Timeless love update Thursday 27 July 2023

Timeless love 27 July 2023: Amba asks Vidhi not to forget her limits and says you are lower middle class girl. Vidhi gets up and says you said right, I am the girl who stays in the temple, where katha and pravachan happens. She says your words reminded me of something, a baba ji told Mahabharat katha, and says he had told that Amba had ruined both her lives, first as Amba to get Devrath and she got burnt in her stubbornness, and secondly as Shikandi, she tried to kill Bhishm Pitama, and ruined her own life. She says Amba had ruined her life for Devrath, who never loved her. She says love makes us a better person and what doesn’t make us better is not love. Amba asks what do you know about love? Vidhi says my love is not competing with you to get something or to give. She says my love is like Meera’s love which doesn’t want anything from Dev sir. She asks her to keep Dev’s handkerchief and says it is enough to keep love in heart, rather than on the walls. Amba gets angry and says Vidhi, you didn’t know with whom you have messed up.

Kanika asks Hariprasad and Bimla to think about Arjun, if they search alliance for Vidhi. Hariprasad says we didn’t think of her marriage now. Kanika requests them not to tell Vidhi about it, as she didn’t talk to Arjun about that. Hariprasad assures her. Kanika leaves.Rishabh comes to Yogesh and tells that he has brought files from Vidhi’s desk, but it doesn’t have her signatures. He says there are figures marked which is read as incorrect or not required expenses. Yogesh says her signatures not needed now. Dev comes there and says correction is needed. Yogesh says Rishabh will correct all the files and says good job. He says it is good that you transferred Vidhi from here, it was worry even to spend 1 Rs. Dev says I am thinking to bring her back. Yogesh coughs and asks what? He then says no problem, call her back.

Vidhi is sitting in Balghar and is teary eyes. Dev imagines Vidhi laughing and says he misses her as he is habitual to hear her talks. Arjun comes there and asks whom he is missing? Dev says yours. Arjun says I was thinking same for Vidhi and is missing her very much. He says you might have transferred to branch office with thought. He says work was fun when she was here in office. Dev says and easy too. Arjun says she is so different from others. Dev says unique too. Arjun says she is traditional and is stubborn about her beliefs, her thinking is set. Dev says if she believes you then will jump in the fire for you. Arjun says she enjoys the work. Dev says she is honest, sincere and serious about work, I never saw. Arjun says calculation..she leaves behind calculator in calculations.

Dev says anyone will do it, but can anyone will keep calculations of sorry and thank you. Arjun says she is mature and sorted, and forgives people easily. Dev says she is innocent and simple, and will do anything to help others. Arjun says she is a perfect colleague. Dev says a perfect student and a perfect teacher too. Arjun says she has clarity of the right and wrong and I fear that she might scold me coming in my dreams. Dev says she will forget the difference of right and wrong to help others. Arjun says it seems you are missing her a lot and asks when you are calling her to bring her back. Dev says why shall I call?

Dev comes to Balghar and thinks he is seeing Vidhi even here. He asks why you are here? Vidhi says if you don’t like to see me here also, then I will go. She asks dev, if you want to keep me away from you, then why you stopped my engagement. She says atleast I would have went away from you. She asks why you came near me, why you held me and motivated me, why did you break my engagement and asks him to say. Adhuri kahani plays….She leaves. Dev recalls his moments with her. He thinks if he is really in love with Vidhi.

Amba asks Chitra to sit and guess. Chitra asks her to tell what is the surprise? Amba thinks you are a little girl and that’s why I am showing you lollypop to do my big work. She gives her box. Chitra finds keys in it. Amba says it is Vikram and your dream keys. Chitra asks herself to have patience. Amba asks how was her stay in her mayka. Chitra says she will return in few days. She asks what is your relation with Dev? She says I will not ask if you don’t want me to ask. Amba says I will tell you surely, at the right time.She says it was special whatever we have between us. Chitra says ok.

Satyavati asks Dev, what kind of girl he likes? Dev pretends to talk to Police and says my mother is troubling me for marriage. Satyavati asks him to tell his preference. Dev says I want her to love my family like me, and I don’t want any complication in the family. He says Amba is not the right choice. Satyavati says I thought she is good, but..She asks if there is someone else in your thought. Dev thinks of Vidhi. Satyavati asks who is she? She asks him to tell her name, and says your mother have a lot of patience. Dev thinks I shall be clear before telling the name and one person can help me, I shall meet him.

