Lost in love update Wednesday 2 July 2023

Lost in love 2 August 2023: Virat rushes home after getting Bhavani’s call and finds chats and candyfloos outside Sai’s outhouse. He hears utensil falling sound and knocks the door worried. Sai opens door and angrily asks why is he knocking the door continuously, she is feeling extremely hungry. Virat offers her candyfloss and says he found it outside. She munches candyfloss and asks why did he come here leaving his work. He says she didn’t go to work and looks upset. Sai says he doesn’t have to worry about her. Virat says why shouldn’t he, she is his children’s mother. Sai says a other whose one son hates her so much that he threw her prepared lunch in dustbin. She breaks down and says its all because of them who filled poison against her in her son’s mind. Virat says he didn’t do that. Sai says just like Vinu grew up with Virat, Savi grew up with her and she never filled hatred against Virat in Savi’s mind; she in fact wrote letter in Virat’s name and sent gifts to make sure Savi loves and waits for him.

She asks what did he do to remove poison from Vinu’s mind against her. She further reveals that Ashwini thinks she is here to break his house, she is here to just get back her son and will leave from here. Virat says again he is worried for her. Sai says he should be worried about Vinu’s hatred towards her and how to remove it from Vinu’s mind and worried when she takes her children from his house. She shuts the door no his face and continues to cry.

At night, Sai watches sky via telescope. Savi asks why is she looking at the sky with this binocular. Sai says its a telescope which she brought for her to watch stars and planets. Savi says he doesn’t like all this but Vinu dada likes it, shall she call Vinu dada. Sai says yes. Savi runs towards Vinu’s room. Virat explains the value of food and not disrespecting and throwing it in dustbin. Vinu says he knows, why is he repeating it now. Virat says he must have in anger, which he shouldn’t. Pakhi gets tensed hearing them and asks Virat stop interrogating her son and let him sleep. Savi walks in and tells Vinu that her aayi brought telescope to watch broken stars. Virat says its called meteor stars. Savi asks if he wants to join them to watch stars other celestial bodies. Vinu looks at Virat. Virat encourages him to go. Vinu then looks at Pakhi who, tries hard to give some expressions, stands silent.

Savi returns to Sai and sadly says Vinu dada didn’t come, they have to watch the sky alone now. Sai also feels disappointed and shows a group of stars to Savi on telescope and asks what is it called. Virat walks in with Vinu and answer her. Sai and Savi get happy seeing him. Sai and Virat act as not knowing anything about stars. Vinu says he knows the answers and explains Savi using telescope. He notices a falling star and asks everyone to make a wish. Sai prays god to clear hatred for her in her son’s mind and make him love her again. Virat prays god to fulfill Sai’s wish. Pakhi watches them from behind feeling jealous.

Next day, Chavan family attend women’s day celebration. Host talks about women empowerment and talks about a game where a child has to identify their mother. Children are blindfolded and mothers stand in front. Savi thinks she will identify her aayi at any cost. Children hold other mohters and they inform they are not their mamma. Vinu walks towards Savi and holds her calling her mamma. Savi and her supporters feel happy seeing that while Pakhi and her support stand disappointed.

During a game, blinfolded Vinu walks towards Pakhi. Pakhi gets happy, but a boy pushes him aside. He heads towards Sai. Bhavani hopes he goes to his real mother Sai. Vinu hugs Sai calling her mamma. Sai feels immensely happy while Pakhi feels immensely frustrated. Photographer clicks their pics. Bhavani says at last Vinu’s heart identified his real mother. Karishma says she is right, Vinu’s heart identified real motherly affection. Ashwini scolds her and says she can’t name a mistake as motherly affection. Pakhi calls Vinu. Host says she can’t do that. Vinu removes her blindfold, feels shocked and afraid seeing Sai, runs and hugs Pakhi in fear. Host says since Vinu removed his blindfold and his mother broke rules, they are disqualified. Savi holds Sai and asks if she is her aayi. Sai says yes. Host says since Savi identified her mother first, she is a winner. Everyone clap for her. Savi thanks god for letting her son hug her.

Photographer shows Sai and Vinu’s photo to Ajay Kamble. Kamble thinks Sai’s weakness is her son and if he wants to kill a queen, he has to break her parrot’s neck. Sai walks on street smiling, recalling Vinu hugging her. She notices a a blanket wearing man following her. She picks a stick and trashes him brutally thinking him as Kamble’s man. Constables runs to her and request to spare that man. Sai continues. Man removes is blanket and reeals he is Virat who came to check if constables are doing their duty of protecting her properly. Sai asks why was he behaving like a thief. Constables ask if they passed the test or not. Virat says he will make their report and sends them away. Sai and Virat’s nokh jhok continues. He asks her to first-aid him like a doctor. She asks him to behave like a policeman and takes him along.

Savi sits sadly in car while returning home with Bhavani and Sonali. Bhavani asks why she is frowning like a balloon. Savi says she wanted to go with Vinu dada. Bhavani offers her 2000 rs as a reward for her win. Savi asks what will she do with money as she already has 2000 rs which she gave her earlier. Sonali asks when. Bhavani stops her and suggests Savi to take her parents and Vinu dada for dinner tonight to celebrate her victory and pay the bill with her 4000 rs. Savi says masta masta, that is a good idea. Sonali sits awstuck with he mouth wide open. Virat returns home with Sai writhing in pain. Ashwini shows her concern and asks what happened to him. Virat jokes that a wild cat attacked him. Sai angrily looks at him. Ashwini asks Virat if Sai hit him. Virat says no, he was just joking, minor injuries are a part of policeman’s job.

Savi walks ready in a beautiful dress to Virat ready and asks him to lift her up. Virat fails to lift her up due to pain. Savi says she wants to go on a dinner date with her parents and Vinu dada to celebrate her victory and pay for the dinner. Virat agrees. Savi convinces Sai with her emotional talks. Virat walks to Vinu and informs that they are going for a dinner outing with Savi. Pakhi walks in and asks if Sai is also coming. Virat says yes. Vinu says he will not come with Savi comes. Virat says Vinu can sit with Savi and he will sit with Sai. Pakhi says at any cost he wants to take Vinu with Sai and mentally harrass him, she will not let him do that. Virat refuses her allegations. Pakhi continues to argue and walks away refusing to grand permission to Vinu.

At a restaurant, Virat gives gift box with sari to Savi and asks him to give it to Sai. Savi says why is he gifting Sai when she won a game instead. Virat convinces her. Sai joins them. Savi gives her gift box. Sai asks when did she buy it when she came with her. Savi says she bought it earlier. Sai asks what is in it. Savi says sari. Sai insists her to accept that her baba brought this sari.


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