Lost in love update Monday 31 July 2023

Lost in love 31 July 2023: Virat reaches Varsha’s area and finds Sai cleaning ash from her forehead. He asks if she is fine and did Kamble misbehaved with her. Sai says she slapped Kamble and taught him a nice lesson. Virat asks why did she did she clash with a goon and risked her life. Sai asks who is he to question her. Virat did she think what would happen to him, he means Savi if he something happens to her. Sai says she is just a guest in his house, he should mind his own business and let her do her business, she is following her responsibilities properly. He asks where is she going now. She says to her daughter. He says let us go then. She asks why shall she go with him. He says when they are going to the same place, then she should accompany him. She agrees after much argument and gets into his car. He recalls his subordinate informing that Kamble throws ash on his enemy before harming him/her. Sai asks why has he stopped, lets go. He drives.

Savi and Vinu play badminton. Ashwini cheers them up. Pakhi smiles from balcony. Virat and Sai walk in. Vinu gets upset seeing Sai and runs to Pakhi saying he doesn’t want to be with Sai. Savi tells Virat that she was waiting for him and wants to play badminton with both baba and aayi. Virat says not now. Savi asks if he had gone to bring aayi. Virat says she can think so. Sai says he should pick up and drop aayi daily and asks Sai to accompany baba daily. Sai says let us talk about it late rand pick her up. Savi insists to play game with aayi, baba, and Vinu. Sai looks at Vinu hiding behind Pakhi and says let us go in now and send her in. She tells Virat that they created a huge distance between her and Vinu, soon he will hand over Vinu to her. Virat says if she faces any problem at night, she should call him. Sai walks away saying she can take care of herself.

At night, Virat orders his subordinate to send him Ajay Kamble criminal records. Subordinate sends Kamble’s chargesheet and asks if something happened. Virat says he will tell him later. He checks Kamble’s records and finds a child kidnapping and many other cases against him. He thinks Kamble is very dangerous, he needs to protect her. Pakhi accusing him of not paying attention to her since he entered room and as if chatting with Sai whole day wasn’t enough that he is chatting with her even now. Virat is shock asks what is she saying, she is mistaken. He hears sound near gate and rushes out thinking Kamble’s men are trying ot harm Sai. He notices 2 youths enjoying alcohol and warns them not to have alcohol in public. He then returns to his room. Pakhi alleges him again that he is behaving like a teenager and had gone to outhouse to meet Sai. Virat warns her to shut up and asks if she thinks whole world is behind her husband or her husband is having an illegitimate affair, neither him nor Savi think of each other all time and its Pakhi who thinks about them always and gets racing thoughts, he has better work to do than all his, etc.

After some time, Kamble jumps into Chavan nivas via a wall, gets into outhouse and kidnaps Savi. Savi shouts baba. Virat wakes up and realizes it was his nightmare. He goes and sits outside the outhouse to protect Sai and Savi. He feels cold and mosquito menace, finds Sai’s sari drying nearby, and sleeps covering it over him. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein.. song plays in the background. Next morning, Pakhi wakes up and doesn’t find Virat beside her. She peeps out and finds Virat sleeping outside the outhouse covering himself with Sai’s sari. She walks to him yelling that she warned him not to act as a teenager lover, but he doesn’t listen. She picks scissors and tears off sari.

Virat wakes up in the morning and finds himself sleeping outside the outhouse. He notices Sai’s torn sari, gets upset thinking someone must have attacked Sai, checks her via window and finds her sleeping. He thinks he should go before Sai gets up and gets angry on him. He keeps sari back in a hanger and rushes away. Sai hears sound and walks out. She notices her sari torn and thinks who must have done this. Virat gets ready for work and joins family for breakfast. Ashwini says she bought a carrom board and asks him to teach carrom to Savi and Vinu. Virat agrees. Pakhi comments he will if he get free from guarding strangers’ room. Virat asks what did she say, she doesn’t know how critical the situation is and hence shouldn’t comment. Pakhi shouts that whole night he was sleeping outside Sai’s room covering himself with a sari, he could have better slept inside the room itself. Virat gets angry and warns that she is accusing his character without knowing the fact, he was just guarding Sai as she is in trouble.

Door bell rings. Courier boy delivers a tracker band. Virat says he will fix it to Savi’s wrist to track his daughter’s location. Ninad asks why he wants to track Savi. Virat says Sai had a fight with Nagpur’s one of ruthless criminal Ajay Kamble, so he is worried for her safety; even they may face a risk. Pakhi says he means they will face problems because of Sai. Virat says he is Nagpur’s DCP, Sai is a family member, and its his duty protect her whether inside or outside the hose, he hopes nobody has problem with it. Pakhi sits fuming. Sai gets Savi ready for school. Virat walks to Savi and says he got a gift for her. Savi asks without any occasion? Virat gifts her a tracker. Savi asks if its a watch. Virat says he gets busy at work most of the time and whenever he gets free and wants to meet his Savi, he can find her location via this tracker and reach her. Savi realizes its a tracker watch.

Virat says he will drop Savi to her school. Sai says she will directly go to hospital then. Virat says he will drop even her. Sai says his police station and her hospital are in different directions. Virat says she messed up with a big goon and put him in tension for her safety. Sai agrees and sits in his car. Virat drops Savi to her school. Sai sits beside him in front seat. She asks if he fixed tracker watch in Savi’s hand for her safety. Virat agrees and says he can focus his attention away from the goon and concentrate on his work now, he is protective about his daughter and asks her not to comment now. Sai smiles. He asks her not to disturb him while he drives and dozes off. He is about to ram his car to school kids when Sai notices it and handles the situation. Virat gets alert and applies brakes. Sai scolds him to be careful and asks what would she have answered her kids if something had happened to him.

A passerby asks him to drive carefully. Virat gets angry on him. Sai says he was right and jokes. She then asks if he dropping her to hospital as he is worried for her safety. Virat nods yes. She asks if he slept outside the outhouse covering her sari over him. He says yes, he couldn’t find anything and hence covered himself her sari found nearby. She is stunned and asks if he tore her sari. He says no, he found it torn whe he woke up and left from there nervously fearing her scolding. Sai laughs and asks him to let her drive. Virat asks will she? Sai says she can drive better than him and changes seat. Pakhi at home feels drowsy while climbing stairs and is about to fall when Ashwini holds her and asks why she didn’t have food since the morning. Pakhi cries how can a wife tolerate her husband sleeping outside another woman’s room covering himself with her sari, Virat will never get out of Sai’s illusion, she doesn’t know what to do, she doesn’t have right to question her husband. Ashwini comforts her and says she can understand her situation as she also went through that phase where her husband never used to listen to her.


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