Precap: Everyone watches news on TV about share market falling down. Priya says our business will be affected. Abhimanyu says that’s why bhai left early morning for office. He asks Servant. Servant says he didn’t come home. Yogesh tells Rishabh that board members are threatening him and asks where is Dev. The board members ask Yogesh where is Dev. Yogesh says he is busy in emergency situation. The member says who runs at such a situation, whose accounts and intentions are not good.

Dev comes to Pratap’s house and apologizes for not informing him before coming. Pratap says you can come here at anytime. Dev says a son has a lot of questions in his heart and only a father can answer him. Pratap asks what are those questions whose answer is not known to Dev Raichand. Dev recalls Vidhi’s questions. Pratap says it seems your questions are not related to business. Dev asks him about love and asks if you think of someone always whom you love. Pratap says recently my TV was not working and until it came after repair, I missed it. He says sometimes we get habitual to things and people and it is difficult to differentiate between habit and love. He says if you miss someone before the person goes, and gets worried before the person gets hurt, gets teary eyes with the thought of separation from her, it is love. He says when we met, we were strangers and then we were tied in a strong relation. Dev asks Pratap if his decision to marry Neeli was easy. Pratap says they shall take the decision which gives them peace and that’s why he had gone to a place where he could thought about what he wants. He says when you know what you wants, then things becomes easy. Dev thanks him. Pratap says I am always with you.

Arjun comes to Vidhi and asks her to sign on the FM file. Vidhi says ok and tells that she has complaint with him, don’t call her friend from now onwards. Arjun gets worried. Vidhi says you have hidden a big secret from me, that you are Yogesh Sir and Kanika Maam’s son. She says kanika had come to her house to apologize to her parents. Arjun says if I had told you that I am HR head’s son then would you all have talked to me. Vidhi asks if Dev Sir knows about you. Arjun says yes. Yogesh calls Dev and asks him to come to office, as there is a big crisis. Dev asks him to handle and switches off the phone.

Bimla reads the holy book. Vidhi gets thinking if God wants to end the distance between Dev and her. Next day, Raichands hear about the share market downfall. Priya says this will affect our business. Satyavati says Dev will handle everything. Abhimanyu says that’s why Bhai went to office early morning and asks the Servant. Servant says he didn’t come home in the night. They all get the calls. In the office too, Yogesh and others get calls. Vidhi is in the main branch and gets the Anaya’s call. Arjun also gets the call. Vidhi and Arjun tell each other that they need to go to office.

Priya says bhai saheb’s phone is off, where did he do during crisis. Satyavati says he must be in meeting. Abhimanyu says yogesh doesn’t know about him. Satyavati hopes Dev is fine. Priya says you shall worry about business. Abhimanyu asks her not to comment. Priya asks did you think about the kiosk in the office.

All the Major share holders and investors ask Yogesh about Dev. Yogesh says your money will be safe. They ask if you take guarantee then we will take action against you. Yogesh says I don’t have that authority. They ask who is the leading authority? Vidhi says I take guarantee that your money is safe and Dev sir will handle everything. They ask who is she? Vidhi says I am Dev sir’s assistant and confidante. Arjun asks what you are doing? Vidhi says Dev sir always supported us, so we shall stand for him. yogesh says you can trust her. The share holders tell that they want guarantee. Vidhi asks for sometime and goes with Arjun. Yogesh thinks she can win all the time.

Vidhi and Arjun come to the Bal ghar. Vidhi says Sir must be in his mother’s room. The watchman tells that he didn’t come here since few days. Vidhi asks Arjun to take her to his home. Satyavati tells Vidhi that Dev didn’t tell anyone before leaving. Servant gives Dev’s letter. Satyavati reads the letter that he is going without informing her, he needs to be alone for sometime and will return soon. Abhimanyu says Bhai never did this. Arjun says now we know that he is safe, may be he didn’t know about the crisis as his phone is off. He says we have to face this situation. Chitra asks Abhimanyu to go and handle the situation. Satyavati says yes. Priya says Abhimanyu doesn’t know anything about the situation and tells Satyavati that if she had permitted someone from the family to work in office, then this day couldn’t have come. She says Abhimanyu can’t handle. Vidhi tells that there is many employees who can help. Abhimanyu refuses.

Precap: Vidhi comes back with Arjun and apologizes to them. The share holders tell that they will sell the share immediately. Abhimanyu comes there and says Raichands will not let your trust break and your money drown.

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