Anupama Starlife update Tuesday 1 August 2023

Anupama 1 August 2023: Maaya says they would have seen a club dancer in a TV serial and said that such women destroy the society, we get destroyed instead. She says people say we can do some other job, but its easier said and life very difficult; women preserve their jewelry for bad times, we had to sell our jewel of shame; there are also good people like Anuj and bad people like Arun who die to watch dancer in club and hate them; her father had named her Uttara, a star, and gave her good sanskars as he was a poojari and she had visited many temples. Anupama comforts her. Maaya says fate introduced her to a boy whom she truly loved, but he betrayed her; she ignored her parent’s advice and eloped with that boy to Mumbai where she married him and lived in his aunt’s house which was actually a brothel; human trafficking is real; even Sushma faced same problem; they must have heard such problem, but we lived it; she repeatedly tried to elope and was caught and beaten to the core. She breaks down. Sushma comforts her.

Maaya continues to describe her ordeal, how she was subjected to physical and mental torture by countless men and she doesn’t know who Little Anu’s father is, how she opposed the brothel people to protect her daughter, how she escaped with Sushma’s help. She thanks Sushma for her help and continues that when she returned to her parents, she learnt that her father died, her mother blamed her for her father’s dead and considered her dead, she left her daughter at an orphanage and went on to struggle and built an event management company with her hard work where she promotes new models and protects them from getting into wrong hands. She continues her real and says she now came to take back her daughter.

Anuj and Anupama stand tensed hearing that. Maaya attacks on everyone saying she openly revealed her past while they all hid their extramarital affair, illegitimate child, financial fraud, etc. She tells Anuj and Anupama that they didn’t bother about Ankush’s son and were just lost in their problem. She asks Leela that she very well knows that whatever her mistakes her grandchildren make, she forgives them and they go to Anupama whenever they are in trouble, she knows the value of own blood. She says she is a broken star who has come to take back her moon and will at any cost, etc. Anupama comforts Maaya and says they saw troubles, but her troubles are way bigger. Anuj apologizes Maaya for misunderstanding her. Kavya says she is an inspiration. Kinjal hopes she takes care of her daughter like Maaya. Ankush also apologizes her.

Anupama shakes her bangles and says both women and bangles are same. She gives a a long speech on how men understand bangles in a different way and how they criticize women without thinking once, etc.. and tongue lashes men’s thinking. She says MaaYa also has Maa in her name like she has AnupaMaa, she is proud that Maaya gave birth to Little Anu, etc..

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