Destined by fate update Thursday 27 July 2023

Destined by fate 27 July 2023: Sayuri reveals that Anjali pushed Saroj from stairs. Saroj asks Kanha not to trust Sayuri asks Sayuri is lying. Kanha says Sayuri would never lie. Saroj refuses and asks Sayuri how can she be so sure when she wasn’t present there. Sayuri says Kusum informed her. Saroj says Kusum is worried for her and imagined Anjali pushing her down. Kanha asks her to stop protecting Anjali and rest as she is still unwell, they can talk about it late. Saroj recalls Ajali threatening to commit suicide if Saroj doesn’t support her and prays god to protect Kanha.

Nakul informs Dhanraj and Tej that Saroj is fine now. Anjali acts very happy hearing that and thanks god that Saroj is fine. Nakul asks her to stop her drama. Kusum enters and reveals that Anjali pushed Saroj down from the stairs. Anjali refuses. Kusum warns her to stop lying. Nakul asks her to go away from their house as Kanha loves Sayuri and would never accept Anjali. Anjali accuses Nakul of supporting Sayuri and Kanha as they would help him marry Rashmi. Dhanraj, Tej, and Kusum are shocked to hear that. Nakul says its their family issue, so she should stop interfering and leave their house. Kusum says she already informed Sayuri bhabhi who must have already informed Kanha. Anjali panics thinking Sayuri won even now and if Kanha kicks her out, she won’t be able to get Kanha at all.

Kanha gets upset hearing about Anjali’s crime and determines to punish her for her sins. Sayuri comforts him and says they should be more worried about Saroj than punishing Anjali. A romantic song plays in the background. They fall asleep sitting on the bench. Next morning, Dhanraj and Tej perform pooja with Sharmas. Indu offers tea and snacks for Kanha and Sayuri and moongdal khichdi for Saroj. Dhanraj, Tej, and Nakul visit hospital. Nakul feels happy seeing Sayuri sleeping resting her head on Kanha’s shoulder and thinks Anjali would be jealous seeing that. Anjali watches them hiding.

Doctor informs Dhanraj that Saroj’s condition is stable and she can be discharged today. Tej tells Dhanraj that he is lucky as Dhanraj’s bahu saved his bahu’s life. Dhanraj says he is proud of Sayuri. Sayuri notices Anjali in the hospital and asks her to dare not think of Kanha as she is Kanha’s wife and not Anjali, warns her to dare not think of harming her family members again or else she will not spare her. She warns her to get out of there before Kanha notices her and gets angry. Kanha walks out to give tea to Sayuri.

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