happily staying with his family, a second woman shouldn’t go and stay there and destroy his family; she feels sorry for Pakhi and Vinu who are afraid of Sai, so Sai should go from there.

Sai gets teary eyed hearing Ashwini’s allegations and says she considered Ashwini as a mother, but Ashwini created distance between them by accusing her; does she think she came to break Pakhi’s house; why she thinks she should live with one child and sacrifice another child, would she have done same if she had 2 children; she cannot choose between 1 child and is here to calm her son down and take him back as taking back her son is not called snatching. Ashwini says she is not cruel to snatch a child from her mother, but she is in a dilemma where there is Pakhi on one side who cannot bear a child and Sai on the other side who already has a daughter, Pakhi lives only for her son and husband and she considers Pakhi as her daughter, so Sai shouldn’t break Pakhi’s heart, etc.

Pakhi frames Sai’s earring and fixes it on wall. Bhavani asks if she is in her senses, who frames earring. Pakhi says we fix photos to remember their past, she fixed it for Virat so that he can smile seeing it why entering and leaving the house.Pakhi says she fixed earring on wall for Virat so that he can smile seeing it while leaving and entering the house. Sonali and Omkar ask whose earring is this and how is it related to Virat and what is Pakhi talking about. Pakhi says this earring is of world’s most unique girl, they should question Virat why he was hiding this earring in his dress. Virat says she is creating drama again, that day of sari and today earning. Sonali says that sari was Sai’s and if this earring is Sai’s. Bhavani says even she thinks so. Pakhi says Virat sat outside Sai’s outhouse that day wearing her sari and today was hiding her earring, he is behaving like nibba nibbi; last time she tore Sai’s sari, but now she will bring Sai’s stuff inside home to make her husband happy.

Virat warns her to stop and asks if she waits for chances to create a drama; husband and wife’s issues should remain between 4 walls and if they come out, they become drama which Pakhi is doing now. Pakhi says she should talk about her husband’s affair between 4 walls, even her husband should stop having affair outside the house, but he brought is ex-wife home and is openly having an affair. Virat says let us go to room and speak. Pakhi says she is exposing what is going in his mind, everyone has right to know about it. Virat says everyone has right to know what really happened instead of believing Pakhi’s drama. He reveals how he dozed off while driving and how Sai controlled steering and saved his life, Pakhi should thank Sai instead for saving her husband’s life instead of creating dramas. He breaks frame and walks away calling her ridiculous. Sonali comments Virat’s behavior is changing each day. Pakhi picks frame and earring and walks away.

At night, Bhavani takes dinner for Virat and says she knows there is only Sai in his heart, a person shouldn’t travel in 2 boats, he should listen to only his heart. Virat surprised asks if she is saying this. Bhavani says she used to tell till now that Sai is the reason for all the problems, but today she can clearly say that Sai is the only solution for his pain and happiness and is a mother of his children, his kaku wants him to listen to only his heart. Virat says who doesn’t want to listen to their heart, Bhavani herself taught him that responsibility is bigger than heart and hence he will fulfill his promise.

Next morning, Sai prepares breakfast for Savi and asks her to get ready for school soon. Savi walks to her ready. Sai says she prepared puranpoli for her. Savi says even Vinu dada is attending school from today. Sai prepares tiffin for even Vinu. Savi walks to CN calling Vinu. Pakhi asks what does she need. Savi says her aayi gave tiffin for Vinu dada and asks if she can keep it in Vinu’s bag. Pakhi takes it and throws it in dustbin before Vinu could see it. Sai gets ready for work and searches for her earring. Pakhi walks in and asks if she is searching this earring. Sai asks where did she find it. Pakhi says it was stuck in her husband’s collar. Sai thanks her. Pakhi says she should thank Sai for saving her son’s father. Sai says it was her duty to save her children’s father as she wouldn’t have been able to answer her children if something had happend to their father.

Pakhi shows her puran poli tiffin in dustbin and says Sai doesn’t get tired calling Vinu as her son, but Vinu hates her so much that he threw her tiffin in dustbin. Sai prays maa Annapurna to forgive her son for disrespecting food as he is just a kid. Pakhi says she shouldn’t show her drama to her, her son hates her so much that he doesn’t want to see her face. Sai says Pakhi filled poison against her in her son’s mind and she will not go from here until turns her son’s hatred into love. Bhavani arranges chats and candyfloss in garden for Savi and thinks Sai will think Virat brought it for her. She notices Sai crying in outside, calls Virat and asks what is he doing. Virat says he is busy at work. Bhavani says he is worried about the whole Nagpur, but doesn’t know what is happening in his house. Virat asks what happened. Bhavani says Savi is crying profusely in her room. Virat says he will come there right now.

Ashwini hears that and asks Bhavani what is she doing. Bhavani warns her to dare not question her as she is elder of the house and knows what she is doing. She asks Ashwini how dare she is to tell Sai that she is breaking Virat’s house, she can support Pakhi but shouldn’t dare trouble Sai. Ashwini says she used to hate Sai till yesterday and didn’t want to acknowledge Savi as her granddaughter, why she wants to ruin Virat’s married life. Bhavani says she has taken a right decision and knows what she is doing.

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