Lost in love update Friday 28 July 2023

Lost in love 28 July 2023: Sai warns Pakhi that she tolerated her nonsence as much as she could, Pakhi has to pay for her deeds soon. Bhavani asks Pakhi what is happening. Pakhi says Vinu got upset seeing Sai, Bhavani wants her to become like Sai, but she doesn’t want to trouble her children like Sai. Sai gets Savi’s call who informs that she left home with her bag and is going to baba’s house. Sai gets tensed and asks her to return home. Savi says she has baba’s address and Bhavani’s given pocket money, so she will reach baba’s house soon. Sai requests her to return home. Someone snatches Savi’s phone and runs away. Sai concerned rushes out of Chavan nivas. Bhavani thinks why Sai ran away like this. Sai gets into an auto and heads towards home. She calls Usha, informs her about Savi leaving home, and asks her to go out and bring her back home. Usha checks Savi’s room and rushes out in search of Savi. Sai calls Virat to inform Virat and finds his number not reachable.

Savi thinks how will she talk to aayi without phone, should she return back home. A few alcoholic goons catch her and snatch her bag. She pleads to return her bag. They demands her to beg at a traffic signal and give them money. She refuses. He drag him along. She throws mud on their face and run away. Goons follow them. Sai reaches the spot and finds Savi’s shoes. Savi hides. Goons catch her and threaten to hand her over to child traffickers. Sai reaches there and hugs Savi. Savi says these goon uncles snatched he bag and asks her to save her from them. Savi warns goons to return her daughter’s bag. Goon laugh and say they got buy 1 get 1 offer now and will force them to beg. Sai beats goons and forces them to run away. She then comforts Savi and takes her back home. Usha scolds Savi for her irresponsible behavior. Sai stops her and comforts Savi.

Savi apologizes her and requests her to reconcile with baba as she wants to be with both baba and aayi, even Vinu dada loves aayi and wants to be with her. Sai pampers Savi and makes her sleep.Next morning, Mohit and Karishma promote The Night Manager web series on disney+ hotstar. Chavans enjoy tea in lawn. Pulkit joins them. Omkar returns from jogging and asks Pakhi about Virat. Pakhi says Virat had told he will return by morning, but didn’t yet. Pulkit asks about Vinu. Pakhi says they should question Bhavani. Bhavani says how does she know. Pakhi complains that Sai had visited Vinu last night and hugged him, he got so upset that he couldn’t sleep whole night and was crying hugging her whole night. Virat returns home and asks what happened. Pakhi continues accusing Sai of trying to mentally harrass Vinu and demands Virat to accept his Mumbai offer to protect Vinu from Sai. Virat says Sai loves Vinu and would never harm him, she will never come here. Savi and Sai walk in with their bags.

Virat tells Pakhi that Sai will not come here. Sai enters with Savi with their bags. Savi runs and happily hugs Virat. Bhavani feels happy seeing that. Savi says she has a surprise for him and tears Virat’s signed adoption papers. Virat asks why did she do that. Sonali tells Bhavani that Virat promised Vinu that he will not let Sai take him away, is Sai taking Savi permanently to Kankavali and hence came here to meet Virat one last time. Virat asks Savi why did she tear adoption papers. Savi says she now realized that he is her biological father, Chavan nivas is also her house, and she is Savi Chavan and not Savi Joshi. Virat happily hugs her and she is right. Savi asks if she is Chavan, then she will stay in Chavan nivas with her baba, Vinu dada, and grandparents. She asks everyone to clap. Everyone clap for her.

Savi asks Pakhi where is Vinu, she wants to meet him. Pakhi stops him and says Vinu is sleeping now. Bhavani its time for Vinu to wakeup and know who his real family is and Savi to inform same to Vinu. Savi leaves. Ashwini asks who informed Savi that Virat is her biological father. Bhavani says how does it matter, she should be happy instead. Ashwini says she is happy, but is curious to know who informed Savi. Pakhi shouts who else than evil Sai. Bhavani fears that Sai will get angry and reveal that she informed Savi about it. Virat says he doesn’t care who informed truth to Savi, he is happy that he doesn’t have to lie to his daughter anymore. Pakhi continues to shout that Vinayak is in a panic state since Sai hugged him yesterday, she is a disgrace on motherhood who threw her son in pain, etc.

Sai shouts back and warns Pakhi to stop her nonsense and describes how Pakhi forcefully became a surrogate, did suicide drama repeatedly to keep Vinu with her, tried to take Vinu away from him family and kept gun with her, and brainwashed Vinu that she is a sorcerer who wants to snatch him from his mother and family, etc. She says Pakhi did all these sins and is accusing her instead; she is here to give a chance to his son to spend a beautiful childhood with his sister and remove the toxicity Pakhi filled in her son’s mind and will leave from here forever after that. Pakhi shouts how dare she is to think of staying in her house and brainwash her son, etc., asks Virat to throw her bags out and kick her out of the house, and herself tries to throw Sai’s bag. Virat stops her.

Savi visits Vinu. Vinu feels happy seeing her. Savi informs that she is here to stay permanently as they are biological siblings and Virat is their biological father. Vinu is shocked and asks who informed her about it. Savi says she doesn’t know. He asks if her mother permitted her to stay here. Savi informs that her mother will also stay with them. Vinu panics and says she can’t stay here. Savi asks why he hates her mother now while he used to love her a lot before. Virat tells Pakhi that he will not daughter and her mother go away from him again. Ashwini says he can’t live with both his wife and ex-wife under same roof as it will bring a disgrace to them and will create problem in their lives. Virat says he doesn’t know all that and just wants to stay with his daughter. Pakhi continues to shout and says she will leave the house with her son and nobody can stop her.

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