Destined by fate update Tuesday 1 August 2023

Destined by fate 1 August 2023: Kanha asks Anjali to go from his house if she ever was his friend. Anjali leaves. Saroj feels aback seeing that. Kusum makes her sit. Nakul says finally Anjali is out of the house and Sayuri bhabhi in, now everything will be fine. Kanha says not yet as he wants to question someone. Dhanraj asks him to b specific. Kanha asks Saroj why did he do that. Saroj says she didn’t do anything. Saroj says he never respected his love and humiliated it out of her vengeance and revenge. He asks Sayuri how can he leave him when they married under whatever the circumstances were and accepted each other.

He continues confronting Saroj for her hatred towards Sayuri and trying to harm her without even bothering that his son immensely loves Sayuri. He says he suffered a lot due this and will not let anyone else take decisions of his life including Sayuri. He then confronts Sayuri for not trusting him and giving up to Saroj’s demand. Kusum, Dhanraj, and Nakul back Kanha and sys he is right. Indu also confronts Sayuri to stop hiding her emotions for Kanha and not to take any haste decision which will harm her and Kanha’s relationships. Dhanraj asks Indu to speak up against Saroj’s atrocities towards Sharma family.

Kanha takes Sayuri’s bag to his room. Sayuri walks behind him. Tere Dar Par Sanam Chale Aaye Hain.. song plays in the background. Sayuri feels romantic seeing Kanha sleeping and writes I love Sayuri on his palm and I love Kanha on her palm. She lies on a couch and looks at him. Saroj cries feeling bad about Kanha’s words. Dhanraj consoles her and asks her not to say anything until she gets well.

Nakul and Rashmi chat over video call and feel excited for Sayuri and Kanha’s reunion. They both express their love for each other. Sayuri apologizes Kanha to forgive him for not understand him and his love. She says she cannot tolerate his hatred and requests him to never hate her. Kanha hugs her and says he can never hate her and loves her immensely. Sayuri thanks him and asks him to freshen up and visit Saroj, she will bring tea for him there. Kanha thinks what happened to her suddenly, she just said I love you when he repeatedly said I love you. Sayuri plans to propose Kanha in a special way and surprise him.

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